A Different Perspective

This month the AIPP (for those non photography blog followers, this stands for Australian Institute of Professional Photographers) held their annual Event, this is a photography conference that runs for 3 days and is packaged with guest speakers, workshops and of course some social and networking opportunities.

This year was my first time attending The Event and wow what a jam packed 3 days it was. Each day had a keynote speaker and then you had choice for either workshops or seminars to attend for the rest of the day.   For me there were many light bulb moments, absolute heart pulling, tear creating seminars and also some totally inspiring and thought provoking moments over the 3 day period.  Each speaker I saw deserves a blog on its own as I took different things away for each person, too much to summarise today.

This blog I wanted to focus on the seminar I attended by Tony Hewitt, Tony specialises in Fine Art Landscapes.  Tony has a very creative mind and can see magic in the plainest of subjects.  Tony has vision and can recite poetry on what he sees within his own mind and transforms into his fine art image.  Tony spoke about finding inspiration and creativity in your photography.   Tony said some key things during his talk “keep looking for your own style, it hides beneath you, allow your own style to come through, don’t be afraid to bring your vision to life as your mind saw it, don’t be afraid to try, give yourself permission to fail, this is how we grow.” All of this gave me plenty to think about.

After The Event was over I was keen to put what Tony said into practise, I am stuck in a rut and need to allow my creativity freedom to flow, it has been squashed by desk and paperwork for too long.  This is my chance to look for and find my own style.  Time for another road trip out west, this time we decided to head out to Warwick.  I didn’t want to just take my normal lens and camera and thought it would be the perfect opportunity to test out the Lens Baby Composer Pro, this is a manual focus lens that you drop in a specific aperture disk and use the swivel of the lens to find your focus area and allow some creative movement or blur effects in other areas of the photo – it’s pretty cool but needs some getting used to, some, well I should say a lot.  I was excited to get out for the day and “play” and see what I could create with this little “fun” lens.

I found the Lens Baby a little hit and miss, something you need to practise and need time to master but keeping Tony’s voice in my head each time we stopped I would take in the scene and let my mind decide what my photo was to be.  This is a great technique if you are struggling to find that creative edge or just need a push – again with Tony in mind, “allowing yourself to fail, to grow, that way if you are prepared to do the things that don’t really work, you will find out what does work”

As you will see by my photos, some ideas worked and some didn’t – some things that were in my head didn’t quite get the message across and some did.

The movement in the trees and earth yet a silent and still clear reflection of our beautiful earth

The movement in the trees and earth yet a silent and still has a part of a clear reflection of our beautiful earth, a metaphor for life (perhaps?)

The darkness of the forest trees from a new perspective

The darkness of the forest trees from a new perspective

Chaos on a clear winters day

Chaos on a clear winters day – did it work??? I’m not sure

So much more in my head.  I saw mist, light, trees, separation - all of which doesn't quite come through on this photo

So much more in my head.
I saw mist, light, trees, separation – all of which doesn’t quite come through on this photo

A different perspective.  Isolate, use lines and patterns. Don't be afraid to only show a part not the whole.  It might tell your story better

A different perspective.
Isolate, use lines and patterns.
Don’t be afraid to only show a part not the whole. It might tell your story better

So what did I learn and take away from this experience, new techniques – take time and practise to master.  It also takes time to allow your mind to open and visualise and let creativity flow, so spend time getting to know your location and play with the angles and above all else listen to that inner voice and allow the magic to happen, above all else don’t stop clicking and trying new things.

Until next week.


Creative Visions come to Life

I have been recently asked what I do in my “down time” when not photographing glamour or families.  This got me thinking that maybe you don’t know the other side to me, one I am proud of and allows me to express my creative visions and bring them to life.

I got my first taste of the weird and wonderful out of the box photography when I was invited to a creative shoot that became known as “Zipper Face” between the model and photographer they had the theme.  After a full day of shooting I was hooked and wow did my mind go wild.  It was just so easy and fun to work with model Angelic Sinz and her offsider (who is another photographer come model) Jason.

"Zipper Face"

“Zipper Face”

It was that much fun that I had to do another shoot with them.   We threw around some ideas and in the end I wanted to do a bride of something.  In my head it was similar to the romance and wedding of Morticia and Gomez.  I had the perfect location, an abandoned tunnel.  Again using Angelic Sinz and Jason as the models the vision came to life and took on a life of it’s own.

"Bride Of ??"

“Bride Of ??”

Another vision came from a collective group on facebook who would use a photo as inspiration and the group would make it their own.  I call this one the “Doll and Lamp” shoot.  This shoot was done in a studio and a collaboration between model, clothes designer, makeup artist and myself as photographer.  All these people and elements go into making these creative visions successful.

"Doll and Lamp"

“Doll and Lamp”

I have already started planning a couple this year as these thoughts tend to give me sleepless nights and lots of daydreams.  I am always happy to collaborate with like minded people and create something special, weird or unique.  It takes more than a photographers creative vision to make this type of shoot successful and I never forget that.  I have worked now with many talented makeup artists and models and without you these are not possible.   If you are interested in my creative side please email me at info@soloimages.com.au for further details and pricing.

Until next week.