In Front of the Lens – My Glamour session

In March this year I blogged “Exist in photos for your children” after watching Sue Bryce, and got more than I bargained for in the process.

As a women’s glamour photographer I am always behind the lens, taking the shots and guiding women in their posing to get those amazing shots and to help make them feel good about themselves.  Last weekend I chose, a little reluctantly, to put myself in their situation and get in front of the lens.

A photographer and good friend of mine, Vikki, who runs La Dee Dah Portraits agreed to “shoot me”.  Vikki creates these beautiful classic Hollywood glamour style portraits and I really love her work and wanted a photo of me like this.  For those who know me personally know I have lots of internal struggles including weight and self love, so this was extremely nerve raking, but remembering Sue’s comments from March I was determined to push through.

Last Saturday, amongst a group of good friends (who just also happen to be photographers) I got my glam on, with makeup and pampering by Tami of Dr Dread.  Then it was time for Vikki to take over – Wow getting in front of the camera is hard and those poses – yep ok I get it now.  The experience was daunting, I was so nervous every time the camera came up I froze.  In my head I was trying to get the pose down and that just made Vikki’s job a whole lot harder, it was hard to relax and be guided and give that trust to someone else.

Vikki had a tough job.  I was not an easy “client” but in the end she was able to break down the barriers and get some beautiful photos.

Now viewing the photos is a whole other realisation, initial thoughts that run through are, ‘oh my – is my face really that round’,  but then something happens and you overlook all the imperfections and just take in the beauty, of yourself.  For me I never realised how beautiful my eyes, actually seemed to smile.  It took these photos to show me that.

I now know how my clients feel and I appreciate the experience more.  The lesson is to share that trust and to find within yourself the beauty that we all have. “Be your own kind of Beautiful”.  Not just a phrase, but a way of thought.  Be proud of who you are, always.

Thank you Vikki for your time, patience and the beautiful photos.  I am forever grateful. x

Hollywood Glamour

Hollywood Glamour

My Fav Glamour Photo - A much softer side of me

My Fav Glamour Photo – A much softer side of me

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Exist in Photos for your Children

This week I’ve been challenged with another life defining moment.  I tuned in to watch Photographer, Sue Bryce present a lesson on marketing and business mentoring on Creativelive and I received more than I bargained for.  This woman knows how to connect with me, there is something about what she says that makes me cry then look deep within myself to explore the truth of just where I’m at.

Sue Bryce, said many things that stuck with me, but the most important for me was to exist in photos for your children.  Stop putting off having your photo taken, your children and family don’t care how you ‘think’ you look – Let’s face it we all think we have weight to lose or too many laugh lines … but guess what, life has lots of imperfections and that is what makes us so uniquely us!   Beauty comes from within, beauty shines with love, friendship and being happy and alive.

This means for me it is time, face the truth, find love within myself, start to smile again and yes lose the ‘baggage’ that I carry around each day.  I am going to exist in photos for my family, my loved ones and my children.  This is a gift they will treasure forever.

As I am writing to tell you this I declare I will embrace who I am, arrange a photo session myself and I will share all the details and the experience of it with you and I know it will be wonderful.

Life takes many unexpected twists and turns and we never know what is around the corner so please, for me and for yourself, be proud and strong and exist in photos for your children.

If you are interested in more information about a photo shoot feel free to email me at

Our Last Professional Family Photos from 2011

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Inspiration from 2 amazing women photographers of today.

In August last year I went to a seminar to hear a lady speak, her name is Kira Likhterova.  Kira is a wedding photographer from Sydney and she also offers women glamour shoots, actually that is the short version,  Kira offers her clients much more than that.

Kira is honest and talks to you from the heart, she is open about her life and the knowledge she has gained along the way. Kira is passionate and fun and you get a clear understanding of why she does this for a living; to show women how beautiful they are. I came away from that seminar knowing this is what I want to do, to give women that ultimate gift – show them they are beautiful.  Not quite knowing how to achieve this, without looking or feeling like a substitute, I let the dream slip away and continued to shoot my day to day regular portrait sessions.

A photoshoot inspired by Kira's workshop

A photoshoot inspired by Kira’s workshop


In April this year I was sent a link to a YouTube video of Sue Bryce speaking about overcoming your fears. I saw that Sue has a different style of shooting to Kira but clearly the message is the same, to quote Sue “I love to photograph women and make them feel beautiful”.

The universe was once again calling out to me, my passion for this type of photography, my goal to make women see what I see, they are beautiful and this time I was ready. I know what I want to do, what makes me happy, I want to make women look and feel beautiful and love themselves not only each day but love the photos of them and be proud of who they are.

Solo Images Portrait Photography

Solo Images Portrait Photography

I am yet to accept that fact in myself (looking and feeling beautiful), that is my personal block that I am working through but I am not quite there.

I look at both of these inspirational women’s work often. The more I see, hear and watch these two women the more I am determined to work hard to bring my dream to life. Now is the time to move forward, accept and build my dream after all this is what I am passionate about, this is me and this is what I want to do and most Importantly I believe this is what I am here to do.

My first Sue Bryce inspired posing

My first Sue Bryce inspired posing shoot

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