Inspiration and Questions

Today I feel like a real creative writer as I am writing this weeks blog from one of my favourite Gold Coast locations, The Beach Shack at Currumbin.  Coffee and cake are on the table, notepad and pen are in hand (yes I am writing in my journal – old school) and I’m looking out at the beautiful view of Currumbin Beach.

The end of January is a reality check for many people.  Holiday’s are over and the children have returned to school.  Everyone has mixed emotions at this time, are we happy or sad – are our children just starting their schooling years or are they embarking on their final year of school? Either way it can be a difficult time as we adjust to the new reality.

Now is the time to put dreams into action, check back at your resolutions or goals you set just 4 weeks ago – have you started? No? It is time to get moving and start the creative process.  Or perhaps you are already pushing ahead, now you are ready to continue the journey.

Each week I strive to inspire people through my blogs and photos and January has been a little quiet on the “home front”.  Finding something inspirational and thought provoking this week has been difficult.  As I drove around today looking for that inspiration I stopped and sat at a lookout and took in my surroundings.  Behind me, over the mountains the sky is gloomy and the weather is closing in quick, the wind is blowing and the beach is deserted.

Weather is Gloomy and the Beach is deserted

Weather is Gloomy and the Beach is deserted

The seagulls are just sitting on top of the cliff, they don’t seem to be bothered by the weather, they don’t seem to care, some just sit there, others stand and yet others soar.  Could the actions of the seagulls be a metaphor, suddenly it hits me and I start to ask myself some hard questions, what can I do better? What do I need to improve on? What direction am I heading in? Am I content to just sit around or do I want to soar!

Seagulls - Inspiration Strikes

Seagulls – Inspiration Strikes

Truthfully I am yet to find all the answers, but I know they lie within and will surface when the time is right.  All I know for sure is as long as I keep my camera in hand and pointed forward I’m heading in the right direction.  It is time to push ahead and get those shoots booked in and see what direction my creativity will take me in.

I look forward to sharing my creative journey with you all.

Until next week.



Do you lose yourself?

This month has seen some high, highs and some low, lows.

To name a few things I’m juggling: I have been developing new areas of the business, learning to write so I may share weekly blogs, working through a 3 page to do list, being mentored, researching, training and asking for opinions and cc (constructive criticism) from people close to me and seeking advice from my photography peers.

So that brings me to today, Today I realized I have taken onboard all of these influences/opinions and ideas and in doing so I have listened primarily to the negative comments (the things people believe I am not doing right or the things people believe I should change) and in doing so I have missed the positive praise and recognition for the progress I’m actually making on my journey.

Do you lose yourself due to the amount of information and opinions you get?   Do you feel that you want to succeed so badly that you think everyone is right yet no one is?

This week I am guilty of letting myself get lost in everyone else’s opinion.  At the time of writing this blog I feel I have forgotten who I am, what I like and I’ve lost sight of the big picture – what I want.  If I try and take onboard everything everyone is telling me I will soon be spinning around in circles.

So what do you do when this happens?  Social media is a great tool but can also be very damaging to our self esteem.  Too much information does not mean it is the right information.  So stop and look inside yourself, regroup and find the most important thing, YOUR opinion, the reason you set off on this journey in the first place.  YOURSELF.

Now is the time I put down the to-do list down, grab the camera and go and take photos just for me.  Reignite what lies inside, find that peaceful place then take a breath and start again.

Maybe for you it may not be a camera but a walk on the beach, perhaps a stroll in a park.  If you feel like you’ve lost yourself, go and take some time for you, find your happy and peaceful place and re-centre.


Whilst out I found lots to photograph, here is just one of the beautiful things I found

Whilst out I found lots to photograph, here is just one of the beautiful things I found

Until next Friday,