It’s a Beautiful Baby Bump

The studio has fresh paint, new timber flooring and I have some new lighting accessories to play with. It’s the perfect time to organise a photo shoot. Last week I was contacted by a very good friend and fellow photographer Steve O’Brien from FotoZero, enquiring if I was available for a “baby bump” shoot. It was the opportunity I was waiting for to try out some creative lighting photos. So a date was set for last weekend.

Meet Chloe. Chloe is 39 weeks pregnant with Jackson. Chloe has had some challenges within the pregnancy and to keep both Chloe and Jackson safe, Jackson is due to be born this coming Sunday (which is also his due date).

There is something extra special about a pregnant woman, it is like nature, an indescribable beauty. Chloe is no exception, she is glowing and her smile lights up my studio. I have a specific type of shoot in mind I want to show off her belly as well as her body, as a celebration and documentation of the miracle of life in raw black and white form, this is where my new lighting “toy” comes in.

For the first half of the shoot I am using a large soft box over my light source positioned facing away from Chloe into my “white” space to bounce back a soft spread of light. My main light I am using has a beauty dish attached, pointing straight at Chloe.


My vision is to capture the quiet moment where Mum and Baby Bump are one, a powerful love and moment where one is just enjoying the feeling of a swollen belly and the little and not so little movements that one experiences at this stage of the pregnancy. I want these few photos to silently speak of the love and emotion and I am choosing to process in Black and White. I believe by taking away the colours you are drawn to the moment. This is what I aim to achieve.


The second part of my vision is to use the lights to “enhance” and “direct” the light on all or certain areas of Chloe, again showing off the beauty that is a woman’s body with child growing inside. I want that raw beauty and again process these in Black and White, I want Chloe to have a memory that shows off her beautiful pregnant body.


In my last photo I asked her partner, Mason to join us and arrange for him to wrap his hands around her and rest on the belly – directing the light onto the bump and his hands, this photo to me is a family full of love excitingly waiting to meet their precious little boy.


I am truly blessed to be asked to capture these memories and wish Chloe, Mason and little Jackson a very happy and healthy life.

Until next week.



What does a You are Beautiful photo session feel like?

I would like to share with you a little about a truly amazing woman I had the pleasure to have in my studio for a full day ‘You are Beautiful’ photography session.

Meet Bailey, a wife and mother of 4 children, the eldest is age 12.  Bailey met her husband in High School about 15 years ago.  They fell in love and the rest, as the saying goes, is history! Now if you think that having 4 children and a husband is enough to keep anyone busy, add in a full time career in the very busy corporate world and you start to get a picture of how much of a super woman Bailey is.

Bailey’s friends describe her as a very generous person, hard working, a loving wife and mother and someone who never stops to consider her needs above those of her family and friends.  It was Bailey’s friends who encouraged her to take some time out for herself and book a ‘You are Beautiful’ photography session.

Bailey arrived at the studio at 10am and although nervous she was ready for a day that was ‘all about her’.  After a consultation regarding our wardrobe selections for the photography shoot, my hair and make up artist and stylist, Tami from Tami Perrin Hair & Makeup (also Dr Dread) transformed the ‘everyday Bailey’ into a much more ‘glamour Bailey’ giving her the ‘You are Beautiful’ – 5 star make-over treatment.

We were now ready to shoot.  Both Tami and I agreed that Bailey looks sensational however Bailey’s nerves were getting the better of her (remember, this is something she has never done before) and she was feeling a little anxious.  We decided a little ‘dutch courage’ was needed (translation: a small glass of champagne and a good old fashioned pep talk from me) . I’m not sure which one did the trick, Bailey now appeared relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera as she put her trust in my ‘You are Beautiful’ experience.

You are Beautiful - Bailey

You are Beautiful – Bailey

You are Beautiful

You are Beautiful

A couple of outfit changes and some stunning images later, we took a break for lunch.  It was lovely to unwind, rest, chat and enjoy a cheese and nibble platter in our relaxing lounge area.

After lunch Tami adjusted Bailey’s makeup and styled out her hair with more volume as we headed into our final 2 looks, the ultimate in glamour and cocktail outfits.  Bailey was now well versed on the posing and giving her body a workout that can only be described as Yoga come Pilates, I call it ‘yogalates’, (a workout which Bailey telephoned to thank me for the following day 🙂 ).  By now we were really in the groove and the images shone with personality.

Ultimate Glamour Bailey

Ultimate Glamour

Ultimate Glamour with You are Beautiful - Bailey

Ultimate Glamour with
You are Beautiful – Bailey

At the end of the day we got a couple of photos “just for hubby” and then the whole ‘You are Beautiful’ photography session was over.

Before Bailey left, we had a look through the photos and she selected a few front running favourites.  I couldn’t resist and whilst Bailey was driving home, I processed her favourite and texted it to her, thanking her for trusting and sharing herself with me for the day.

This was her reply “Words can’t explain how very pampered and special you made me feel today! I’m so grateful for all the effort you put into me today.” – Bailey it was my absolute pleasure to get to know you and show you what everyone around you already sees – ‘You are Beautiful’

Bailey - You are Beautiful

Bailey – You are Beautiful

No matter who you are or how busy life gets I think we all agree that every woman deserves a little ‘time out’ and pampering now and then.  What better way to do that than with a ‘You are Beautiful’ photography session.  Call me to book today 0421 279 213.   When booking mention this blog and I will give you 10% off your session and a $55 print voucher as my gift  – valid until 31 July 2014 only.

Until next week.


Glamour Photography

A few weeks ago I came home with some great fashion buys after a morning of shopping.  I picked up this stunning black and silver dress that was straight then at the bottom it flared out, it was something a flamingo dancer might wear.  This got my creative juices flowing for another glamour photoshoot.

I specifically wanted a woman with red hair as I knew the contrast of the red hair with the black dress would be a stunning combination and would fit to my vision that was swirling around in my head.  I wanted natural glamour makeup with soft curled hair and some flowers in the hair to add a high fashion element to the shoot.

My model chosen for this shoot is from Mystique Model Management, her name is Heather Borck and she fits my vision perfectly.  This is my first time working with Heather and I found her very professional as well as warm and friendly.

To complete the creative team I needed a talented and experienced hair and make up artist, Morgan Leigh who runs Morgan Leigh Makeup Artistry.  Morgan and I have previously worked together and I found Morgan’s work of high standard and she is very experienced and knowledgeable, actually Morgan is currently studying for a Diploma of Cinemagraphic Makeup to increase and take her skills to a new level.

Before we start I discuss clothing, hair and make up options with the team – decide on our way forward and then Morgan takes control and “glams” up Heather for our shoot, this experience is very relaxing and I am sure Heather is feeling comfortable whilst undergoing the full treatment.

When finished Heather’s natural beauty has been enhanced and I just can’t wait to get her in front of the camera and watch the magic happen and bring my vision to life.  This is where I feel alive, inspired and very much at home.  I know I am born to do this – Glamour Photography

Here are some of my favourite shots from our day

The stunning Heather Borck HMUA: Morgan Leigh Photographer: Kassy Solomon

The stunning Heather Borck
HMUA: Morgan Leigh
Photographer: Kassy Solomon

Thank you Heather and Morgan it was a pleasure to work with you both and enjoyed our time together.  I also must thank David of Mystique Models for organising such a wonderful person for me.  Heather – You are Beautiful 🙂

Find Heather at

Find Morgan at )

Until next week.


Photography is Art

Photography is Art.  I am an artist.  That statement means so much to me as when I was a child, growing up, I truly wished I could draw or paint.  I tried so hard to bring out the artist inside of me but somehow my trees always looked like crooked lines and my people resembled strange looking sticks with limbs in all the wrong places.

It wasn’t until I found photography, that I discovered I could bring to life a scene, an object, a person or whatever I chose and best of all I didn’t have anyone asking “is that supposed to be a ….? “.  I was able to awaken my inner artist and for the first time the person looking at my “art” knew what it was I was trying to express.

Photography is Art This is my Art

Photography is Art
This is my Art

Photography is my passion, it is my calling and it comes from deep within my soul.  It keeps me calm, balanced and centered.  When I need some ‘time out’ or to simply restore the ‘mojo’ in my life I pick up my camera and go into my space, my studio and photograph people.

With Mother’s Day just around the corner – it’s the perfect time to come and be pampered, have your hair and makeup done before enjoying a fun photo shoot with your son or daughter.  It will be an experience you will love, remember and treasure forever.

Photography is Art Mother and Daughter Moment

Photography is Art
Mother and Daughter Moment

Until next week.


Exist in Photos for your Children

This week I’ve been challenged with another life defining moment.  I tuned in to watch Photographer, Sue Bryce present a lesson on marketing and business mentoring on Creativelive and I received more than I bargained for.  This woman knows how to connect with me, there is something about what she says that makes me cry then look deep within myself to explore the truth of just where I’m at.

Sue Bryce, said many things that stuck with me, but the most important for me was to exist in photos for your children.  Stop putting off having your photo taken, your children and family don’t care how you ‘think’ you look – Let’s face it we all think we have weight to lose or too many laugh lines … but guess what, life has lots of imperfections and that is what makes us so uniquely us!   Beauty comes from within, beauty shines with love, friendship and being happy and alive.

This means for me it is time, face the truth, find love within myself, start to smile again and yes lose the ‘baggage’ that I carry around each day.  I am going to exist in photos for my family, my loved ones and my children.  This is a gift they will treasure forever.

As I am writing to tell you this I declare I will embrace who I am, arrange a photo session myself and I will share all the details and the experience of it with you and I know it will be wonderful.

Life takes many unexpected twists and turns and we never know what is around the corner so please, for me and for yourself, be proud and strong and exist in photos for your children.

If you are interested in more information about a photo shoot feel free to email me at

Our Last Professional Family Photos from 2011

Until next week.



Pregnant and Beautiful

It’s true what they say: pregnant women seem to exude beauty from the inside out. It was therefore only natural for Solo Images Photography to open up the You are Beautiful photography sessions to expectant mums.

You will remember back in September I blogged about an impromptu outdoor second trimester pregnancy shoot with Meg, at that end of that blog I did promise all of you another instalment and a full pregnancy session once the time was right.

Meg is a glowing mum to be with a due date of 8 December and it was an absolute pleasure to have Meg in my studio last week.  Meg and I have a close bond and I know in my heart that she will be a fantastic mum to this precious child.

I look forward to meeting this precious baby in the near future and having the honour of photographing him as a newborn and at each milestone beyond.

Here are some of my favourite photos from our session. I’m sure you’ll agree that the beauty of pregnancy glows from within. x

Glowing and Beautiful

Glowing and Beautiful

Nothing more Beautiful than a Pregnant Mum to Be

Nothing more Beautiful than a Pregnant Mum to Be

Full Length Shot

Full Length Shot

Can't wait to meet you

Can’t wait to meet you

This is my favourite photo from our session so I had to do a Black and White as well

I fell in love with this photo from our session
so I had to do a Black and White as well

Thank you Meg for allowing me to photograph this very special time in your life.

Until next week,


Studio shoot with Kristin

For the last 3 months I have been so busy writing with the intention of you getting to know me a little better that I neglected to share this photo session with you.   After all my blogs are not just about me, they are also about the amazing and wonderful people that I meet though my photography.

Last month I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Kristin, a lovely young lady who is currently studying to be a registered nurse and has taken up modelling in her free time.  It was to be a fun shoot and we decided on a theme of casual glamour.

I called upon the lovely and talented Meg of Chanc3Industries to do Kristin’s makeup and hair and then we headed into the studio for this session

Here are some of my favourite images from the day.  Enjoy

You are Beautiful

Black and White Beauty

Glamour Photographer

Just standing here looking Glamorous

I am Beautiful – Don’t mess with me!

Glamour Photographer

Kristin – Natural Glamour


Kristin – You are Beautiful
Natural Glamour

Kristin  My personal favourite from the day

My personal favourite from the day

If you would like to book your own shoot, I would love to hear from you.

Until next week.