Do we still need Professional Photographers?

In this age of technology, where most people are taking their photos on a smart phone, tablet or a point and shoot camera, the question being asked is: ‘Why do we still need professional photographers?’.

Other than weddings (where the extended family portraits are almost mandatory) we don’t really think about organising family portraits, couple sessions, newborn/children or photos of ourselves. We tend to rely on these new pieces of technology (smart phones and the like) to do the job. I want to ask each and every one of you, is this right? (Yes, all you photographers reading this – when was the last time you had a photography session too)?

If you think back even 10 years ago we would catch up with our friends or family and sit around with a cup of tea or coffee and pull out the photo albums to show our visitors all the important photos/events they had missed seeing in person and laugh, cry and retell the stories that went with each image.

When did it become ok to just have a quick snapshot or “selfie” image recorded solely on our smart phone, tablet or computer?  Trust me when I tell you that it is not until someone is gone, that you realize you should have invested some time and money into having professional photographs taken. More importantly, not just receiving a disc of images but having those special moments printed and displayed around your home.

Our beautiful daughter on canvas proudly now on display on the wall

Our beautiful daughter on canvas proudly now on display on the wall

I know first hand that having photographs of the special people in our lives, to cherish long after they are gone, are truly priceless. They are memories you will want to keep forever. I know if my house was burning down the one item I’d want to save would be the photo albums, those wonderful pieces of paper containing the faces of the people we love.

So back to the question; Why do we still need Professional Photographers? Simple, a professional photographer will capture you and your family the way you want to be photographed – casual, formal, fun, relaxed – you decide.

Beautiful Couple - Luke and Elissa

Beautiful Couple – Luke and Elissa

Kids being Kids on Location Fun Shoot

Kids being Kids on Location Fun Shoot

Do yourself a favour and make it a priority in your life to book a professional photographer to capture you and your loved ones.

Year 10 Graduation Dinner - Our daughter had a shoot for this occasion

Year 10 Graduation Dinner – Our daughter had a shoot for this occasion

On location Portrait

On location Portrait

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Inspiration from 2 amazing women photographers of today.

In August last year I went to a seminar to hear a lady speak, her name is Kira Likhterova.  Kira is a wedding photographer from Sydney and she also offers women glamour shoots, actually that is the short version,  Kira offers her clients much more than that.

Kira is honest and talks to you from the heart, she is open about her life and the knowledge she has gained along the way. Kira is passionate and fun and you get a clear understanding of why she does this for a living; to show women how beautiful they are. I came away from that seminar knowing this is what I want to do, to give women that ultimate gift – show them they are beautiful.  Not quite knowing how to achieve this, without looking or feeling like a substitute, I let the dream slip away and continued to shoot my day to day regular portrait sessions.

A photoshoot inspired by Kira's workshop

A photoshoot inspired by Kira’s workshop


In April this year I was sent a link to a YouTube video of Sue Bryce speaking about overcoming your fears. I saw that Sue has a different style of shooting to Kira but clearly the message is the same, to quote Sue “I love to photograph women and make them feel beautiful”.

The universe was once again calling out to me, my passion for this type of photography, my goal to make women see what I see, they are beautiful and this time I was ready. I know what I want to do, what makes me happy, I want to make women look and feel beautiful and love themselves not only each day but love the photos of them and be proud of who they are.

Solo Images Portrait Photography

Solo Images Portrait Photography

I am yet to accept that fact in myself (looking and feeling beautiful), that is my personal block that I am working through but I am not quite there.

I look at both of these inspirational women’s work often. The more I see, hear and watch these two women the more I am determined to work hard to bring my dream to life. Now is the time to move forward, accept and build my dream after all this is what I am passionate about, this is me and this is what I want to do and most Importantly I believe this is what I am here to do.

My first Sue Bryce inspired posing

My first Sue Bryce inspired posing shoot

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