Photo A Day Project – Final

My July photo a day project, 31 days and 31 photos all using my Olympus OMD-EM5 camera with the 12-50mm lens.  In this my last installment I share with you the final 3 days, days 29 to 31 and tell you what I learned during this process.

Day 29

Today was a beautiful day, the sky blue, sun is shinning, a perfect winter’s day.  I was fortunate enough to finish a little early and make the drive home in time for sunset.  Just down the road from home we have this massive property which is to be developed at some time in the future, many of the trees have been cut down to make way for “progress” but there remains a nice little cluster of tree’s right near the road on the top of the first hill.  As the sun sets behind the trees you see the beauty of a true landscape and today I timed it perfectly.  When processing the photo I chose to look at it in Black and White, a true testament to the old B&W film days and the most stunning B&W landscape I have taken to date.  Today’s photo transforms into “Ye Olde Landscape”


Day 30

Sitting in the office today sorting through ideas for my photo a day, the dictionary on the corner of my desk caught my eye, that instantly gave me the idea for my photo.  Since starting photography I have a list of cool and creative shots that I want to learn and master and the heart shadow ring photo is on that list.  First task, find the torch – second task, find “love” in the dictionary, now start to experiment with the technique – place the ring near the word love in the middle of the book binding and use the torch to create the shadow heart.  Sounds easy well I would give you one tip, use a tripod and cable release or better yet have an assistant, it’s very hard juggling everything with only two hands and still holding the camera still enough to take the photo.  Today’s photo is “The Duality of Love”


Day 31

Woo hoo I have made it! Well actually not quite yet – still have to find my final photo a day to finish the project.  Walking around the boardroom in the late afternoon I caught sight of the sun creating shadows on the wall of the objects from the desk, only down side the blinds are interrupting the light.  Opening the blinds right up I got into a few weird positions and angles to keep myself out of the shadow area.  In processing I wanted to keep the look very contrasty, a black and white look using a filter in exposure 6.  It’s “Adam’s family” table worthy – perfect – Today’s photo is “Light your way into Darkness”


And then it was over – I had done it another challenge, 31 photos in 31 days. A great selection of photos and honestly only one I consider boring, so for me this challenge is a success.  It opened my eyes and forced me to look at things within my daily life differently.  I believe this experience has taught me alot, I have grown during the month, found inspiration from things I see everyday and pushed myself outside my comfort zone.  Each day finding something new, something different and create something unique.  A true challenge but such an enjoyable one.

I love all the photos but if I had to chose a favourite it would be Day 27 – “Wall Shapes” not only did I look at a mirror I see everyday in a different way but I added another element by showing off the textures and lines that lie within this beautiful piece.  I now appreciate it even more.


As I close out my blog today I would like to sincerely thank my readers for indulging me for the last 5 weeks I enjoyed not only taking the photos but sharing a little insight into each day and how the photo came to be.

Until next week.



What’s in my Bag

I thought maybe it was time to do a blog on “What’s in my Bag” or essentially “what equipment do I use and love”. Now to many of my regular readers this really won’t mean a great deal but bear with me as you never know what piece of trivia you’ll pick up 🙂

Before we get into it let me tell you, you don’t have to have the latest and greatest gear (contrary to popular belief).  I was taught, actually had it drilled into me, that it is the photographer that makes the photo not the gear – you can definitely create magic without having to buy the biggest and best.

I am a Nikon girl and before I get any email unsubscribes from my Canon followers ( 🙂 you know who you are), Nikon is the brand I graduated to purely due to how it felt in my hand at the time.  Once you invest in a brand it is just too hard to justify the lost dollars to change over!

Back to the question: “What’s in my Bag?”  I shoot with a Nikon D700, a nice full frame camera which was introduced by Nikon in July 2008, as I stated above it’s not the latest and greatest but I know my baby inside out and can shoot stunning and amazing photos with it (even if I say so myself).  I have a few (about 4) lens – all Nikon brand, a nice 50mm prime lens, which is great for thinking outside the box and actually zooming with your feet; flashes (also called speedlites); a Bowens studio lighting kit; reflectors; plus, of course, cleaning gear.  Oh and lots of accessories like filters, bags, batteries, cables etc.  Honestly if I listed every single piece of photographic gear you would still be sitting here reading next week 😉

What's in my Bag A snapshot

What’s in my Bag
A snapshot

But wait, there’s more!  What’s my favourite piece of gear?  Well, at the end of last year I commented to my lovely husband that I was frustrated about missing photo opportunities when out and about in my normal Monday to Friday life as I felt it was just not possible to carry my Nikon gear with me all the time.  After some research (well truthfully that really involved hearing about and testing another photographer’s gear) I decided to add another “little” baby to my collection.  The baby I chose was the  the mirror-less, micro four-thirds, Olympus OMD-EM5 with a 12-50mm lens (a lens which also boasts a macro function!)  I named my ‘baby’ “OLY” and she (yes, I don’t know why but it is a she) has truly impressed and inspired me.  Although OLY may look like a toy camera, there is nothing toy-like about her other than her size.  This little baby fits nicely in my handbag and goes with me 24/7.

Macro Magic with "OLY"

Macro Magic with “OLY”

I am only really beginning my journey with OLY but so far she is outstanding when it comes to performance.  I have created some stunning images with her including some sunsets I’m very proud of.  She even has the ability to make panoramic or stitched photos so easily without loosing quality in the final image.

Sunsets with my OLY Bottom Image is a 6 image stitch

Sunsets with my OLY
Bottom Image is a 6 image stitch

I also love that due to her size, weighing in under 150 grams, I’ve discovered I can operate her at shutter speeds I would normally need a tripod for with my Nikon D700.  She is and will remain a vital piece of equipment within my bag and will be worthy of her own further in-depth review shortly 🙂

Until next week.