Introducing Colt

Colt arrived in my studio on Christmas Eve and this sweet little man was not just adorable, he was a dream model to work with 😉 He was not at all fazed about having his photo taken, in fact, he slept through the entire session!

He truly is a beautiful little boy and I’m proud to share some of my favourite images from our newborn photography session together.

Isn't he Cute

Isn’t he Cute

Such a sleepy boy

Such a sleepy boy

My personal Favourite

My personal Favourite

I look forward to watching him grow and we have already planned our next milestone photography session…

Until next week.



A Workshop with Kelly Brown

I would love to say this is a one on one interview with Kelly Brown, Award winning photographer however it’s the next best thing. It’s a recount of a workshop I attended recently where Kelly was one of the 7 amazing speakers I heard. The full day workshop was run by Professional Photographers Association of Queensland (PPAQ) (to which I am a proud member) and was jam packed with exceptionally talented photographers from within our industry.

Kelly Brown Iphone Quality Photo

Kelly Brown
Iphone Quality Photo

Kelly Brown is the AIPP QLD Professional Photography of the year 2013.  She has just returned home from the United States where she was teaching workshops on CreativeLIVE.

I found Kelly to be very down to earth. Kelly shared her passion and knowledge openly and told us how rewarding it is for her to be able to photograph these precious newborn babies.

Kelly’s advice to us upcoming portrait photographers was to focus on one subject and ‘nail it’ before you move on. It is so important to understand how your camera works inside and out so you know the settings needed without even thinking about it, that way you will be ready to capture any moment as it happens.

Kelly shared with us her humble beginnings of learning her craft. She would photograph flowers from every angle in every light until she had ‘nailed it’ before she moved on to the next subject – more flowers!

Kelly also shared some secrets to making the studio environment perfect for the newborns, yes I did say ‘secrets’ and won’t reveal them all I have to keep some to myself to master. One tip I will share; did you know that when a baby is inside the womb it is in a very noisy environment, they are used to hearing what we call ‘white noise’. It is actually easier to settle a newborn in a “noisy” environment rather than absolute quiet – I wish I knew that about 17 years ago when I bought my baby home.

Kelly then explained her studio set up and how she has made it the perfect environment for newborns before sharing some of the posing techniques to ensure that the baby/ies remain safe and secure during the entire photography session.

Glamour Photographer Nerang

Kelly Brown Teaching

I was inspired listening to Kelly share her passion and love of photography and how she has made it work around her lifestyle to ensure she still has plenty of quality time with her own kids, family and friends.

I was star struck by this humble woman who I have watched on CreativeLIVE and I felt privileged to be able to attend this amazing workshop session and take on board advice and knowledge shared by Kelly Brown and implement it into my own studio.