Sorry it’s not Friday and this blog is late.  Truth be told I have not had a good photo adventure the last few weeks and felt I had nothing to write about and nothing to share.  I was actually contemplating moving the blog to fortnightly with all the changes in my life.   Again the universe has stepped in and a conversation today changed my thinking and perspective, yet again, and reminded me why I do this every week.

The conversation started around websites, business and blogging, we were talking about a recent podcast and advice was given along the lines that you should not always just blog about your business, show everyone your personal side, your funny side and share different tips – keep it real, keep it interesting.

So after this discussion, my head is spinning, all these thoughts are coming quick and fast then I sat back down and starting to read – I went back and had a look over my blogs, my stories and well my journey.   After reading through the last 18 months (well skimming through) I sat back and realised, you know what I am proud of every post I have, the hours of drafting, learning, growing all whilst keeping it real.  I have something to contribute to the world and I am proud to say it.

The last month I have been flat, struggling creatively and wondering what the universe’s next step was.  Don’t get me wrong I love my new job and the life changes I have made, I just need to work some creative/inspiration time back into the fold as well.  Life is all about balance and that is why I will make the time each week to blog.

To take back my creativity and maybe inspire someone else I want to share with you some photos I have taken this year that I look back at and find peace, motivation or inspiration from.

Trees, water, sunset  All inspiration things in nature

Trees, water, sunset
All inspiration things in nature



Until next week (well Friday 🙂 )



Photo A Day Project – Final

My July photo a day project, 31 days and 31 photos all using my Olympus OMD-EM5 camera with the 12-50mm lens.  In this my last installment I share with you the final 3 days, days 29 to 31 and tell you what I learned during this process.

Day 29

Today was a beautiful day, the sky blue, sun is shinning, a perfect winter’s day.  I was fortunate enough to finish a little early and make the drive home in time for sunset.  Just down the road from home we have this massive property which is to be developed at some time in the future, many of the trees have been cut down to make way for “progress” but there remains a nice little cluster of tree’s right near the road on the top of the first hill.  As the sun sets behind the trees you see the beauty of a true landscape and today I timed it perfectly.  When processing the photo I chose to look at it in Black and White, a true testament to the old B&W film days and the most stunning B&W landscape I have taken to date.  Today’s photo transforms into “Ye Olde Landscape”


Day 30

Sitting in the office today sorting through ideas for my photo a day, the dictionary on the corner of my desk caught my eye, that instantly gave me the idea for my photo.  Since starting photography I have a list of cool and creative shots that I want to learn and master and the heart shadow ring photo is on that list.  First task, find the torch – second task, find “love” in the dictionary, now start to experiment with the technique – place the ring near the word love in the middle of the book binding and use the torch to create the shadow heart.  Sounds easy well I would give you one tip, use a tripod and cable release or better yet have an assistant, it’s very hard juggling everything with only two hands and still holding the camera still enough to take the photo.  Today’s photo is “The Duality of Love”


Day 31

Woo hoo I have made it! Well actually not quite yet – still have to find my final photo a day to finish the project.  Walking around the boardroom in the late afternoon I caught sight of the sun creating shadows on the wall of the objects from the desk, only down side the blinds are interrupting the light.  Opening the blinds right up I got into a few weird positions and angles to keep myself out of the shadow area.  In processing I wanted to keep the look very contrasty, a black and white look using a filter in exposure 6.  It’s “Adam’s family” table worthy – perfect – Today’s photo is “Light your way into Darkness”


And then it was over – I had done it another challenge, 31 photos in 31 days. A great selection of photos and honestly only one I consider boring, so for me this challenge is a success.  It opened my eyes and forced me to look at things within my daily life differently.  I believe this experience has taught me alot, I have grown during the month, found inspiration from things I see everyday and pushed myself outside my comfort zone.  Each day finding something new, something different and create something unique.  A true challenge but such an enjoyable one.

I love all the photos but if I had to chose a favourite it would be Day 27 – “Wall Shapes” not only did I look at a mirror I see everyday in a different way but I added another element by showing off the textures and lines that lie within this beautiful piece.  I now appreciate it even more.


As I close out my blog today I would like to sincerely thank my readers for indulging me for the last 5 weeks I enjoyed not only taking the photos but sharing a little insight into each day and how the photo came to be.

Until next week.


A Different Perspective

This month the AIPP (for those non photography blog followers, this stands for Australian Institute of Professional Photographers) held their annual Event, this is a photography conference that runs for 3 days and is packaged with guest speakers, workshops and of course some social and networking opportunities.

This year was my first time attending The Event and wow what a jam packed 3 days it was. Each day had a keynote speaker and then you had choice for either workshops or seminars to attend for the rest of the day.   For me there were many light bulb moments, absolute heart pulling, tear creating seminars and also some totally inspiring and thought provoking moments over the 3 day period.  Each speaker I saw deserves a blog on its own as I took different things away for each person, too much to summarise today.

This blog I wanted to focus on the seminar I attended by Tony Hewitt, Tony specialises in Fine Art Landscapes.  Tony has a very creative mind and can see magic in the plainest of subjects.  Tony has vision and can recite poetry on what he sees within his own mind and transforms into his fine art image.  Tony spoke about finding inspiration and creativity in your photography.   Tony said some key things during his talk “keep looking for your own style, it hides beneath you, allow your own style to come through, don’t be afraid to bring your vision to life as your mind saw it, don’t be afraid to try, give yourself permission to fail, this is how we grow.” All of this gave me plenty to think about.

After The Event was over I was keen to put what Tony said into practise, I am stuck in a rut and need to allow my creativity freedom to flow, it has been squashed by desk and paperwork for too long.  This is my chance to look for and find my own style.  Time for another road trip out west, this time we decided to head out to Warwick.  I didn’t want to just take my normal lens and camera and thought it would be the perfect opportunity to test out the Lens Baby Composer Pro, this is a manual focus lens that you drop in a specific aperture disk and use the swivel of the lens to find your focus area and allow some creative movement or blur effects in other areas of the photo – it’s pretty cool but needs some getting used to, some, well I should say a lot.  I was excited to get out for the day and “play” and see what I could create with this little “fun” lens.

I found the Lens Baby a little hit and miss, something you need to practise and need time to master but keeping Tony’s voice in my head each time we stopped I would take in the scene and let my mind decide what my photo was to be.  This is a great technique if you are struggling to find that creative edge or just need a push – again with Tony in mind, “allowing yourself to fail, to grow, that way if you are prepared to do the things that don’t really work, you will find out what does work”

As you will see by my photos, some ideas worked and some didn’t – some things that were in my head didn’t quite get the message across and some did.

The movement in the trees and earth yet a silent and still clear reflection of our beautiful earth

The movement in the trees and earth yet a silent and still has a part of a clear reflection of our beautiful earth, a metaphor for life (perhaps?)

The darkness of the forest trees from a new perspective

The darkness of the forest trees from a new perspective

Chaos on a clear winters day

Chaos on a clear winters day – did it work??? I’m not sure

So much more in my head.  I saw mist, light, trees, separation - all of which doesn't quite come through on this photo

So much more in my head.
I saw mist, light, trees, separation – all of which doesn’t quite come through on this photo

A different perspective.  Isolate, use lines and patterns. Don't be afraid to only show a part not the whole.  It might tell your story better

A different perspective.
Isolate, use lines and patterns.
Don’t be afraid to only show a part not the whole. It might tell your story better

So what did I learn and take away from this experience, new techniques – take time and practise to master.  It also takes time to allow your mind to open and visualise and let creativity flow, so spend time getting to know your location and play with the angles and above all else listen to that inner voice and allow the magic to happen, above all else don’t stop clicking and trying new things.

Until next week.

Inspirational Quotes – Part of my Daily Life

I believe in the power of positive thinking and use daily inspirations, quotes and gratitude in my life.   It also gives me joy to share them on my facebook page Solo Images Photography combining them with my photos.  Some of the inspirational quotes I make up myself by looking into the image and reflecting on my mood of the day and some quotes come from inspirational people around the world.

As the facebook feed can skip over in a matter of minutes you may not actually see and get to enjoy my inspirational quotes and that got me brain storming.  My end conclusion was that it would be a fantastic idea to put my favourite quotes, right here, in one place and searchable in the blog.

So whenever you need a positive thought or inspiration, they will always be here for you to come back to.  Please feel free to share with me your favourite quotes in the comments section.










Until next week,


Exist in Photos for your Children

This week I’ve been challenged with another life defining moment.  I tuned in to watch Photographer, Sue Bryce present a lesson on marketing and business mentoring on Creativelive and I received more than I bargained for.  This woman knows how to connect with me, there is something about what she says that makes me cry then look deep within myself to explore the truth of just where I’m at.

Sue Bryce, said many things that stuck with me, but the most important for me was to exist in photos for your children.  Stop putting off having your photo taken, your children and family don’t care how you ‘think’ you look – Let’s face it we all think we have weight to lose or too many laugh lines … but guess what, life has lots of imperfections and that is what makes us so uniquely us!   Beauty comes from within, beauty shines with love, friendship and being happy and alive.

This means for me it is time, face the truth, find love within myself, start to smile again and yes lose the ‘baggage’ that I carry around each day.  I am going to exist in photos for my family, my loved ones and my children.  This is a gift they will treasure forever.

As I am writing to tell you this I declare I will embrace who I am, arrange a photo session myself and I will share all the details and the experience of it with you and I know it will be wonderful.

Life takes many unexpected twists and turns and we never know what is around the corner so please, for me and for yourself, be proud and strong and exist in photos for your children.

If you are interested in more information about a photo shoot feel free to email me at

Our Last Professional Family Photos from 2011

Until next week.



Inspiration and Questions

Today I feel like a real creative writer as I am writing this weeks blog from one of my favourite Gold Coast locations, The Beach Shack at Currumbin.  Coffee and cake are on the table, notepad and pen are in hand (yes I am writing in my journal – old school) and I’m looking out at the beautiful view of Currumbin Beach.

The end of January is a reality check for many people.  Holiday’s are over and the children have returned to school.  Everyone has mixed emotions at this time, are we happy or sad – are our children just starting their schooling years or are they embarking on their final year of school? Either way it can be a difficult time as we adjust to the new reality.

Now is the time to put dreams into action, check back at your resolutions or goals you set just 4 weeks ago – have you started? No? It is time to get moving and start the creative process.  Or perhaps you are already pushing ahead, now you are ready to continue the journey.

Each week I strive to inspire people through my blogs and photos and January has been a little quiet on the “home front”.  Finding something inspirational and thought provoking this week has been difficult.  As I drove around today looking for that inspiration I stopped and sat at a lookout and took in my surroundings.  Behind me, over the mountains the sky is gloomy and the weather is closing in quick, the wind is blowing and the beach is deserted.

Weather is Gloomy and the Beach is deserted

Weather is Gloomy and the Beach is deserted

The seagulls are just sitting on top of the cliff, they don’t seem to be bothered by the weather, they don’t seem to care, some just sit there, others stand and yet others soar.  Could the actions of the seagulls be a metaphor, suddenly it hits me and I start to ask myself some hard questions, what can I do better? What do I need to improve on? What direction am I heading in? Am I content to just sit around or do I want to soar!

Seagulls - Inspiration Strikes

Seagulls – Inspiration Strikes

Truthfully I am yet to find all the answers, but I know they lie within and will surface when the time is right.  All I know for sure is as long as I keep my camera in hand and pointed forward I’m heading in the right direction.  It is time to push ahead and get those shoots booked in and see what direction my creativity will take me in.

I look forward to sharing my creative journey with you all.

Until next week.


365 Gratefuls

I believe all things happen for a reason. I recently heard a radio interview with Sam Worthington. Sam was promoting a book launch; 365 Gratefuls by Hailey & Andrew Bartholomew.  The longer I listened the more I was convinced I knew I needed to use my friend ‘Mr Google’ and find out more about Hailey’s story as it was sounding very similar to my own.

To summarize a little of Hailey’s story in 2008 she was suffering depression and was out of sorts with life.  She realized, while writing in her diary, that she needed to find someone who could help pull her out of her dark emotions. It turns out that ‘person’ was a nun and life coach who shared with Hailey the secret to her happiness: it has everything to do with reflection and gratitude. At the end of each day Hailey was asked to reflect upon the day and to find one thing that had happened that she was grateful for. Although Hailey was only asked to write down one thing each day, she decided to take it a little bit further and to not only write what she was grateful for but to also pursue her love of photography and to photograph what she was grateful for.

Hearing that much of the radio interview was enough inspiration for me to find out how to buy the book and discover more about Hailey’s and others 365 Gratefuls journey. I have to confess these days I am more of an e-book kind of girl (I love finding a new book, downloading it and getting right into it) so I was a little disappointed to find that the book, 365 Gratefuls, was only available in print and that I would have to order it and wait patiently for the mail to arrive.

When the book arrived in my mailbox I was thankful (grateful) I had bought the ‘real’ book, for some reason it feels right to flip through the pages and hold it in my hands rather than look at it on a digital screen.

Armed with the book, as my inspiration, I have embarked on this grateful project as it feels like the right thing for me to do. I found the app, Gratitude 365, in the iTunes store and now have it up and running on my iPhone.  My grateful journey started on 23 October and so far, so good! I have found photos and gratefuls that are helping me appreciate all the little things in life that generally I seem to take for granted. I am positive that I will surprise myself by discovering all the things in life that I am, in fact, grateful for.

Here are a few of my photos from the start of the project

Here are a few of my photos from the start of the project

“I am grateful for the memories of knowing you”,

“I am grateful to be alive and to watch this spectacular sunset”,

“I am grateful for morning cuddles with those I love”,

“I am grateful for friends, photo walks and good times”,

“I am grateful for my husband who brings me tea and tim tams at the end of the day”,

I am grateful for frangipanis for their smell is devine”

Please join me and celebrate all life’s treasures, big and small and be grateful for something new every day.

Until next week,

Kassy 🙂