Life and Gerbera’s

Over the past 4 weeks my life has been turned upside down and inside out (don’t worry it has a very happy ending).  As most of my regular readers know I have an office job that supports me and allows me the funds to fulfill my passion of photography.  I made a decision a few weeks ago to accept a new opportunity and challenge and leave my job that I had for 14 years.

I am a person who is stable and love security in my world, so this decision has totally taken me outside my comfort zone and pushed myself out there to find the next phase of my life, whilst sometimes scary I know that in life you have to always look forward, not back and shine.

I am totally blessed, this week especially, as events and gestures by these wonderful people have left me speechless (that in itself is a miracle).  You may ask what this has to do with photography, well one of my gifts was beautiful pink gerberas.  The pink in each flower has many tones, ranging from the lightest of pink to the darkest almost red pink.

As you have probably guessed by now, Yes – I had to get out my camera and photograph them.  My trusty Nikon in hand with my 105mm macro lens on board I headed into the kitchen, grabbed the vase of flowers and a little water ready to spend the next half an hour photographing this gift from every angle.  It is amazing just how many different photos you can take from one flower and have it look totally different.  I was always taught to “shot it until it is dead” 🙂 .

Oh of course once you go to process the photos you can add much more character and create art.  The beauty of the Gerbera in my opinion is that whether you choose photos in colour or black and white they look amazing and can be totally unique.

Here are some of my favourite Black and White photos from my half hour of play.  I choose to process these photos in 3 different ways, natural black and white, highkey and very contrasting.

Gerbera - In Black and White

Gerbera – In Black and White

Now looking at my favourite colour photos I chose to process two of the photos showing off the water droplets and the lovely changes of the pink colouring on the petals, another photo as soft and faded and the last photo bright, vibrant and a little darker.

Pink Gerbera in all it's colour glory

Pink Gerbera in all it’s colour glory

I hope you have enjoyed seeing a few photos from my half hour play and agree with me just how different one flower can look.   I forgot to add above that this play session was carried out around 6.30pm.  Just goes to show that you can always make a little time for photography, especially when you have such a gorgeous subject to work will.

Until next week.



Flowers, Flowers Everywhere

Over the labour day weekend in early October I was fortunate enough to catch up with a few friends, who just happen to enjoy the love of photography, at Rossier Park in Benowa Gardens.   Driving to the park out in the West the clouds were threatening rain however the gods were shining upon us and we enjoyed a few hours of typical spring weather without any rain.

On arrival after a few hello’s and hugs we scoped out the park and all decided that today’s mission (If chosen to accept 😉 ) was flower play.   Armed with only one lens, my 105mm macro, I headed over with the others to the rose garden and started to explore.

Some of my finds in the Rose Garden

Some of my finds in the Rose Garden

After photographing as many roses as I could and clicking until there was no other angle, light, detail that I could find I strolled a little further and found the lavender and a few other gems that caught my eye and my interest.  I settled in again for many more photos trying to get into as many angles as my body would allow (I know after this trip my body needs yoga training again, flexibility seems to go the older you get unless you work out 🙂 sorry, rambling again.

Lavender and other Gems

Lavender and other Gems

After a few hours of shooting and a little walking, oh and getting stalked by a swan we decided to head up to the new cafe, sit on the balcony with coffee and cake and catch up on each other’s lives and adventures before heading back home.

You may think that I only get enjoyment from taking photos but actually as I learn more and more in editing I am finding I am having fun and playing more in my digital darkroom.   I call it a digital darkroom as contrary to what some people believe and think about photoshop, back in the old days of film, photographers would go into the darkroom not only to develop but create and make an image their own by dodging and burning, adding textures and other cool stuff, today we have these tools digitally.

Created in my Digital Darkroom

Created in my Digital Darkroom

The above image was firstly processed in Lightroom to do the basic edits from the raw image then I took the image into photoshop and applied a filter from the program Alien Skin and added a sun flare to give the photo an extra element and more interest.

You can get caught up and carried away when playing in your Digital Darkroom

You can get caught up and carried away when playing in your Digital Darkroom

With this rose image above I started with a similar process to the previous then using Alien Skin colour vintage filter turned this rose more red, I really liked the change.  After saving this option I then “played” more and changed it to a high contrast filter which gave the edges of petals an almost burnt look, again I really liked this image and decided to save as another option.

I always enjoy an outing that includes coffee, photography and friends, there is not much better in my opinion.

Until next week,