Sorry it’s not Friday and this blog is late.  Truth be told I have not had a good photo adventure the last few weeks and felt I had nothing to write about and nothing to share.  I was actually contemplating moving the blog to fortnightly with all the changes in my life.   Again the universe has stepped in and a conversation today changed my thinking and perspective, yet again, and reminded me why I do this every week.

The conversation started around websites, business and blogging, we were talking about a recent podcast and advice was given along the lines that you should not always just blog about your business, show everyone your personal side, your funny side and share different tips – keep it real, keep it interesting.

So after this discussion, my head is spinning, all these thoughts are coming quick and fast then I sat back down and starting to read – I went back and had a look over my blogs, my stories and well my journey.   After reading through the last 18 months (well skimming through) I sat back and realised, you know what I am proud of every post I have, the hours of drafting, learning, growing all whilst keeping it real.  I have something to contribute to the world and I am proud to say it.

The last month I have been flat, struggling creatively and wondering what the universe’s next step was.  Don’t get me wrong I love my new job and the life changes I have made, I just need to work some creative/inspiration time back into the fold as well.  Life is all about balance and that is why I will make the time each week to blog.

To take back my creativity and maybe inspire someone else I want to share with you some photos I have taken this year that I look back at and find peace, motivation or inspiration from.

Trees, water, sunset  All inspiration things in nature

Trees, water, sunset
All inspiration things in nature



Until next week (well Friday 🙂 )



Inspiration and Questions

Today I feel like a real creative writer as I am writing this weeks blog from one of my favourite Gold Coast locations, The Beach Shack at Currumbin.  Coffee and cake are on the table, notepad and pen are in hand (yes I am writing in my journal – old school) and I’m looking out at the beautiful view of Currumbin Beach.

The end of January is a reality check for many people.  Holiday’s are over and the children have returned to school.  Everyone has mixed emotions at this time, are we happy or sad – are our children just starting their schooling years or are they embarking on their final year of school? Either way it can be a difficult time as we adjust to the new reality.

Now is the time to put dreams into action, check back at your resolutions or goals you set just 4 weeks ago – have you started? No? It is time to get moving and start the creative process.  Or perhaps you are already pushing ahead, now you are ready to continue the journey.

Each week I strive to inspire people through my blogs and photos and January has been a little quiet on the “home front”.  Finding something inspirational and thought provoking this week has been difficult.  As I drove around today looking for that inspiration I stopped and sat at a lookout and took in my surroundings.  Behind me, over the mountains the sky is gloomy and the weather is closing in quick, the wind is blowing and the beach is deserted.

Weather is Gloomy and the Beach is deserted

Weather is Gloomy and the Beach is deserted

The seagulls are just sitting on top of the cliff, they don’t seem to be bothered by the weather, they don’t seem to care, some just sit there, others stand and yet others soar.  Could the actions of the seagulls be a metaphor, suddenly it hits me and I start to ask myself some hard questions, what can I do better? What do I need to improve on? What direction am I heading in? Am I content to just sit around or do I want to soar!

Seagulls - Inspiration Strikes

Seagulls – Inspiration Strikes

Truthfully I am yet to find all the answers, but I know they lie within and will surface when the time is right.  All I know for sure is as long as I keep my camera in hand and pointed forward I’m heading in the right direction.  It is time to push ahead and get those shoots booked in and see what direction my creativity will take me in.

I look forward to sharing my creative journey with you all.

Until next week.


2014 New Year, New Dreams

January 2014, New Year, new dreams, new resolutions – some never change – lose weight, get healthy, join that gym and actually go more than once ….

Perhaps it’s time for new resolutions, ones that allow us to turn our dreams into reality.  Perhaps it’s time to stop saying I’ll do that tomorrow and instead DO it today? Spend some time reflecting on what has passed, this will guide you in deciding where you want to go, what challenges you want to undertake, the projects you are willing to tackle or simply the person you desire to be.  Life is all about taking chances and of course being open and honest with yourself and others will help you be the best ‘you’, you can be – living for today.

In the business world it is also necessary to have new dreams, new resolutions, new plans or inspirations – some would even call it a business plan.

In the planning stages

In the planning stages

Getting ready for Action

Getting ready for Action

At Solo Images Photography I have new inspiration, a plan and some wonderful new services to offer which will compliment my current You are Beautiful photography sessions 😉

My resolutions for 2014 are to take more chances and continue to grown, learn, inspire and evolve.

If I can do anything today to inspire you I leave you with this – Cherish Yesterday, Dream Tomorrow and Live for Today.

Daily Inspiration

Daily Inspiration

I’d love to hear your dreams and resolutions for 2014 so feel free to comment and share below.

Until next week,


Welcome to July

Welcome to July, I can’t believe it, a new financial year, a new project and a new start, no wonder 2013 is flying by. So what are you doing, are you on track, if not, now is the time to start something new or take a closer look at something you’ve been working on and ensure you are following your dreams.

This month I am joining with some fellow photographers to do a photo a day challenge, or PAD for short so at the end of July I will have 31 great photos to share with you (well that is the plan 😉 ).

I did a PAD project in February this year however I gave the project a theme: “A day in my life”. This experience was more than just a photo a day, having to think about the theme and take a photo relevant to my life was some days a push but I got there in the end and I am proud of the final product.

The July PAD will be a personal challenge; love and separation. I will load my daily photo on my Solo Images Photography Facebook page and at the end of July I will explain why I chose this theme.

When embarking on a challenge, any challenge, it is great to have the support of a buddy, someone to be accountable to, someone to help push you whilst at the same time you push and support them, this can be applied to anything in life. Are you wanting to push your own boundaries, learn something new, start something you have dreamed about or maybe you have something else in mind? Find yourself a buddy or a support person and share the experience. The challenge will seem easier and you can celebrate your accomplishments together.

I welcome your input and would love to hear about your challenges, dreams or goals and I sincerely hope you reach them.

Until next Friday