2014 The Year in Review

We are 6 sleeps away from the yearly visit by the big red man with the white beard, not sure about you but it totally snuck up on me, where did this year go?   I started to reflect back on this year, it has certainly been interesting.

During my 2014 photography adventures I have stood in the middle of roads, walked onto other peoples property, got chased off said property by lady with broom, almost got carried away by mozzies, scared the neighbours with my choice of clothes and props, struggled with both the cat and dog to get photos, crawled in the sand, froze my fingers, hands and other parts of my body on the mountain, got followed by a “honking” swan, “greeted” by a lovely dog lunging and pouncing at a gate and played with a wooden stick person, food and wine.   Seriously, you must wonder about my mental state, I do all the time 🙂

Who ever said that good photography was achieved by just pointing a camera and pressing a button, got it majorly wrong.

On the serious side this year I have photographed some amazing, beautiful and inspiring women, hosted a Cancer Council Morning tea, turned my Instagram pink for October, attended a 3 day photography conference and allowed a close friend and fellow photographer to “glam” me up and take photos of me.

On the personal side this year I have watched our daughter turn 18, graduate high school and attend her year 12 formal and I even got to see the mighty NSW Blues Origin team win the series this year.

2014 has been a huge year and I wouldn’t be here at the end of it without my close group of friends (you know who you are) who are there for me in every way. I also wouldn’t be here without YOU, my loyal blog readers as this year has progressed I am receiving more and more emails and messages with feedback and gratitude about my blogs, I am so grateful to be able to inspire and uplift you with my weekly tales.

I truly believe that in 2014 I have grown, learnt, inspired and evolved and I want to thank you all for the ride. I can’t wait to see what 2015 brings.

Wishing you all a very Happy and safe Christmas season and may 2015 make all your dreams come true.
Please enjoy this small collection of my 2014 year.

A Collection of my favourites in flowers and trees

A Collection of my favourites in flowers and trees

Some of the highlights and fun times of 2014

Some of the highlights and fun times of 2014

Beautiful Women in 2014 Be your own kind of Beautiful

Beautiful Women in 2014
Be your own kind of Beautiful

Until next time,


(PS I am on holiday’s for the next 2 weeks so the Friday blog will be back in 2015, watch through social media for any surprise blogs over the break)


Merry Christmas

We are getting closer to Christmas and today’s blog, well it is not really a blog – It is a gift.

To all of my present and past clients and readers I want to give you a gift, A makeover and Photoshoot plus a 8″ x 12″ print all for just $100 (worth $325).  l want you to come and Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful

My Xmas Gift to You

My Xmas Gift to You

The small print – this voucher is valid for bookings on Saturday’s for the month of January and February and must be booked and paid prior to 31 January 2014.

Merry Christmas, stay safe and enjoy time with loved ones.