Spring has Sprung

Spring is here – the weather is warming up, the doona gets pushed aside, you sleep with your feet out of the covers, the birds are singing, the flowers are blooming, the parks are full of ducklings and assorted chicks, the cat wakes up and wants out and the snakes are on the move, all sure signs that we are now in Spring.

Birds are Back

Birds are Singing – It must be Spring

Flowers in Springtime

Flowers in Springtime

It is time to pull out those cute colourful dresses, organise a pedicure and slip on those comfy sandals that have been in the back of your cupboard for the last few months.

I love this time of year, it inspires creativity, clean ups, clean outs, an excuse for new clothes or shoes or both oh I could go on and on.

Spring 2013 looks like a return to pastel colours, floral and girly-girl styles – my kind of trends.

Pastels and Pattern Dresses are back

Pastels and Pattern Dresses are back

I sat down with Meg from Chanc3Industries and asked her some for some inside goss and tips on the makeup for Spring, here is a little bit from our chat.

Meg, what are you seeing as the make up trends for this season?

“Make up trends for Spring 2013 are following the lead set by the major fashion houses reflecting the faces on the catwalk, fresh and flirty with a touch of grunge glamour”

Can you describe a feature look for the season?

“A big look of the season is pink in bright fun shades and lots of it!   The key to nailing this trend is to focus on one area (eyes, lips or cheeks) in an eye-catching shade of pink leaving the rest of the face matte and fresh for maximum effect without over doing it, keep hair simple and team with a powder blue dress for blondes or pale lemon for brunettes.”

Pink is In!

Pink is In!

I believe Retro is back, have you seen or heard anything?

“Yes it has made an appearance however rather than the 50’s inspired look that has been featured the past few years big name labels such as Moschino and Louis Vuitton have opted for a mod 60’s inspired look.  This doesn’t mean ditching the cat eye but making your lines thicker and the addition of twiggy like bottom lash lines will give you a more on trend guise.  White eyeliner is also a red hot way to emulate this trend.  Hair is also following this trend with a modern take on the beehive and lots of volume.”

Twiggy Style Makeup  Image from Tumblr

Twiggy Style Makeup
Image from Tumblr

Grunge was always associated with the post party panda eyes, is this what is coming back?

“Oh yes, I remember those panda eyes, however there is no need to fret – Grunge glamour being redefined by houses such as Diane Von Hurstenberg and Versace who featured their models with a neutral lid smudged with kohl on the bottom lash line.  This look is simple to achieve at home simply apply kohl or powder liner to bottom lash line and blend.  Keep the rest of the base neutral and matte concentrating on contouring the cheek bones and hair tousled and carefree.”

Lastly is there anything else coming back?

“Lashes are back!  Spring sees the return of big, voluminous statement lashes.  When wearing dramatic lashes aim to keep the rest of your make up simple with neutral eyes (think shades of gold or bronze with a metallic element or soft pastel colours with a well-defined lash line) and a nude lip to avoid the drag queen effect.  The key to this look is more is less to achieve a graceful doe-eyed appearance.”

Lashes are Back!

Lashes are Back!

Thanks, Meg for taking the time to chat with me, there is sure to be a look for everyone this springtime.

Meg from Chanc3Industries Photo from a recent maternity shoot

Meg from Chanc3Industries
Photo from our recent maternity shoot

All these new trends have given me some wonderful creative spring-look ideas that I’m keen to see transformed in photo sessions.

Stay tuned for the finished products.

Until next week.



Studio shoot with Kristin

For the last 3 months I have been so busy writing with the intention of you getting to know me a little better that I neglected to share this photo session with you.   After all my blogs are not just about me, they are also about the amazing and wonderful people that I meet though my photography.

Last month I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Kristin, a lovely young lady who is currently studying to be a registered nurse and has taken up modelling in her free time.  It was to be a fun shoot and we decided on a theme of casual glamour.

I called upon the lovely and talented Meg of Chanc3Industries to do Kristin’s makeup and hair and then we headed into the studio for this session

Here are some of my favourite images from the day.  Enjoy

You are Beautiful

Black and White Beauty

Glamour Photographer

Just standing here looking Glamorous

I am Beautiful – Don’t mess with me!

Glamour Photographer

Kristin – Natural Glamour


Kristin – You are Beautiful
Natural Glamour

Kristin  My personal favourite from the day

My personal favourite from the day

If you would like to book your own shoot, I would love to hear from you.

Until next week.