Pregnant and Beautiful

It’s true what they say: pregnant women seem to exude beauty from the inside out. It was therefore only natural for Solo Images Photography to open up the You are Beautiful photography sessions to expectant mums.

You will remember back in September I blogged about an impromptu outdoor second trimester pregnancy shoot with Meg, at that end of that blog I did promise all of you another instalment and a full pregnancy session once the time was right.

Meg is a glowing mum to be with a due date of 8 December and it was an absolute pleasure to have Meg in my studio last week.  Meg and I have a close bond and I know in my heart that she will be a fantastic mum to this precious child.

I look forward to meeting this precious baby in the near future and having the honour of photographing him as a newborn and at each milestone beyond.

Here are some of my favourite photos from our session. I’m sure you’ll agree that the beauty of pregnancy glows from within. x

Glowing and Beautiful

Glowing and Beautiful

Nothing more Beautiful than a Pregnant Mum to Be

Nothing more Beautiful than a Pregnant Mum to Be

Full Length Shot

Full Length Shot

Can't wait to meet you

Can’t wait to meet you

This is my favourite photo from our session so I had to do a Black and White as well

I fell in love with this photo from our session
so I had to do a Black and White as well

Thank you Meg for allowing me to photograph this very special time in your life.

Until next week,


What is Glamour Anyway???

What do you think of when I say that I am a Glamour Photographer, do you think I photograph Models or Magazine cover girls?

It may surprise you to know that what I do is photograph real women – yes REAL. Women like you and I. Women who don’t always feel like we are slim, trim and attractive yet we also have features and assets we are wishing to enhance.

The Lovely Aisha

The Lovely Aisha

Glamour photography is not photography and photo-shopping which leaves you looking like a Barbie doll. Glamour photography is photographing you in a way that will define your best features and allow your inner beauty to shine. I like to say glamour photography is capturing you, at your best, naturally.

Aisha - Naturally beauty captured with emotion

Aisha – Naturally beauty captured with emotion

Did you know women such as Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, Naomi Campbell and Ava Gardner are known as our most famous glamour icons. Now even though all these women are famous, they were not always considered glamorous. They embraced their beauty and developed a very classical look and style. It was only then that the world saw them as glamorous. These amazing women (and many others) captivated us all and made glamour photography desirable.

Nicky - A Classic Glamour Shot with a Modern Edge

Nicky – A Classic Glamour Shot with a Modern Edge

On further digging I uncovered the history of glamour and I was surprised to learn that glamour was originally said to be a spell cast by a witch to make somebody see things in a different way. Interesting, don’t you think?

I am not a witch who will cast a spell over you so that you see yourself in a different way, I am a glamour photographer with a passion for capturing you as you’ve never been photographed before. Let’s embrace glamour and love it and most importantly allow me to photograph you how others see you, beautiful and classically glamorous.

Nicky - Showing the Makeup and Hair - How Beautiful

Nicky – Showing the Makeup and Hair – How Beautiful

Aisha - Beautiful, Emotive, Stunning

Aisha – Beautiful, Emotive, Stunning

Until next week,


A You Are Beautiful Shoot with Tanya

Recently I photographed the beautiful Tanya with a You are Beautiful experience package.

It was such an honour to shoot this lovely person who has a heart of gold. Tanya is a wife and Mum to two gorgeous boys, a photographer and also a good friend.

Together, Tanya and I chose her outfits and matched some special jewellery pieces before Melinda Gavin applied her beautiful makeup and hair style. This was Tanya’s chance to sit back and enjoy a wonderful pampering session to complete the You are Beautiful experience.

Getting our Glam on

Getting our Glam on

With Tanya all ‘glammed’ up we headed into the studio for our photoshoot.

After the You are Beautiful experience I asked Tanya to share her thoughts and feelings about the session.  Tanya told me that she had so much fun and was surprised just how comfortable she felt at all times during our session.



Tanya then shared with me how she felt when she first saw her photos: “For the first time ever I’ve looked at myself in a photo and said “Wow”, I look pretty. I love them so much I can’t stop looking at them.  Everyone who see’s them thinks they are amazing and my Dad loved one photo so much it bought tears to his eyes.”

Tanya - You are Beautiful

Tanya – You are Beautiful

Black and White Beauty

Black and White Beauty

This is why I love what I do, making people see and feel how beautiful they truly are.

Tanya - You are Beautiful

Tanya – You are Beautiful

To book your You are Beautiful photography experience with Solo Images Photography please contact me on 0421 279 213.

My New Baby – You are Beautiful

No, it’s not a new family member or animal, my new baby is my new portrait photography experience called ‘You are Beautiful’.

Last Sunday, after months of planning and a lot of hard work behind the ‘studio’ scenes, I welcomed the arrival of ‘You are Beautiful’, the experience, by Solo Images Photography. So what is ‘You are Beautiful’ – this experience shows you, through my portrait photography, the inner beauty and natural glamour in all women possess.

You may ask what is natural beauty, well personally I don’t want to look like the ‘me’ I see everyday nor do I want to look so airbrushed that I look ‘plastic’, I want to look relaxed, natural and alive, because the ‘natural me’ is the ‘beautiful me’ in You are Beautiful’.

I want to break that magazine perception that beauty is only found in models in magazines, perfectly proportioned and with airbrushed skin. Even today you see our young women struggling with appearance and self esteem because of the influence of these mediums. I was one who struggled to accept my appearance. I have always had freckles, and as a small child everyone thought they were cute, then I hit the teenage years. I remember as a late teen those cute freckles became the curse of my existence. I would spend hours in front of the mirror putting on concealer, actually plastering would be a better description so much so that I could have used Dad’s trowel in an attempt to hide what I perceived as a flaw.

I was trying to be that perfect magazine model, hiding what was my natural beauty. So I ask you, what is perfection? Does it really exist? Why does something or someone have to be perfect, why can’t we be beautiful without it?

I believe we can, I see the beauty in YOU, naturally. Nothing gives me a greater pleasure than watching the raw emotion from a woman who sees her photos that I’ve created, for the first time. To have them tell you “Wow is that really me, I’ve never liked a photo of myself until now” and hear the same reactions from their partners, their husbands, or even their parents, it really touches my heart.

I have a genuine passion to show you why you should love yourself just as you are right now. That is my reward, that you experience what those around you see, You are Beautiful. This is my baby and my true calling.

To celebrate the birth of my baby I am offering sessions that are booked in June (photos can be taken at a later time) for only $150 – that is half price.

Call me today on 0421 279 213 and book. I want to show you YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!


Inspiration from 2 amazing women photographers of today.

In August last year I went to a seminar to hear a lady speak, her name is Kira Likhterova.  Kira is a wedding photographer from Sydney and she also offers women glamour shoots, actually that is the short version,  Kira offers her clients much more than that.

Kira is honest and talks to you from the heart, she is open about her life and the knowledge she has gained along the way. Kira is passionate and fun and you get a clear understanding of why she does this for a living; to show women how beautiful they are. I came away from that seminar knowing this is what I want to do, to give women that ultimate gift – show them they are beautiful.  Not quite knowing how to achieve this, without looking or feeling like a substitute, I let the dream slip away and continued to shoot my day to day regular portrait sessions.

A photoshoot inspired by Kira's workshop

A photoshoot inspired by Kira’s workshop


In April this year I was sent a link to a YouTube video of Sue Bryce speaking about overcoming your fears. I saw that Sue has a different style of shooting to Kira but clearly the message is the same, to quote Sue “I love to photograph women and make them feel beautiful”.

The universe was once again calling out to me, my passion for this type of photography, my goal to make women see what I see, they are beautiful and this time I was ready. I know what I want to do, what makes me happy, I want to make women look and feel beautiful and love themselves not only each day but love the photos of them and be proud of who they are.

Solo Images Portrait Photography

Solo Images Portrait Photography

I am yet to accept that fact in myself (looking and feeling beautiful), that is my personal block that I am working through but I am not quite there.

I look at both of these inspirational women’s work often. The more I see, hear and watch these two women the more I am determined to work hard to bring my dream to life. Now is the time to move forward, accept and build my dream after all this is what I am passionate about, this is me and this is what I want to do and most Importantly I believe this is what I am here to do.

My first Sue Bryce inspired posing

My first Sue Bryce inspired posing shoot

Until next time,