You are Beautiful – A Special Gift

July last year I received a call from a very sweet man, Paul, a husband looking for the perfect gift to give his wife.   Paul told me his wife had done a glamour shoot for her 40th.  He thought it was a great idea to gift her another glamour shoot for her 60th, a personalised gift voucher for our You are Beautiful photoshoot experience.

As time went by in July I kept on waiting for the call from her to book in, nothing happened.  Month after month went by and still no call.  Fast forward to January this year, the phone rang … Hi it’s Cheryl here ….  Woo Hoo, finally the call I was waiting for.  Cheryl was excited and was ringing to book in for the shoot.  She was sorry it couldn’t have been earlier.   She had been so busy travelling after her birthday that time had slipped away.  We settled on a date and confirmed with my trusted and preferred Make up Artist (Morgan from Morgan Leigh Makeup Artistry) that she was available.

On meeting Cheryl in person I quickly discovered what a wonderful and bubbly lady she is.  Cheryl has a laugh that is infectious.  Her stories about her life, family, travel and girlfriends are captivating.  This is a true lady who lives life to the fullest and makes every day count.

On her 60th Birthday they had a party with a dress up theme of “Bollywood”.  Let me share with you it’s not the first dress up party she has attended.  It seems to be a normal occurrence in her life (and Im not just talking about finding something ok from the wardrobe that will do, Im talking full 100% commitment).   She had bought in the outfit that she wore to the party and asked if this could be one of the looks for the day, of course I said yes … let’s do that one last.

Cheryl loves her scarves and I think she has over 100 different ones in her wardrobe. Cheryl bought a small selection to our shoot, all colourful and co-ordinated with her outfits.  Although taking Beautiful photos of Cheryl is my job, it didn’t feel like it, we were laughing often and during make up “touch ups” listening to her travel and learning about her life, it was an absolute joy, I honestly feel that the universe had given me this gift and not the other way around.

Bollywood – Cheryl Style

After a couple of weeks, we met again so I could present her photos, let me tell you it was hard to narrow down just to the favourites.  Cheryl was beyond delighted with the results and chose 7 must have photos for printing.   Our time together went so quickly, I am grateful to leave her with beautiful photos of a beautiful lady and more great memories for her to cherish.

Until next week.


50 and Fabulous Photoshoot

Recently I received a call from a lady enquiring about my You are Beautiful package.  Kaye was looking for an extra special surprise gift for her sister’s 50th Birthday.  The idea of giving her sister a gift that her and her family would treasure forever sealed the deal.  An afternoon, You are Beautiful photography session, was arranged so that as after the fun and pampering of a photography session Kaye would deliver the Piece de resistance of the day – a surprise birthday party that same night.  I was so excited to be a key part of this special day.

Jeannie and Kaye arrived at the studio last Saturday.  Greeting them both at the door Jeannie had absolutely no idea who I was and why she was here.  I welcomed them and asked Kaye if she would like to “reveal” the surprise, Kaye suggested I tell Jeannie what was install for her.  I explained that Kaye had organised a very special day for her, they were there for pampering followed by a You are Beautiful photography session.  Jeannie was thrilled.

I could not let a special birthday go ahead without putting the finishing touches on their day –  I had arranged a surprise of my own, a bottle of bubbles and a wine/cheese and fruit platter.  They were to sit back, relax and enjoy the entire experience, starting with make up done by the talented Morgan Leigh Makeup Artistry.

Let me tell you a little more about these wonderful women.  I have never met 2 more amazing and lovely ladies, Kaye is 51 and of course Jeannie was celebrating her 50th.  They exude happiness and warmth and it is clear to see the loving bond they share as sisters.   They are both full of life and enjoying the journey.  They are truly 50 and fabulous.

As Jeannie was the Birthday girl her hair and make up was applied first, nothing too over the top, just enhancing her natural beauty and then it was into the studio to create some memories she will treasure.  Jeannie had never had a photography session before however, she was a natural, her smile was so inviting, genuine and she glowed with happiness.

After Kaye was all “done up” we swapped over and I had some time photographing Kaye alone.  Again similar to her sister, her eyes and smile just brightened up the whole room.

To finish off the session I wanted to capture the sisters together, both serious and fun shots, I don’t think I have laughed that hard in a session and at one stage even had to put the camera down to wipe the tears from my eyes to be able to see them again.   Truthfully it wasn’t until I photographed the ladies together than I found out Jeannie was the “naughty” (aka cheeky) one.  That sisterly love, something so precious, was easily captured in the images.

These ladies are just perfect to spend time with and to photograph, they have a personality that is infectious and it shows in their photographs.  To watch these two sisters  you would not believe they were 50 and fabulous, you would think they are more like teenagers giggling and having fun.

Even though I don’t have a sister I have some very good friends and can only hope when we are all over 50 (some of us maybe already but shhhh that’s their secret) that we are just like these ladies – silly, fun, crazy (the good kind), 50 and Fabulous.

Here are a couple of sneak peaks from the session as they are still to see some of the final images.  I will add and share more from this session soon.

50 and Fabulous Jeannie and Kaye

50 and Fabulous
Jeannie and Kaye

Until next week.



What does a You are Beautiful photo session feel like?

I would like to share with you a little about a truly amazing woman I had the pleasure to have in my studio for a full day ‘You are Beautiful’ photography session.

Meet Bailey, a wife and mother of 4 children, the eldest is age 12.  Bailey met her husband in High School about 15 years ago.  They fell in love and the rest, as the saying goes, is history! Now if you think that having 4 children and a husband is enough to keep anyone busy, add in a full time career in the very busy corporate world and you start to get a picture of how much of a super woman Bailey is.

Bailey’s friends describe her as a very generous person, hard working, a loving wife and mother and someone who never stops to consider her needs above those of her family and friends.  It was Bailey’s friends who encouraged her to take some time out for herself and book a ‘You are Beautiful’ photography session.

Bailey arrived at the studio at 10am and although nervous she was ready for a day that was ‘all about her’.  After a consultation regarding our wardrobe selections for the photography shoot, my hair and make up artist and stylist, Tami from Tami Perrin Hair & Makeup (also Dr Dread) transformed the ‘everyday Bailey’ into a much more ‘glamour Bailey’ giving her the ‘You are Beautiful’ – 5 star make-over treatment.

We were now ready to shoot.  Both Tami and I agreed that Bailey looks sensational however Bailey’s nerves were getting the better of her (remember, this is something she has never done before) and she was feeling a little anxious.  We decided a little ‘dutch courage’ was needed (translation: a small glass of champagne and a good old fashioned pep talk from me) . I’m not sure which one did the trick, Bailey now appeared relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera as she put her trust in my ‘You are Beautiful’ experience.

You are Beautiful - Bailey

You are Beautiful – Bailey

You are Beautiful

You are Beautiful

A couple of outfit changes and some stunning images later, we took a break for lunch.  It was lovely to unwind, rest, chat and enjoy a cheese and nibble platter in our relaxing lounge area.

After lunch Tami adjusted Bailey’s makeup and styled out her hair with more volume as we headed into our final 2 looks, the ultimate in glamour and cocktail outfits.  Bailey was now well versed on the posing and giving her body a workout that can only be described as Yoga come Pilates, I call it ‘yogalates’, (a workout which Bailey telephoned to thank me for the following day 🙂 ).  By now we were really in the groove and the images shone with personality.

Ultimate Glamour Bailey

Ultimate Glamour

Ultimate Glamour with You are Beautiful - Bailey

Ultimate Glamour with
You are Beautiful – Bailey

At the end of the day we got a couple of photos “just for hubby” and then the whole ‘You are Beautiful’ photography session was over.

Before Bailey left, we had a look through the photos and she selected a few front running favourites.  I couldn’t resist and whilst Bailey was driving home, I processed her favourite and texted it to her, thanking her for trusting and sharing herself with me for the day.

This was her reply “Words can’t explain how very pampered and special you made me feel today! I’m so grateful for all the effort you put into me today.” – Bailey it was my absolute pleasure to get to know you and show you what everyone around you already sees – ‘You are Beautiful’

Bailey - You are Beautiful

Bailey – You are Beautiful

No matter who you are or how busy life gets I think we all agree that every woman deserves a little ‘time out’ and pampering now and then.  What better way to do that than with a ‘You are Beautiful’ photography session.  Call me to book today 0421 279 213.   When booking mention this blog and I will give you 10% off your session and a $55 print voucher as my gift  – valid until 31 July 2014 only.

Until next week.


Glamour Photography

A few weeks ago I came home with some great fashion buys after a morning of shopping.  I picked up this stunning black and silver dress that was straight then at the bottom it flared out, it was something a flamingo dancer might wear.  This got my creative juices flowing for another glamour photoshoot.

I specifically wanted a woman with red hair as I knew the contrast of the red hair with the black dress would be a stunning combination and would fit to my vision that was swirling around in my head.  I wanted natural glamour makeup with soft curled hair and some flowers in the hair to add a high fashion element to the shoot.

My model chosen for this shoot is from Mystique Model Management, her name is Heather Borck and she fits my vision perfectly.  This is my first time working with Heather and I found her very professional as well as warm and friendly.

To complete the creative team I needed a talented and experienced hair and make up artist, Morgan Leigh who runs Morgan Leigh Makeup Artistry.  Morgan and I have previously worked together and I found Morgan’s work of high standard and she is very experienced and knowledgeable, actually Morgan is currently studying for a Diploma of Cinemagraphic Makeup to increase and take her skills to a new level.

Before we start I discuss clothing, hair and make up options with the team – decide on our way forward and then Morgan takes control and “glams” up Heather for our shoot, this experience is very relaxing and I am sure Heather is feeling comfortable whilst undergoing the full treatment.

When finished Heather’s natural beauty has been enhanced and I just can’t wait to get her in front of the camera and watch the magic happen and bring my vision to life.  This is where I feel alive, inspired and very much at home.  I know I am born to do this – Glamour Photography

Here are some of my favourite shots from our day

The stunning Heather Borck HMUA: Morgan Leigh Photographer: Kassy Solomon

The stunning Heather Borck
HMUA: Morgan Leigh
Photographer: Kassy Solomon

Thank you Heather and Morgan it was a pleasure to work with you both and enjoyed our time together.  I also must thank David of Mystique Models for organising such a wonderful person for me.  Heather – You are Beautiful 🙂

Find Heather at

Find Morgan at )

Until next week.


You are Beautiful – Jaz

I am so excited to share with you a beautiful story of a truly special girl who I had the pleasure to photograph in my studio.

Meet Jaz. When Jaz was growing up she thought she was just like any other girl, a bit of a tomboy who also liked being the centre of attention. As a young girl, Jaz was a creative person who enjoyed singing, dancing and acting and she dreamed of one day becoming famous doing what she loved.

At the age of 14, a family contact suggest Jaz try to get into modeling. Jaz was unsure about modeling as her dream was to become a world famous actress, not a model. However Jaz agreed to go for an interview with the modeling agency and to her surprise she was signed straight away for modeling, acting and dancing. Jaz only told her closest friends she was signed with a model agency.

At School Jaz was constantly bullied for being a little different, she dressed differently to the “cool girls” and they didn’t like anyone being “different”. These bullies discovered Jaz was doing fashion shows in shopping centres and just couldn’t believe that the “punk girl” who sat up the back of the class was a glamour model. Jaz modeled with that agency for just over a year before they closed down.

Modeling didn’t shop there for Jaz. A local photographer ‘found’ her and would take her along to camera club meetings where she modeled for portraits. Exposure to all these photographers helped Jaz learn about posing and being in front of a camera. During this time, Jaz competed in modeling competitions and placed well.

About 4 years ago Jaz met her love, Michael. Six months after meeting they found out she was pregnant and 9 months later she gave birth to a beautiful boy, Corban. Modeling life was put on hold for a short time, not only to concentrate on being a mum to her beautiful boy but also to take time to get her body back in shape.

Jaz did return to modeling. Jaz was on a train, returning home from a photo shoot, when a group of girls assaulted her. The assault didn’t result in a lot of physical damage but the mental damage scarred her and changed her deeply. Her son was not even one and the assault left Jaz suffering with diagnosed Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. She was afraid to go anywhere alone and she couldn’t bare the thought of modeling.

Jaz eventually found a modeling group called TrashDolls. TrashDolls are a Melbourne based group, the girls are all a little different, they are all girls that felt they didn’t fit inside the little box that society calls “normal”. They are about ‘trashing the perception of perfection’ and they call themselves “dolls”. Outside of her family and close friends it was this group that gave Jaz the love and support she needed to get back on her feet. Jaz created and models under the name of Venom Miss Symbiote, it is her way of keeping the modeling life separate from her personal life. It is a great way to realise her alter ego without reflecting on her personally and her family. The name came from the Marvel anti-hero The Venom Symbiote. Jaz relates to the character and friends often joke that when she gets mad or does something out of character, it’s the Symbiotes fault.

Jaz has been with TrashDolls for a few years now. She believes so strongly in the dedication, honesty, teamwork and support that TrashDolls appointment Jaz the State Manager of Queensland.

Jaz is such an inspirational and wonderful woman. Whether as Venom Miss Symbiote or Jaz I believe we can all learn something from her, especially her outlook on life: “When you truly love something never give up no matter what life throws at you”. Jaz is a very humble and down to earth person with a beautiful soul. It was an absolute pleasure to photograph her and in the process get to know more about her.

Jaz, You are Beautiful

Meet Jaz

Meet Jaz


Until Next Week,


You are Beautiful – Valentine’s Special

Valentine’s day, the day we associate with roses, chocolates, valentine cards, that long lost romantic message in a bottle… It is the day you declare your love and affection for that someone special in your life.

We here at Solo Images Photography know how to treat the girl/lady/partner/wife/mother/love of your life like a princess; pampering, styling and photographing her how SHE dreams to be photographed.   A Solo Images Photography Gift Voucher for a You are Beautiful experience, is the perfect gift this Valentine’s day.  Give her the gift that makes her feel as beautiful as you know she is.

Make this Valentine’s Day more than an exchange of chocolates, cards and flowers, show her how much you care, do something out of the box and book her in for a You are Beautiful glamour photography session.

YAB Slider Valentine Blog

[quote style=boxed] Valentine’s Day Special: $150.00 for the You are Beautiful photography session.  You’ll also receive a $100 print credit voucher.  This special is only valid until 14 February 2014 and the shoot must take place by 31st March 2014.[/quote]

Please contact Solo Images Photography on 0421 279 213 to book.

Merry Christmas

We are getting closer to Christmas and today’s blog, well it is not really a blog – It is a gift.

To all of my present and past clients and readers I want to give you a gift, A makeover and Photoshoot plus a 8″ x 12″ print all for just $100 (worth $325).  l want you to come and Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful

My Xmas Gift to You

My Xmas Gift to You

The small print – this voucher is valid for bookings on Saturday’s for the month of January and February and must be booked and paid prior to 31 January 2014.

Merry Christmas, stay safe and enjoy time with loved ones.


Pregnant and Beautiful

It’s true what they say: pregnant women seem to exude beauty from the inside out. It was therefore only natural for Solo Images Photography to open up the You are Beautiful photography sessions to expectant mums.

You will remember back in September I blogged about an impromptu outdoor second trimester pregnancy shoot with Meg, at that end of that blog I did promise all of you another instalment and a full pregnancy session once the time was right.

Meg is a glowing mum to be with a due date of 8 December and it was an absolute pleasure to have Meg in my studio last week.  Meg and I have a close bond and I know in my heart that she will be a fantastic mum to this precious child.

I look forward to meeting this precious baby in the near future and having the honour of photographing him as a newborn and at each milestone beyond.

Here are some of my favourite photos from our session. I’m sure you’ll agree that the beauty of pregnancy glows from within. x

Glowing and Beautiful

Glowing and Beautiful

Nothing more Beautiful than a Pregnant Mum to Be

Nothing more Beautiful than a Pregnant Mum to Be

Full Length Shot

Full Length Shot

Can't wait to meet you

Can’t wait to meet you

This is my favourite photo from our session so I had to do a Black and White as well

I fell in love with this photo from our session
so I had to do a Black and White as well

Thank you Meg for allowing me to photograph this very special time in your life.

Until next week,


What is Glamour Anyway???

What do you think of when I say that I am a Glamour Photographer, do you think I photograph Models or Magazine cover girls?

It may surprise you to know that what I do is photograph real women – yes REAL. Women like you and I. Women who don’t always feel like we are slim, trim and attractive yet we also have features and assets we are wishing to enhance.

The Lovely Aisha

The Lovely Aisha

Glamour photography is not photography and photo-shopping which leaves you looking like a Barbie doll. Glamour photography is photographing you in a way that will define your best features and allow your inner beauty to shine. I like to say glamour photography is capturing you, at your best, naturally.

Aisha - Naturally beauty captured with emotion

Aisha – Naturally beauty captured with emotion

Did you know women such as Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, Naomi Campbell and Ava Gardner are known as our most famous glamour icons. Now even though all these women are famous, they were not always considered glamorous. They embraced their beauty and developed a very classical look and style. It was only then that the world saw them as glamorous. These amazing women (and many others) captivated us all and made glamour photography desirable.

Nicky - A Classic Glamour Shot with a Modern Edge

Nicky – A Classic Glamour Shot with a Modern Edge

On further digging I uncovered the history of glamour and I was surprised to learn that glamour was originally said to be a spell cast by a witch to make somebody see things in a different way. Interesting, don’t you think?

I am not a witch who will cast a spell over you so that you see yourself in a different way, I am a glamour photographer with a passion for capturing you as you’ve never been photographed before. Let’s embrace glamour and love it and most importantly allow me to photograph you how others see you, beautiful and classically glamorous.

Nicky - Showing the Makeup and Hair - How Beautiful

Nicky – Showing the Makeup and Hair – How Beautiful

Aisha - Beautiful, Emotive, Stunning

Aisha – Beautiful, Emotive, Stunning

Until next week,


A You Are Beautiful Shoot with Tanya

Recently I photographed the beautiful Tanya with a You are Beautiful experience package.

It was such an honour to shoot this lovely person who has a heart of gold. Tanya is a wife and Mum to two gorgeous boys, a photographer and also a good friend.

Together, Tanya and I chose her outfits and matched some special jewellery pieces before Melinda Gavin applied her beautiful makeup and hair style. This was Tanya’s chance to sit back and enjoy a wonderful pampering session to complete the You are Beautiful experience.

Getting our Glam on

Getting our Glam on

With Tanya all ‘glammed’ up we headed into the studio for our photoshoot.

After the You are Beautiful experience I asked Tanya to share her thoughts and feelings about the session.  Tanya told me that she had so much fun and was surprised just how comfortable she felt at all times during our session.



Tanya then shared with me how she felt when she first saw her photos: “For the first time ever I’ve looked at myself in a photo and said “Wow”, I look pretty. I love them so much I can’t stop looking at them.  Everyone who see’s them thinks they are amazing and my Dad loved one photo so much it bought tears to his eyes.”

Tanya - You are Beautiful

Tanya – You are Beautiful

Black and White Beauty

Black and White Beauty

This is why I love what I do, making people see and feel how beautiful they truly are.

Tanya - You are Beautiful

Tanya – You are Beautiful

To book your You are Beautiful photography experience with Solo Images Photography please contact me on 0421 279 213.