Wedding Wonderland

Beaming with excitement to be able to finally share this wedding.  Meet Tina and Brad, a couple very happy and giddy with love.  Brad adores and showers Tina with love and affection each and every day, I have never seen my dear friend so happy, she often tells me just how blessed she feels every day.

This is why I was honoured to be asked to photograph their wedding. Tina and Brad had planned a small intimate wedding at their beautiful home on the Gold Coast in mid December last year.

Tina known for her artistic talents did most of the planning for the wedding and celebration including designing and making the invitations.

On the day, I arrived and was quickly ushered into the “make up” room where the bride remained hidden from her nervous but excited groom.  After Tina’s daughter completed her Mum’s make up, we did a quick “switch-a-roo” into the main bedroom for the final preparations before the ceremony.

Tina’s son walked his Mum up the aisle (which as a friend, was such a moving and special moment to witness).  Tina & Brad stood in front of family and close friends whilst Gwen Inglis, Marriage Celebrant, guided them through the formal ceremony.   Apart from exchanging vows and rings, A special moment came from Brad’s Mum who recited a poem, it was an emotional moment for all and something very much from her heart to them.

After the ceremony, it was time to let their hair down and party, celebrating this special day with those close to them, the first day of their lives as Mr & Mrs Brad Norton.

Congratulations to you both I was blessed and privileged to be invited to share your day and create some everlasting printed memories to keep.

Until next time.


A Model Story

Recently I was contacted by an up and coming model to shoot her portfolio.  The lovely Breannen had made it through the internet submission for Australia’s Next Top Model and was due to submit a portfolio for the face to face interview.  We chose to do this shoot on location at Mt Tamborine Botanical Gardens.  The Botanical Gardens are such a beautiful place with loads of different scenic areas at your figure tips, it is the perfect place for a shoot like this.

On meeting Brea (as she prefers to be known) I was struck by her warm and inviting smile, she looks and acts a little bit of a tomboy but it didn’t take me long to discover her “girly” side.  The day was overcast and the light was just magic for these photos.  As we start Brea has a fresh face (little to no makeup) for her profile pics needed for her upcoming submission.     The green garden backdrop at the front of the Gardens was just perfect against her white tshirt and jeans.


After a clothing change and make up (applied by Ebony),  Brea was set to go to our next location within the Botanical Gardens, we wandered down the garden path with the lakefront gazebo in our sights.   The aqua dress Brea is wearing compliments perfectly her lovely skin and long dark hair, which is apparent in the photos I am capturing.


Our last outfit for the morning was a striking red gown with a red beaded headpiece, she looked like Xena, a warrior princess, naturally we found a location to bring out the best in Brea and the dress.


As I am photographing I am getting to know a little about Brea.  Brea had a difficult childhood, coming from a broke home, a father who was interested in things other than Brea.  Brea was lucky enough she had a mum who was always there for her and loved her greatly.   Brea’s difficulties didn’t stop there, unfortunately she was also bullied at School, for being one of the boys.  Brea dreamed of being a model, she had a passion for being in front of the camera, with all the troubles within her life it was hard for her to believe that she could achieve her goals.

When watching the last season of Australia’s Next Top Model Brea found herself relating to one contestant, she was one of the boys, lacked social skills and confidence in herself.  Brea saw so much of herself in this person and watched as she grew and succeeded, Brea knew deep down it was the right time to follow her dream.

Since our shoot Brea has heard back from the selection team at Australia’s Next Top Model, unfortunately due to her height she hasn’t made it to the next step.   Irrespective of the decision of the selection team Brea will continue to push forward and pursue her dream into the modelling industry.  I wish her all the best, I know my camera and I love her and I see big things in her future.

Until next week.


It’s a Beautiful Baby Bump

The studio has fresh paint, new timber flooring and I have some new lighting accessories to play with. It’s the perfect time to organise a photo shoot. Last week I was contacted by a very good friend and fellow photographer Steve O’Brien from FotoZero, enquiring if I was available for a “baby bump” shoot. It was the opportunity I was waiting for to try out some creative lighting photos. So a date was set for last weekend.

Meet Chloe. Chloe is 39 weeks pregnant with Jackson. Chloe has had some challenges within the pregnancy and to keep both Chloe and Jackson safe, Jackson is due to be born this coming Sunday (which is also his due date).

There is something extra special about a pregnant woman, it is like nature, an indescribable beauty. Chloe is no exception, she is glowing and her smile lights up my studio. I have a specific type of shoot in mind I want to show off her belly as well as her body, as a celebration and documentation of the miracle of life in raw black and white form, this is where my new lighting “toy” comes in.

For the first half of the shoot I am using a large soft box over my light source positioned facing away from Chloe into my “white” space to bounce back a soft spread of light. My main light I am using has a beauty dish attached, pointing straight at Chloe.


My vision is to capture the quiet moment where Mum and Baby Bump are one, a powerful love and moment where one is just enjoying the feeling of a swollen belly and the little and not so little movements that one experiences at this stage of the pregnancy. I want these few photos to silently speak of the love and emotion and I am choosing to process in Black and White. I believe by taking away the colours you are drawn to the moment. This is what I aim to achieve.


The second part of my vision is to use the lights to “enhance” and “direct” the light on all or certain areas of Chloe, again showing off the beauty that is a woman’s body with child growing inside. I want that raw beauty and again process these in Black and White, I want Chloe to have a memory that shows off her beautiful pregnant body.


In my last photo I asked her partner, Mason to join us and arrange for him to wrap his hands around her and rest on the belly – directing the light onto the bump and his hands, this photo to me is a family full of love excitingly waiting to meet their precious little boy.


I am truly blessed to be asked to capture these memories and wish Chloe, Mason and little Jackson a very happy and healthy life.

Until next week.


Model Shoot – David on Location

Since rebranding to “You are Beautiful” and devoting my time to my calling, photographing women, I have had very limited opportunities to work with male models.  That was until I had the opportunity to photograph David from Mystique Model Management at the location photoshoot recently held in Brisbane.

As we were getting to the hottest part of the day we started this shoot in casual clothing and found another cafe location within the grounds of QUT that had mix of glass, stark white and bold colours with a twist of a vintage industrial look.  Once behind the camera I have to stop myself from saying to David “chin out and down”, “push out that hip” or “give me a nice curve” and remember that I am photographing a man today.  Men are strong, muscular, fit and tall and need to be photographed in that way to best enhance their assets.  I was pleased to find that in front of the camera David oozes confidence and charm, making my job very easy.

David at QUT

David at QUT

Even in this heat I was able to convince David to change into his second look for the day, a business suit.  For our next location we move to the back steel stairwell area where there is a mix of glass, benches and stairs and this is where I start to push my boundaries and have a play with some mood lighting with a vision to convert to black and white images on processing.

David on Location at QUT

David on Location at QUT

More about David:  David is actually part of the marketing division of Mystique Model Management and is currently studying medicine at Uni to become Doctor so is waiting to see how that goes before signing a modelling contract.  You never know Australia, we may have our first Dr McDreamy right here 😉

David is a very easy going, smart, lovely person who impressed me greatly.  David is also well on his way to achieving his goals and has a clear future path in mind.  David was a pleasure to work with and I wish him all the success in the world and anytime he wants to model I will always be available.

Until next week,



Model – Location Shoot continued

In early February I blogged a very hot day in Brisbane shooting models represented by Mystique Model Management on location at the Brisbane Botantical Gardens and QUT and introduced you to one of the models, Holly, with a promise to introduce you to more of the other models from the day in the near future.

This week I continue with my second model shoot from the day with the all so fabulous and stunning, Kris Louise.  Now I am not a stranger to Kris as we have worked together before with a more casual photoshoot in my studio back in 2013.  This time I get to shoot Kris in Couture fashion supplied by Niki Teljega – Fashion Label and hair and makeup by Amy Cannon.

The first outfit is a floor length black gown with sheer openings that from the waist down has an abundance of flowing fabric that is to die for.  For this outfit I decided to take Kris over to into the QUT building area.  Using a mixture of the sandstone pillars and the buildings as our backdrop we went to work.


I had the added bonus that Kris had a very close male friend along for the day who was dressed in a suit and happy to step in and complete the picture (pun intended 😉 ) I mean, who doesn’t want a hansome man to hold when dressed to kill.


Kris second outfit was a figure hugging jumpsuit with a plunging neckline.  This jumpsuit looked like is was made just for Kris, the fit was perfect, showing off her killer body in all the right places.  With the permission of the cafe within the QUT campus we used the tables and chairs as our backdrop.  After all a jumpsuit is a perfect outfit for coffee with the girls or a lunch date with your man.


A little more about Kris: When I first met Kris she was knee deep in studying her Bachelor of Nursing and since then as at the end of 2014 completed that and a Bachelor of Paramedic Science as well and has now secured a dream job in her chosen field on the Gold Coast.

It’s great to have Kris back home on the Gold Coast allowing me more opportunities to shoot with Kris in the future.

Stay tuned next time I will introduce you to one of the male models from the day, David.

Until next week.


Model – Location PhotoShoot

Oh my, it’s hot!  You know it’s hot when at 5am in the morning you’re sweating before throwing gear into the car and the ice in your frozen drink melts within 5 minutes!  That is how my day started on very hot and muggy Sunday morning in January.  Where am I headed at 5am on a Sunday morning?  I’m heading to photograph models represented by Mystique Model Management on location at the Brisbane Botanical Gardens and QUT.

A fellow photographer and owner of Mystique Model Management, David met us on our arrival at the Botanical Gardens and we starting scouting our locations and getting set up – we were keen for shade as it was set to be a record breaking heat wave kind of day!  Both David and I are photographing today.  We have 18 models to photograph, nine each and we have two very experienced makeup artists working with us – Morgan of Morgan Leigh Makeup Artistry and Amy Cannon of Beauty and a Beast Makeup Artistry.

All the models outfits have been supplied by multi award winning designer Niki Teljega of Niki Teljega – Fashion Label.

My first model for the day was Holly Priscilla.  Holly’s hair and make up has been applied by Morgan Leigh.  Holly is relatively new in the industry and discovered by David last year when an existing model, already signed with Mystique, encouraged Holly to ring and attend a casting day.  The rest they say, is history.  Holly is an absolute delightful person and a dream model to shoot with.

Holly didn’t hesitate to do anything I asked.  Her first outfit was a gorgeous floor length gold Couture gown, complete with 6 inch heels.  Holly made the gown look even more stunning.  I photographed her standing in amongst trees, branches and leaves, in a clump of bamboo where she was getting eating alive by mozzies (whoever said modelling was a glamorous life, clearly haven’t tried it)

Model Holly Priscilla

Holly Priscilla


Holly’s second outfit was a form fitting little black dress, plunging neckline with a little bling on the waist, it really showed off her figure and allowed me to show off the curve of her body and capture her at beautiful angles  – truly she is every photographer’s dream.  Using the bright green clumps of bamboo as our backdrop made Holly and Niki’s outfit the stars in all my photos.


Holly Priscilla - Model

Holly Priscilla – Model

A little more about Holly: she loves fashion and commercial modelling;  She would like to be seen as an inspiration for women everywhere to be fit and healthy; her dream is to become an ambassador for a large fitness brand, as she loves to travel her goal is to combine traveling to exoctic places with shooting on fashion assignments.

In my opinion Holly is well on her way to achieving these goals and will be an international model to look out for in the future.

Stay tuned for more adventures of the day in future blogs.

Until next week,


Creative shoot comes to Life

I am in the planning stages of a large creative personal project, that photo shoot (actually shoots, plural, I did say it’s a large project 🙂 ) is still months away from the shooting stage.  Still lots of prep work to be done, props to organise and so on.  While this is all happening I realise it has been roughly 12 months since my last on location creative shoot, no wonder that little voice in my head has been screaming at me to get moving.

Meg contacted me with the idea of using the Gold Coast Hinterland Heritage Museum as the location for a photo shoot.  Meg has chosen some period and country clothing and this location would be the perfect backdrop.  I contacted the Gold Coast Hinterland Society committee to ask permission for access to the Museum to carry out the shoot.  Lucky enough they were willing to allow the access and agreed to open on a Saturday morning for us.

That Saturday happen to be the heatwave weekend with very bright and sunny conditions.    Although limited due to the bright conditions and heat we spent a couple of hours on location shooting using several locations and props.

Here are some of my favourite photos from the day.


Meg in and around the log cabin

The original Nerang Railway Station from 1889

The original Nerang Railway Station from 1889

The Milking Shed, Okey House and General Store

The Milking Shed, Okey House and General Store

Thanks Meg for another great photoshoot.  Special thanks also to the Gold Coast Hinterland Historic Society for their permission and hospitality in allowing the use of the Muesum for this project.

Until next week.