Melbourne – How I Love Thee

This month I headed down to Melbourne for a few days with my wonderful husband to rest, I must admit, not much rest was done.  There is so much to do, it was hard to jam it all in but let me tell you we tried very hard.  In Melbourne, yes you can get all four seasons in one day but it is an amazing city full of history.

Our first day we arrived in the afternoon, it was overcast and raining by the time we got into the City.  Our hotel, Rendezvous Hotel Melbourne on Flinders Street was the perfect choice.  Centrally located, a Heritage Listed building which has been renovated beautifully keeping its feel and style of the 1913’s.  Our suite was grand to say the least, style historic and comfortable.

The weather did not stop us from hitting the street’s after check in, reacquainting ourselves with the CBD streets and where all the sights and streets are.   After wandering around until dark we decided to head back to the hotel and try out the in house restaurant for dinner.  Another great decision our meals were Devine accompanied by a great drop of white wine following with desert (Sorry no pictures, too busy eating and enjoying).

Our first full day in the City was massive – The skydeck, walk around Southbank, cafe lunch, National Gallery of Victoria for the Van Gogh exhibition and 2 floors of sculptures and photography exhibits, Graffiti lanes including the must see AC/DC Lane.  Phew, tired yet!

Not one that is a fan of heights, The Skydeck, is 88 floors up and on a clear day offers you spectacular views of Melbourne.   When you get up in the lift (44 odd seconds from ground up) you have 360 glass wall to wall viewing.  I won’t lie there were many anxious times and I had to stand back from the edges on several occasions.  For obvious reasons we decided not to go out in the “glass sky box”.

The highlight of the day hands down was our trip to the NGV and seeing the Van Gogh exhibition.  I can’t draw, let alone paint (that’s why I photograph), but I love and appreciate all types of art.  The theme of the exhibit was the seasons.  Honestly words cannot describe the absolute beauty and talent of this man.  The paintings are spectacular.  I personally was drawn more to the “darker” colours rather than the bold and bright, regardless of the colour I truly appreciated the raw talent, how he saw light, objects, scenes and the different techniques used in the paintings.

Van Gogh

NGV – Creative Overload

To finish the day we walked up to the “Graffiti Lanes” with one particular lane search in our minds … the AC/DC Lane.  As all good Australian rockers will know, AC/DC in 1975 filmed the classic tune “It’s a long way to the Top” on the back of a flatbed truck travelling down Swanston Street.  Previously known as Corporation Lane the Melbourne City Council honoured AC/DC and officially renamed it to AC/DC Lane on 1 October 2004.  The perfect end to our Day 1.

AC/DC Lane
For Those about to Rock we Salute You

Until next time.


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