Lets Celebrate Mother’s

Sunday 14th May is Mother’s Day in Australia.  It is the day where some children will the help of another adult in the house will prepare a delicious cooked breakfast and deliver to Mum in bed.

Some will buy flowers or chocolates or a cards or present or a combination of these.  Some will give something homemade, some will travel and “surprise” mum and make their day just that little more special.  There are so many possibilities to make Mum’s day.

Mother’s day is the day we go out of our way to celebrate and thank Mum for all she has done and will do, all the scarifies she makes cause she cares and loves her child more than anything else.

So what will you do?  It doesn’t have to be huge or cost a lot of money, just make sure she knows that today and everyday you Love and Appreciate all that is Mum.

Happy Mother’s Day to my Mum, she always said I was a gift, wanted and chosen.  I am thankful for that everyday of my life.

My Beautiful Mum and Nana

Until next time.


PS: Shameless plug.  It is not too late to treat Mum with a $249 gift card for a You are Beautiful portrait shoot with Solo Images.  If you book this weekend (shoot can be anytime in next 3 months) we will give Mum A fine art print 8×12 matted (valued at $120).

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