R and R equals Retreat

At the end of last year it was time for some R and R and in my world R and R equals Retreat – a 3 day photography retreat with a couple of good friends and fellow photographers.

We decided that it would be a good idea to rent a cottage on acreage around the Boonah area.  We found the perfect place, Rose Cottage, Milford Country Cottages at Boonah.  A nice 2 bedroom spacious cottage set on acreage.  So much to do, photograph and see and that was just around the property, perfect for 3 budding photographers.

Our adventure started with lunch at the local pub before heading back to prepare for our first lesson, how to lift wine glass from table to lips (whoops sorry wrong retreat 😉 ).  Seriously thought after dark we were heading down to the dam on the property to learn about, live composite, a function on the EM1 Olympus.  Night and astro photography is the perfect subject to practise with.   As we got into the play we added some further interest and used our torch to “light paint” the old tools.  For my first time using this feature the results were pleasing and it was well after midnight before we finally hit the hay.

Olympus Live Composite at Work

After a “little” sleep and much coffee we packed our gear and headed out to see the “sights”.  Our first stop for the morning was a little off the beaten track at a place called The Gorge.  A stunning water hole that just appears almost out of nowhere.  After exploring the area until we could go no further on foot , any further we would need to swim, so it was back in the car.

Hidden off the Track – The Gorge

Onto our next destination, Moggerah Dam.  The dam was near full and as we walked the road around the dam wall, the sound of the water was deafening, mountains of water was flowing over the wall, just our luck making it easier to get captivating images and great water effects.

Moogerah Dam

Our last stop over for the morning was the lavender farm and winery, honestly can’t tell you exactly where, all I know it was somewhere out in the country on a road.  Unfortunately the lavender was not blooming however the kangaroo’s were a plenty and so was the wine.  Perfect to end our morning outing, being late December, temps were around 40 and too hot to stay out all day.  Time to download our photos, process and have a learning session back at our accommodation.

Lavender Farm and Winery

There is so much more to our Retreat but best to leave you wanting more (and gives me another future blog post). Before I sign off tonight, need to shout out a plug to Karen Willshaw, our trusty Tour Guide, Karen is running a Photography tour to Vietnam in October this year, highly recommended, and for further information on the tour or to book please visit her Facebook Page

Until next time.


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