Life Lessons

2016 is flying by, hard to believe we are almost half way, in just a few days we are officially in winter,   2016 has been just a little crazy, on a personal point I decided to make my health a priority in my life and took steps to get myself well, fit and healthy.  I am pleased that 3 months later I have lost over 10kg and on the road to a much healthy longer life, a life without depending on medications and sugar.  It’s a long hard road but I have decided, I am worth it.

Many have said that the universe will not give you anything that you can’t handle.  The universe gives you want you need, not necessarily what you want.  More than likely it will be a life lesson and believe me, like ground hog day, if you don’t learn the right one, it will keep giving you life lessons until you get it right and the light bulb goes off (or on, if you know what I mean).

This year the universe has yet again challenged me and my patience, when my NAS data backup system blew up … in english this means that all my photo catalogs, documents and other special items went with it.  After exploring many avenues my drives went to forensic recovery and unfortunately the discs are scorched beyond repair.   Thankfully I had alot of data backed up elsewhere, what I did lose, due to thinking things were backed up and too busy to double check, was more personal – road trips, other creative photos taken mainly between 2014 to present.

After “melting down” over what was lost, I had time to reflect on the situation and look at the bigger picture and hopefully find the right lesson in the experience.  I am grateful that most of my photo adventures since 2014 had been blogged and documented, at least I can look back over the photo collages and stories to relive those memories.It’s now time to move on, get back out there, go on adventures and share new stories. After all I can go back to many places and photograph from a difference perspective, a different mindset.

I now value and understand the importance of my writing and my blogs, if not for anyone else, at least for me.   Writing as a teen came easy, I used to write down everything in diaries and journals.  As an adult, for reasons that escape me, I stopped writing, I didn’t honor that part of me.  Believe me these days the writing doesn’t come as easy, but I now understand why I was pushed and for such a long time continued to get out a blog weekly, trust me some weeks were not as easy as others.

The life lesson is clear, it is time to pick up that pen and paper (or fingers onto the keyboard) and write, I have a gift and the universe tells me it is one that I need to share.   I hope that even though my regular blogs have not been so regular since February you will still join me and share my journey through my eyes and my blogs.

Until next week.


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