The Year of the Cat

2016 may be the Year of the Monkey in the Chinese Zodiac but in my world it’s the Year of the Cat.  My mascot, Missy, to be exact.

After completing the Photo A Day project in 2015 in the theme of my daily life, I ended up with 365 photos and a photo album with a snap shot and memories of my 2015 year.  It’s magical and so amazing to put together a photo album and click send to have my book printed so I can treasure and leave as a gift for my children when I am not longer in this world.

It was with those feelings that this year, in 2016, I decided to do a daily photo journal of my Cat, Missy.  Not all people are cat people and many people prefer or relate more with dogs, however I have found that I am a cat person.  Missy is a very important “Fur Kid” in my life, she has a calming influence on me and showers a positive energy within my life.

Now this project does not come without a challenge, the challenge to keep the photos creative and not too much of the same thing, after all I must admit, cats don’t do much, they have the same routine day in and day out.  Sleep, Eat, play, get human to wait on them 🙂 .

So far this project has been fun, exciting and interesting.  It has me thinking on a daily basis to capture something different and when I do it puts a major smile on my dial.  Of course Missy is smart and starting to realise that when the camera is stuck in her face she will tend to move on or turn away from me.  We then have to play “cat and mouse” to get that days journal entry.





I hope you enjoy my favourite Missy photos from January.

Until next time.


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