What does 2016 have in store for you?

Once the Christmas/New Year celebrations are over, the first few weeks of the new year involves goal setting, forward planning and updating my vision board.  This process involves reflection, time and diving deep within myself to see what I really want and need for the coming year.

This is different from just setting New Year’s Resolutions as most of those don’t last the distance.  All thoughts and ideas are written down and then put into list of priority then each task is broken down into a planning time frame in order to keep myself accountable and ticking off the goals by the end of the year.  By doing this I find that it makes those goals not so daunting and there is a plan to ensure that you achieve and succeed.

2016 will hopefully take me into a new direction whilst still perusing my photography I have some goals that will allow me to expand and grow – new ventures and challenges.  Let us see where the universe takes me on this year on my life journey.   So my question to you, do you plan ahead or do you just make some New Year Resolutions?  Are you a person who makes a vision board?  Do you believe that if you put positive thoughts and ideas to the universe, it will deliver what you need back to you?

Trust me and embrace the power of the universe and positive energy around you, it’s a powerful thing and very rewarding.  Do yourself that favour, you DESERVE it.   Start planning now for the life ahead that you love and live not just exist in.  I look forward to sharing 2016 with you.

Until next week.


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