Reliving the Highlights of 2015

Oh my goodness, Christmas has come and gone and we are officially almost one month into summer in Queensland.  Where has this year gone?  Each year flyers by so fast that we need to make the most of our life and be grateful for something each and every day.  For me, It’s time to look back over my year and remember some of the highlights that I am grateful for.

Counting them down, Highlight Number 5 – I was contacted by a lady who wanted to do something extra special for her sister for her 50th Birthday, she had planned the whole day out and wanted to surprise her with a You are Beautiful photo shoot.   The day was very special for both sisters and I.  We enjoyed barrels of laughs, magical moments and they walked away with some special photographic memories from the day.  I was honored to be able to make this gift come to life, thus making it a defiant highlight of my year.

Highlight Number 4 – In July this year I was approached by RAW Natural Born Artists to showcase at their local Gold Coast event in September.  Raw is an international organisation that provides independent artists within the first 10 years of their creative career with the tools, resources and exposure needed to inspire and cultivate creativity.    The event was held at Currumbin RSL  and showcased some of my favourite work to date.  My showcase was supported by many friends and fellow photographers and the feedback and exposure continues to this day.  It was a memorable night and something that I am very proud of, being a part of the RAW family.


AIPP Professional Photographer

Highlight Number 3 – Since starting my photography journey it has always been a goal to achieve AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photographers) accreditation.  I am proud to say this goal was reached in the latter part of this year.  I am a strong believer in the long term survival of the photography industry.  I have watched this industry grow since a teenager and appreciate the need for photos and albums within our life, the lives of our children and grandchildren.   With the introduction of the digital age, technology and social media we sometimes forgetting the fundamentals of preserving the moments, trusting in the professionals to achieve this and not just relying on our phones and selfies (Don’t send me hate mail just yet – there is still lots of fun to be had with having fun moments on our phones, I am talking of the bigger picture here).   Being a part of the AIPP and an accredited member is just one step in keeping the art alive and educating those around us about the true profession that is photography.

Highlight Number 2 – Not all my top 5 highlights involve my photograph or my work, as we get closer to number 1 they become more personal which to me is a good way to keep life balanced.  This year my girlfriend turned 40 and she wanted to do something “big” “memorable” and “special”  with those close to her.   Couran Cove was the venue for a 3 day getaway to celebrate life, love and friendship.  Though I can’t reveal the actual of the antics of this trip (what happens on CC stays on CC) that makes it such a highlight and memorable, I can say it was an amazing 3 days filled with lots of fun, laughter and one very confused bus driver 😉 .  It was truly a special celebration that bought together friends and family in the best way possible.  I am grateful to be surrounded by friends who make you laugh until you almost pee and to share their special life moments with.  It’s truly a blessing.


Number 1 – My highlight is self growth, I found my “WHY”.  I have commenced some personal projects that are at the core of my destiny.  Keeping it real, not every day of 2015 was a step forward but life never is truthfully like that, you need setbacks to learn from and grow.   I have many “I wish” moments and some “challenges” this year but I grow, grateful for the life I have each day and continue to work towards the positives and my long term life goals.  I am fortunate to have a loving supportive family and an equally supportive group of friends around me who believe I am destined for greatness, whatever that is.  So this is my number one highlight as without gratitude, love and support within my life I would not be here.


Continuing on from number one – Thank You.  I am forever grateful for those who support my talent, who read my blogs, who find inspiration in anything I do and allow me to share with you a little part of me through my writing and photography.  I wish you all the inspiration, drive and energy to succeed in your life, what every that maybe.

Until next year.