The Magic of the Ocean

There is something extra special about the ocean, it is the salt air, the sound of the waves crashing against the shore, the feeling of sand in your toes, the clear blue water or a combination of these things?

It’s a place that is good for your soul, it’s where your spirits fly.  You can chose to walk along the waters edge collecting shells as you go or just find a warm place to sit down and just watch the world go by.  It’s a place to find inspiration, to escape, to run and play, it’s the perfect quick getaway.

Normally when I want to take time out I head to Currumbin, which is my favourite Gold Coast beach location.  Not this time, today I decide to stop at Burleigh.  Heading up to the point with camera in hand (yes, my camera is never far from me) I take the pathway along the National Park down to the beach break where the surfers navigate over the rocks to paddle out.

It’s the perfect time of day, late afternoon and the tide is coming in.  I position my tripod at the start of the rocks.  Using my 9 stop ND filter on my camera lens I set up to do some long exposures.  I’m in that kind of mood, I want to capture the surface of the ocean looking as smooth as silk.  Photos that emote calm and peaceful thoughts whilst your eye focus’s on the mist rising as the waves cascades over the rocks.  It is the right kind of photo to relax the body, mind and soul.


For the next hour and a half I just sit back on the rocks holding my shutter cable experimenting with different settings and scene’s all the while enjoying the serene atmosphere around me.   Each time the waves crash around me I unwind and let go of the negative (or my worries) until I am feeling free and revitalised.  Life at the beach, it’s the best therapy.


Day is turning to dusk and it’s time to pack up and head back to the car.   Just as I take my camera off the tripod I catch the afternoon light over the high-rise buildings and can’t resist but to grab a few more images before I go.


Is the beach your special place, the place you know is good for your soul?  If there is a more special place for you please share with me I would love your thoughts.

Until next week,


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