We are all Gifted

A couple of weeks ago my close friend and mentor, Sheryn, invited me to an event called Gifted.   The event was created and hosted by Heart Centred Money Makers and held in their Tweed Heads headquarters.  The tag line was “Unpack your gifts & share them with the world”.  The event was especially for women and with 10 very amazing and inspirational speakers, it was a life changing day for me.

During the day we were challenged to discover the feminine energy within our body and our life.   Embrace the real you, find your inner calling and your life purpose.   This day was designed to enlighten, open up the body and mind to the vast possibilities available to us all.

Each speaker was empowering however from my personal view 2 women stood out to me, chilling me to my core, taking me deeper than I have looked in a long time.   The first was Michelle, The High Class Hippie – Michelle asked the question that made me freeze in my steps (well as we were sitting – in my chair), tears welled up and a lump formed in my throat – you may ask what question could do this? – The question is “Why” – everyone on this planet is here for a reason, Michelle asked a simple question, What is your “Why”, then she asked us to write it down.   I couldn’t, I really didn’t know – heartbreaking right? Wrong, I needed to look alot deeper, connect within myself, find love and believe I am enough.   During a 30 minute call with Michelle I was able to unravel the “maze” and start to put the pieces together.  There is always a positive from a negative – remember that in life.

The second speaker was Emily – Emily is an Author, Speaker and Entrepreneur.  Emily is a truly inspiring woman, full of life, love and enlightenment.  She shared her story with us, her journey so far, how she found her inspiration in life.   At this moment in time it is hard to put into words how Emily has begun to change my life, I felt an instant connection and hung onto to her every word.  Within her message the universe was pulling me, telling me – this is part of your path, your destiny.  Emily gave me a further gift that day, asking for those who felt they needed help with inspiration, Emily gifted me with one of her books,  Inspiration Bible.  Another 365 stories to inspire me further.  I hold this book very close and dear and read a little each day.

There is a plan coming together for the next “big” thing, well maybe not, but that’s how I describe it for now.  It’s time for growth, new projects and new experiences.  It is an exciting time to be alive.  A final thought – Everyone that is in your life, your inner circle, your network, is there for a reason – you need each and every one of them, so be kind, grateful and support those in your life, discover your feminine energy and live your life as the Gift it is.

Until next week.


PS If you feel you need a helping hand or would like more inspiration in your life – here are a few links to some of those that are helping me and of course I am available as well.

My Photography Mentor and Friend – Sheryn Ellis  (photography mentoring and workshops)

Michelle Slayter  – The high class hippie (helps to design you)

Emily Gowor – Author and Inspiration (inspiration)

Heart Centred Money Makers  (caring business makers)

My web guy and friend – Steve O’Brien Get IT Happening  (IT and web specialist for your websites and blogs)

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