AIPP Accredited

This week having looked back over the past couple of years worth of blogs I realise that I have not updated my story since my very first blog back in January 2013. That blog gave my readers a background into where my passion began.

Since 2010 my dream has been to inspire others through my stories and photography and at the same time to become a recognised photographer and business women.   Each day since then I have pushed my boundaries and strived to achieve the goals I have set for myself.   I became an emerging member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography AIPP and in 2013 I was accepted into their mentoring program, which I completed at the end of that year.

At the start of 2014 I had all the business areas in place but deep down I felt there was something missing from my  images.  Not one to rest and with the dream and goal in mind I continued to push forward with my photography.  I am fortunate enough to have a few very close people in my life who understand my dreams and they are ready to cheer and push me.  This includes my wonderful amazing friend/photographer mentor Sheryn Ellis who is someone I aspire to and she trains and guides me.

In 2015 I committed to A Photo A Day project, that’s 365 photos, one each day of the year, showing a moment from my day.   As this year has gone by, photo after photo I grew more and last month felt it was the right time to go ahead with the application for full professional accreditation from the AIPP.  I am now very proud to announce that late last Friday the AIPP approved my accreditation and I am now Kassy Solomon Accredited Professional Photographer (APP) of the AIPP.

You may ask why this is so important.  Not only do I feel that a goal has been reached more importantly as of the 18th September 2015 the ACCC certified the AIPP as meeting the requirements to be a professional body and in turn all members of the AIPP can be considered true business professionals.

In short if a photographer is displaying the AIPP Professional Logo AIPP Professional Photographer you can be assured you have hired a professional that has proven they provide a professional level of service, product quality, business ethics and upholds all the standards set for professional photographers by the AIPP.

I am very proud to have achieved this level as a professional photographer and can’t wait for the continuing journey ahead.

Until next week.



Having a Swell time

You always know when it’s September on the Gold Coast.  No, I am not talking about the change in the weather from Winter to Spring, I am talking about the interesting and amazing sculptures that appear on and around the Currumbin Beachfront.  It must be the annual Swell Festival (now in it’s 14th year).

Heading down late on Saturday afternoon, I grab my camera bag, packed with filters and lens as well as my tripod.  The weather is perfect; it’s warm, the sun is shining and the festival is sure to be busy.   Arriving at Currumbin, I start my exploration of Swell down at southern end, near the Surf Club.

With my Nikon in hand I start to wander and check out this years 50 plus sculptures that are on display built by local, national and international artists.   There are so many innovative, artistically challenging  pieces on display that it is so easy to get caught up at each piece for hours, taking pictures and admiring the talent of each artist.


Like each year before, I try to get unique and interesting perspective shots of the sculptures I love the most.  Walking along at this time of day I am blessed with a little colour starting to show up in the sky as the day turns to dusk.  These colours just enhance the sculptures and in some cases add that wow factor.



By the time I reach Currumbin Rock, day has turned into night and now the sculptures are lit up and take on a life of their own as I make my way back down the beach towards the surf club, and the car. I am still trying to take photos of the sculptures, even in the dark.  As I am walking the music fills the air and I come across what has to be my favourite sculpture of this year’s Swell Festival, John Cox’s See Life.  I settle down in the sand with camera on tripod as this sculpture lights up in set sequences and colour combinations. I am swept away by the beauty of the sculpture before me and at that moment I am at peace with the universe.


At the end of the night I am relaxed and fulfilled as I pack up the car and head home, closing the door on another year of Swell.

Until next week.


A Model Story

Recently I was contacted by an up and coming model to shoot her portfolio.  The lovely Breannen had made it through the internet submission for Australia’s Next Top Model and was due to submit a portfolio for the face to face interview.  We chose to do this shoot on location at Mt Tamborine Botanical Gardens.  The Botanical Gardens are such a beautiful place with loads of different scenic areas at your figure tips, it is the perfect place for a shoot like this.

On meeting Brea (as she prefers to be known) I was struck by her warm and inviting smile, she looks and acts a little bit of a tomboy but it didn’t take me long to discover her “girly” side.  The day was overcast and the light was just magic for these photos.  As we start Brea has a fresh face (little to no makeup) for her profile pics needed for her upcoming submission.     The green garden backdrop at the front of the Gardens was just perfect against her white tshirt and jeans.


After a clothing change and make up (applied by Ebony),  Brea was set to go to our next location within the Botanical Gardens, we wandered down the garden path with the lakefront gazebo in our sights.   The aqua dress Brea is wearing compliments perfectly her lovely skin and long dark hair, which is apparent in the photos I am capturing.


Our last outfit for the morning was a striking red gown with a red beaded headpiece, she looked like Xena, a warrior princess, naturally we found a location to bring out the best in Brea and the dress.


As I am photographing I am getting to know a little about Brea.  Brea had a difficult childhood, coming from a broke home, a father who was interested in things other than Brea.  Brea was lucky enough she had a mum who was always there for her and loved her greatly.   Brea’s difficulties didn’t stop there, unfortunately she was also bullied at School, for being one of the boys.  Brea dreamed of being a model, she had a passion for being in front of the camera, with all the troubles within her life it was hard for her to believe that she could achieve her goals.

When watching the last season of Australia’s Next Top Model Brea found herself relating to one contestant, she was one of the boys, lacked social skills and confidence in herself.  Brea saw so much of herself in this person and watched as she grew and succeeded, Brea knew deep down it was the right time to follow her dream.

Since our shoot Brea has heard back from the selection team at Australia’s Next Top Model, unfortunately due to her height she hasn’t made it to the next step.   Irrespective of the decision of the selection team Brea will continue to push forward and pursue her dream into the modelling industry.  I wish her all the best, I know my camera and I love her and I see big things in her future.

Until next week.



What a whirlwind the last 4 weeks have been (I guess this is another way of saying to my loyal readers that it has been so busy and that’s why the blog has been very silent”.

In July this year I was asked to become a RAW artist and showcase at their September event called BOLD.  I was honoured to be given this opportunity and couldn’t wait for September to officially be part of the world wide RAW family.   At first when you decide to “put yourself out there” it is all exciting and you get stuck into the preparation, ticking things off the to do list you feel you are cruising along and on track.  Then comes the photo selection and that part of the experience hit me like a tonne of bricks, what do I include in the selection?, what photos are “good enough”? after all I am putting it all out there, to be judged by both the public and fellow photography peers.

After some sleepless nights, endless photo folders, culling, regrouping and many test prints later my final prints were chosen.   I must add that during this lead up process I could not made it to the night without my husband (Ben), my mentor (Sheryn) and the team at INK FX who not only had to deal with the many phone calls and questions but asked to rush prints.  I do recall my husband at some time mumbling under his breath, “that he couldn’t wait till Thursday 24th”, forget bridezilla I guess me being me I wanted perfection and almost drove all persons around my crazy.

Before I knew it the day was here, this occasion called for a special outfit and very special hair do (from my wonderful friend of over 20 years and amazing hairdresser, Michelle Red) we head off to the venue to get everything set up.  On arriving we unload and “check in” and find my wall space.  Just after arriving the event photographer introduced herself and off I went to get my official headshots done (now I’m feeling like an artist on the red carpet).  It took us about an hour to set up my display and tweek a few things.  I am now ready to greet the world and present, Kassy Solomon and Solo Images Photography at RAW.



During the RAW event I met and spoke with some wonderful people including my local Mudgeeraba Councillor, Glenn Tozer and his stunning wife Melissa, they were so warm and friendly and we chatted for some time, Melissa was taken with my Love photo and gave me a few alternative creative ideas to try.  As the night went on I was humbled to see many of my friends who took time out of their schedule to come, show their support and say hi.  I really can’t properly express in words just how much all this support means to me, apart from family it is these moments within your life that you know you are truly grateful and blessed to be alive.   To top of the evening and a surprise was my brother came from the Sunshine Coast to the event to show his love and support, I know now he is without doubt of just how talented his little sis is 🙂

In summary there was a huge positive reaction from all guests who stopped by and admired my work.  I believe the most talked about and liked photos were  “Love”, “Wetland Wonders” and “Purple Sunrise”.  During the night one person commented to me standing in front of my “Purple Sunrise” and asked who was the artist, they mistook this canvas for a painting – it was almost to hard to believe it was a photo.  That was the icing on the cake.


RAW, a magical experience, well worth it.  You never know I might be back for a second time 🙂

PS there is a few limited edition canvases still available to purchase please email me at for further details.

Until next week.