The Emotional Journey

A thought becomes an idea, the pieces come together over time.  This “idea” or personal project was born with a thought – a vision.  Little by little over the passed month more pieces came together and finally with direction from the universe the over all project was born.

I discussed my thoughts and ideas with my make up artist, Morgan of Morgan Leigh Makeup Artistry, firstly to see if it could be done and second to ask if she would come on board and be part of the process to make my project come to life.  Morgan shared my excitement and understood my vision and was happy to be on board.

So, you maybe asking what is this project – I call it “The Emotional Journey”.    What is The Emotional Journey you ask.  Through photos I want to share the emotions through a cancer patients journey.  (Note – I will not be necessarily be using cancer patients) Some people may not understand my project but be assured I don’t mean disrespect, this is something that comes from my heart.

As many of my long time followers know my sister in law fought breast cancer and has and will always be an inspiration to me on many levels.  Her journey was one of determination right to the very end, she was to be the miracle and beat the odds, the universe however had other ideas.  This whole experience has left a permanent mark on my life.  It was and still is an emotional ride for all involved.

My sister in law taught me to follow my dreams, never give up, laugh everyday, live today and love.  I try to remember and practice this, some days are harder than others.  She loved my creative side and my photography therefore this idea and vision is very fitting.  I want to take you on that emotional journey, one that has a strong message that you only understand at the end once all the pieces are together.

All the photos in The Emotional Journey will showcase women as bald women, each woman stripped back without hair, raw, still so beautiful,  showing us the emotion through make up and eyes.  It is something I am very proud to be working on and very excited to share with you all.

My first photo of the series is “Sadness” – Meet my first model Jaz, a model I have worked with previously.  Make up done by the amazing and talented Morgan


Should you wish to become a part of this project and would like to be a “model” and be photographed please contact me by email at to receive further information.

Until next week.


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