Toowoomba – Full of Colour and Beautiful things

Stepping back in time this week to re-live a great day trip.   It’s 8am on a Saturday morning and out of the blue I get a text to ask if I would like to grab my camera and head on a day trip west to Toowoomba, my girlfriend wants some company on a day trip to check out a fellow photographers exhibit.  I can’t help it, I jump at the opportunity to not only spend the day with a great friend but to take some photos and check out this amazing women’s work.

With 3 kids in tow we head out on our road trip.  After just over 2 hours on the road our first stop is the local art district, the gallery is down a side street a little out of the main town – it seems very industrial, such a great location to showcase the talented work of Hannah Roche.  After a good hour of wandering around and appreciating her work we headed off for some lunch before checking out a couple of Toowoomba’s best sights.

We decided as it was the middle of summer to check out Toowoomba’s botanical gardens, we should see lots of flowers and thousands of bright colours.   A short drive later and help from google maps we find the gardens and start to explore.   Walking through the garden one of the first things I see is the sunflower garden.  I love sunflowers they really do brighten your day and put a smile on your face.   After getting lost in the moment and spending time exploring sunflowers we move along to the gardens full of colour – there is red, pink, purple, white and a little green as far as the eye can see.

Toowoomba Botanical Gardens

Toowoomba Botanical Gardens

After walking around for awhile we realised that the other “must see” feature, The Japanese Gardens, was actually not here but another location all together.  We pack up and go to head out from the gardens, on our way out we come across a garden bed full of yellow, orange and red flowers.  With such amazing colours together it was a excellent opportunity to try out some abstracts in camera, so here we all are – moving our cameras up, down, sideways and trying a few round and round.  We were having so much fun that time almost got away from us.

Fun Creating Abstract "whatever" with colourful flowers

Fun Creating Abstract “whatever” with colourful flowers

Back on the road we had a small window of time to see if we could find the Japanese Gardens and explore.  I am so glad we did as the gardens are just stunning with so much to see and photograph.  The contrast of colour, between the bright red rails of the bridges, the green trees and add in the timber structures – it’s a photographers delight.  We don’t have enough time to explore everything and having the afternoon bright sunlight made things challenging with the photo gear I had with me, I did still manage a few images I feel were keepers.  On the positive side this location is on the must visit again list.

Toowoomba Japanese Gardens

Toowoomba Japanese Gardens

Other interesting aspects of the Gardens

Other interesting aspects of the Gardens

It was getting late and we still have a couple of hours drive home, so reluctantly we head off for home.  A great day out with fantastic company.  If you ever get the opportunity to visit Toowoomba please add these 2 locations on your must see list.  It is truly worth the time.

Until next week.


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