Melaleuca Wetlands

It is 6.15am on a Saturday morning and I am waking up to the sun shining in our resort unit at Ramada Couran Cove Island Resort, I only need to move about 15 steps from the bed to the balcony in my pj’s to capture this morning sunrise complete with reflections off the water.  It is so still and peaceful and quick, after 5 minutes the sun disappears into the clouds.

After a coffee I decide it is too nice a day to not head out and explore.  Whilst walking I come across the Melaleuca Wetlands nature section and take a detour to explore the area.  The timber broadwalk winds around the trees and the wetlands as you move along on the walk.  At this hour of the day it is so quiet, you are alone, there is such a stillness in the air that I cannot describe it.  I get feelings rushing over me that are calming, uplifting and relaxing as I become one with nature.

Allowing the body and mind to be Zen – this is the place to be, there is so much to look at and appreciate.  The many Melaleuca trees appearing out of the water form interesting lines, shapes and reflections.  Coming around to the section that is “most wet” I am greeted with “green carpet floating on the water” it is breathtaking, I can hardly contain my excitement whilst at the same time appreciating the Australian nature at its very best.

Melaleuca Wetlands

Melaleuca Wetlands

Being so early in the day the sun is yet to rise much above the tall trees so the lighting conditions are just about perfect before the “dappled” light gets too harsh for the elements.  Photographically it is a dream, there is so much opportunity to capture the scene from every angle, close ups, wide shots and of course for me perfect for abstract photos and just when you think you are done you take another 10 steps and can start again using similar elements but I can assure you that each photo has something unique and different.


After an hour or so my battery is dying and it is time to leave.  I am completed relaxed and ready for what the day has in store, after all tonight is set to be a big night with a huge birthday gathering for a very dear and special friend who is responsible for getting us all together at this fantastic location this weekend.

Here are some of my photographic abstracts from my walk that I am most proud of, now I just have to narrow it down to the best to print and hang on the wall.

Abstract Heaven

Abstract Heaven

Until next week.


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