It’s a Beautiful Baby Bump

The studio has fresh paint, new timber flooring and I have some new lighting accessories to play with. It’s the perfect time to organise a photo shoot. Last week I was contacted by a very good friend and fellow photographer Steve O’Brien from FotoZero, enquiring if I was available for a “baby bump” shoot. It was the opportunity I was waiting for to try out some creative lighting photos. So a date was set for last weekend.

Meet Chloe. Chloe is 39 weeks pregnant with Jackson. Chloe has had some challenges within the pregnancy and to keep both Chloe and Jackson safe, Jackson is due to be born this coming Sunday (which is also his due date).

There is something extra special about a pregnant woman, it is like nature, an indescribable beauty. Chloe is no exception, she is glowing and her smile lights up my studio. I have a specific type of shoot in mind I want to show off her belly as well as her body, as a celebration and documentation of the miracle of life in raw black and white form, this is where my new lighting “toy” comes in.

For the first half of the shoot I am using a large soft box over my light source positioned facing away from Chloe into my “white” space to bounce back a soft spread of light. My main light I am using has a beauty dish attached, pointing straight at Chloe.


My vision is to capture the quiet moment where Mum and Baby Bump are one, a powerful love and moment where one is just enjoying the feeling of a swollen belly and the little and not so little movements that one experiences at this stage of the pregnancy. I want these few photos to silently speak of the love and emotion and I am choosing to process in Black and White. I believe by taking away the colours you are drawn to the moment. This is what I aim to achieve.


The second part of my vision is to use the lights to “enhance” and “direct” the light on all or certain areas of Chloe, again showing off the beauty that is a woman’s body with child growing inside. I want that raw beauty and again process these in Black and White, I want Chloe to have a memory that shows off her beautiful pregnant body.


In my last photo I asked her partner, Mason to join us and arrange for him to wrap his hands around her and rest on the belly – directing the light onto the bump and his hands, this photo to me is a family full of love excitingly waiting to meet their precious little boy.


I am truly blessed to be asked to capture these memories and wish Chloe, Mason and little Jackson a very happy and healthy life.

Until next week.


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