Just a girl and a Nikon on a Road Trip

Last weekend was Queen’s Birthday long weekend and I had a to do list – after looking at the paperwork in the study and reading the instructions to re-calibrate my computer monitor I decided it was better to grab the camera bag and go on a road trip.

Heading down the highway at 100k we take off heading south no destination in mind just drive until we find something interesting or run out of light.  Just south of Byron I see some parachuter’s, so me being me, I hang my head out the window with camera in hand (yes strap on wrist, thanks to hubby for reminding me) to shoot them, can’t be that hard at 100k I mean dogs hang their heads out windows all the time and they are comfortable and love it.    Wow firstly the shock of the wind hits me, then try and hold the camera straight and still, then focus and actually take some photos, great idea this – not!!  Lucky I did manage a few photos.


About an hour down the road and through the cane fields we stop to grab a drink and I find a unique building that could have either been an old fire house, church or small school.  On the side of the building there is a bell tower with a small bell, only one small issue that I can see is the rope to pull the bell is all the way up at the bell.  I guess this bell hasn’t rung for years but on a positive note a great subject to photograph.


We drive further until we fnd the sea, our stop was Woolgoolga as we stumble upon the Solitary Islands Coastal Walk.  The afternoon sun is behind us as we stroll from point to point, bench to bench and take in the scenery of the beautiful NSW coastline.  I am careful to follow the path, keeping away from the cliff edge, who knows what could happen with my two left feet.


Our final destination for the day is Coffs Harbour, wow has this place changed since I was last here.  It’s all modern and very chic, have to be honest I was a little disappointed not to find some great old historic buildings in the town.   We headed down to the waters edge and the Jetty, it was there I managed to find a little history with the Australian Navy Cadets base and training ship TS Vendetta.


As we head out onto the jetty itself, it is around 4.30pm and the sun was starting to set over on the hills in the distance which is adding some golden light onto the Jetty timber and underneath beams as well as shadows and reflections, perfect opportunity for a sunburst or two.



In the end hubby had to drag me away as the sun faded away and our road trip journey came to an end and we turned the car around and headed back home to Queensland.  A wonderful day exploring, leaving the study and paperwork a distant memory.

Until next week.


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