50 and Fabulous Photoshoot

Recently I received a call from a lady enquiring about my You are Beautiful package.  Kaye was looking for an extra special surprise gift for her sister’s 50th Birthday.  The idea of giving her sister a gift that her and her family would treasure forever sealed the deal.  An afternoon, You are Beautiful photography session, was arranged so that as after the fun and pampering of a photography session Kaye would deliver the Piece de resistance of the day – a surprise birthday party that same night.  I was so excited to be a key part of this special day.

Jeannie and Kaye arrived at the studio last Saturday.  Greeting them both at the door Jeannie had absolutely no idea who I was and why she was here.  I welcomed them and asked Kaye if she would like to “reveal” the surprise, Kaye suggested I tell Jeannie what was install for her.  I explained that Kaye had organised a very special day for her, they were there for pampering followed by a You are Beautiful photography session.  Jeannie was thrilled.

I could not let a special birthday go ahead without putting the finishing touches on their day –  I had arranged a surprise of my own, a bottle of bubbles and a wine/cheese and fruit platter.  They were to sit back, relax and enjoy the entire experience, starting with make up done by the talented Morgan Leigh Makeup Artistry.

Let me tell you a little more about these wonderful women.  I have never met 2 more amazing and lovely ladies, Kaye is 51 and of course Jeannie was celebrating her 50th.  They exude happiness and warmth and it is clear to see the loving bond they share as sisters.   They are both full of life and enjoying the journey.  They are truly 50 and fabulous.

As Jeannie was the Birthday girl her hair and make up was applied first, nothing too over the top, just enhancing her natural beauty and then it was into the studio to create some memories she will treasure.  Jeannie had never had a photography session before however, she was a natural, her smile was so inviting, genuine and she glowed with happiness.

After Kaye was all “done up” we swapped over and I had some time photographing Kaye alone.  Again similar to her sister, her eyes and smile just brightened up the whole room.

To finish off the session I wanted to capture the sisters together, both serious and fun shots, I don’t think I have laughed that hard in a session and at one stage even had to put the camera down to wipe the tears from my eyes to be able to see them again.   Truthfully it wasn’t until I photographed the ladies together than I found out Jeannie was the “naughty” (aka cheeky) one.  That sisterly love, something so precious, was easily captured in the images.

These ladies are just perfect to spend time with and to photograph, they have a personality that is infectious and it shows in their photographs.  To watch these two sisters  you would not believe they were 50 and fabulous, you would think they are more like teenagers giggling and having fun.

Even though I don’t have a sister I have some very good friends and can only hope when we are all over 50 (some of us maybe already but shhhh that’s their secret) that we are just like these ladies – silly, fun, crazy (the good kind), 50 and Fabulous.

Here are a couple of sneak peaks from the session as they are still to see some of the final images.  I will add and share more from this session soon.

50 and Fabulous Jeannie and Kaye

50 and Fabulous
Jeannie and Kaye

Until next week.



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