Model – Location PhotoShoot

Oh my, it’s hot!  You know it’s hot when at 5am in the morning you’re sweating before throwing gear into the car and the ice in your frozen drink melts within 5 minutes!  That is how my day started on very hot and muggy Sunday morning in January.  Where am I headed at 5am on a Sunday morning?  I’m heading to photograph models represented by Mystique Model Management on location at the Brisbane Botanical Gardens and QUT.

A fellow photographer and owner of Mystique Model Management, David met us on our arrival at the Botanical Gardens and we starting scouting our locations and getting set up – we were keen for shade as it was set to be a record breaking heat wave kind of day!  Both David and I are photographing today.  We have 18 models to photograph, nine each and we have two very experienced makeup artists working with us – Morgan of Morgan Leigh Makeup Artistry and Amy Cannon of Beauty and a Beast Makeup Artistry.

All the models outfits have been supplied by multi award winning designer Niki Teljega of Niki Teljega – Fashion Label.

My first model for the day was Holly Priscilla.  Holly’s hair and make up has been applied by Morgan Leigh.  Holly is relatively new in the industry and discovered by David last year when an existing model, already signed with Mystique, encouraged Holly to ring and attend a casting day.  The rest they say, is history.  Holly is an absolute delightful person and a dream model to shoot with.

Holly didn’t hesitate to do anything I asked.  Her first outfit was a gorgeous floor length gold Couture gown, complete with 6 inch heels.  Holly made the gown look even more stunning.  I photographed her standing in amongst trees, branches and leaves, in a clump of bamboo where she was getting eating alive by mozzies (whoever said modelling was a glamorous life, clearly haven’t tried it)

Model Holly Priscilla

Holly Priscilla


Holly’s second outfit was a form fitting little black dress, plunging neckline with a little bling on the waist, it really showed off her figure and allowed me to show off the curve of her body and capture her at beautiful angles  – truly she is every photographer’s dream.  Using the bright green clumps of bamboo as our backdrop made Holly and Niki’s outfit the stars in all my photos.


Holly Priscilla - Model

Holly Priscilla – Model

A little more about Holly: she loves fashion and commercial modelling;  She would like to be seen as an inspiration for women everywhere to be fit and healthy; her dream is to become an ambassador for a large fitness brand, as she loves to travel her goal is to combine traveling to exoctic places with shooting on fashion assignments.

In my opinion Holly is well on her way to achieving these goals and will be an international model to look out for in the future.

Stay tuned for more adventures of the day in future blogs.

Until next week,


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