Just a Girl, a Nikon and her Pet

I’m back!  Wishing all my blog followers a Happy New Year and welcome to 2015, may it be everything you dream and much more.

We had a very quite holiday break and are now trying very hard to get back into “work mode”.   Without going into a lot of boring details a few “interesting” things happened during the break, the biggest one was a small flood which in turn affected the Studio space and means that the floor and part of the walls will need re-building.  So the Studio will be out of action for about a month (hopefully not too long) whilst repairs are done however I am excited as it will be re-done better than before and maybe will include a couple of changes.

Just before they pulled the floor up I decided I would do one quick last shoot.  I have been wanting to do a cute pet photography series with our resident mascot come assistant “Missy”.  I had so many thoughts and dreams, spent lots of time researching and finding all these photos of Guinea Pigs in cups, with little glasses on, cats on suitcases, in suitcases, sleepy kitty’s, dogs on chairs, with glasses, sleepy, well you get the picture – surely pet photography can’t be that hard ….

Firstly I gathered my prop, my very old vintage suitcase and popped a white fur lining inside for added comfort, now to entice my subject “Missy” (normally this is easy, Missy loves the Studio space).  Missy was not that co-operative, for some reason she didn’t like the case, maybe it was because of the fur lining (she is very fussy with rugs etc), so I take that out, put some treats in, entice again to no avail.  What next I wonder, so I put down the camera, get myself up off the floor and actually put her in the case, she sniffs around, I breathe a sigh of relief, success – oh wait .. not so quick she jumps straight out again.

Back to the drawing board, I find my pink feather boa and start throwing it in her direction, moving it around her nose, feet to get her interested, sadly only one swipe and she lost interest in that as well … maybe if I just put it over the case she will get in and play.  No, that doesn’t work either.  By now I am sweating more than the cat, so I pick her up again and plonk her back in the suitcase and she gets out again before I can get my camera ready, she seems to want to play this “cat and mouse” game, unfortunately I was not winning.

I finally get a brief moment of success, with just enough time to get back on the floor and pick up the camera and take a photo (that’s right – a photo, just 1) before she starts to move again, this time I just give up and just start shooting the events as they happen, she gets out of the case, comes around in front of me, lays down and refuses to look at me.  When I do convince her to look, I get the “evil” eye look and then only her side view.  After another 10 minutes I decide to put away the camera and call it a day.  5 minutes later I find her in the suitcase … are you kidding me but as soon as she sees me she is gone.  I have been told, it might be cat language but I understand her very well.


Missy starring in her own shoot


This is Pet Photography

This is Pet Photography

They do say not to work with children or animals, today I discovered why at least you don’t work with animals.  The upside is I ended up with some funny photos to share with you.

Until next week.




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