Sunflowers and other things adventure part 2

As promised a couple of weeks ago here is Part 2 of my recent trip out west.  We pick up at lunchtime in Toowoomba 🙂 . After our wonderful lunch we headed back out to in the direction of Allora in the search of better sunflower fields. Along the way we couldn’t help it but take some side roads to see what we would find.

It was not long before we came across this charming little small town called Clifton. Clifton is known for been the backdrop to many Australian movies including The Thornbirds. The railway station was in service from the 1870’s and closed in 1998. Since 2012 it has been home to the Visitors Information Centre and has some great photo opportunities. One thing you do have to watch is when you are lining up a great low shot make sure to check your surrounds otherwise you may find something a little “extra” when you download your photos and find your photoshop skills are not up to the task of removing 😉 .

Clifton Railway Station Remember to check your surrounds you may end up with a little "extra" in your photo

Clifton Railway Station
Remember to check your surrounds you may end up with a little “extra” in your photo

Heading back out of Clifton we found an almost deserted road, detour time!   We came across this rustic old farm house, having the benefit of the afternoon light, we pulled over the car and got out to explore. One thing I found is that no matter how good a friend you have, when you are petrified of snakes, they will not hold your hand so you can get up to the fence to get a better photo (they want that photo for themselves), sometimes you just have to put on your big girl pants and either walk through the weeds or stand on the road and deal with the fence in the way of your shot. For those interested my big girl pants didn’t last too long 🙂 but I still got some awesome photos, even with the fence.

Beauty even with a fence post

Beauty even with a fence post

We then continued on to find other Sunflower field but unfortunately what we found was not favourable photographically with the direction of the afternoon light. It seems that these Sunflowers don’t actually follow and face the sun (something I didn’t know). It really didn’t matter we still found many things to occupy our time.

Sunflowers in the afternoon sun

Sunflowers in the afternoon sun

As it was getting late we were hesitant but needed to start our journey home. On the way back to the coast was a small sunflower field with a windmill that was filled with birds, we couldn’t help it and had to stop.  The sunflowers were very damaged but the birds were all around.   I didn’t have a lens long enough to just stay at the car and photograph the birds from the distance so had to take small steps across the road to try and to get close enough. Each time I moved so did the birds, we had to play the game of patience. At one stage I moved a little too fast and we were left in awe when the full flock of birds just flew off the flowers and tree trunks and flew directly above us and circled around. It was something that I can’t describe the feeling in words, all I can say is WOW what a magic moment to witness.


Off again on our way home, we had to stop again just before heading down the mountain due to an accident they were clearing away. I was ‘naughty’ and took the opportunity to put down the window and start photographing the mountain side with just the right amount of light. Make the most of every situation in life, right.

We couldn’t resist the afternoon light and made a few more quick stops on the way home (Lesson – If you are not a photographer don’t travel with one unless you are happy to be late). It was a wonderful and productive day spent with friends who enjoy the simple pleasures in life. We are so blessed Australia is truly the lucky country. There is just so much country to see, explore and shoot.

Our last stop  Couldn't resist the last light of the day

Our last stop
Couldn’t resist the last light of the day

Until next week.


Valentine’s Day

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Until next week.



Sunflowers and other Interesting things

For the last 2 years I have been telling everyone (well everyone who would listen) that I was going to photograph the sunflower fields out west.  Around July last year a close photography friend of mine and I were trying to plan a day or weekend trip to do this but for many reasons we just couldn’t make it work around the right time when the sunflowers were blooming.

A few days before Christmas 2014 we were due in Toowoomba for a Christmas lunch gathering with a group of friends and that was just the right timing to add a stopover at the sunflowers to our trip.  Karen had already been up to the fields a few days before hand and had found most sunflowers were damaged due to the extreme storms and rain but we still wanted to go and check it out.

We left the Coast early and started on our journey, no real plans except to stop at photo ops and to get to lunch on time.  On the road to Warwick we decided to take a side road, to see where it went and what we would find.  Not far along around a bend we found an old house/barn with an impressive tall dead tree and just as important, interesting lighting to add to the scene.  We had to stop, investigate and shoot, lucky no cars around when we stopped very suddenly and backed the car up off the road  🙂


Continuing on we got to the first big field of sunflowers, which is just off one of the main roads, unfortunately these were very battered and not many were happy, actually they were very droopy.  Still we stopped and spent a little time walking through the field.  Back in the car we were determined to find a better field, we could see a stream of yellow in the distance we just had to find a way to get there.

Our first field we stopped at - looking very battered

Our first field we stopped at – looking very battered

Another 10 minutes and we found it, this field still has droopy sad sunflowers but also had lots of nice ones, it was yellow, as far as the eye could see, some very happy sunflowers were around us, not to mention how happy we were.  Skipping through the rows (well maybe not plus I became more concerned about snakes the further I went, so I ended up staying fairly close to my partner in crime).  We spent a lot of time here, photographing the sunflowers using different lens, different angles and techniques and I will confess I may have taken a selfie or 2 in the field.

Sunflowers from all angles

Sunflowers from all angles

Have you ever really looked close at the Sunflower?  The actual size and weight of these flowers is extraordinary, it makes you wonder how they manage to stay up so tall being top heavy and all.  If you get the opportunity to look closely at a sunflower in a field, look at it, from the front, back, right in the middle, look closely at the centre and on the edge before the leaf, just take it all in – Sunflowers are truly unique and very beautiful.

Creative photos of Sunflowers - using different lens and techniques

Creative photos of Sunflowers – using different lens and techniques

I did at one point put my camera down and just stood there amongst the sunflowers and took it all in, to see a sea of yellow as far as the eye could see, then look up to the green hills followed by the deep blue sky is in itself breathtaking – all this beauty whilst the sun is beating down on the back of your neck, you just get caught up in that scene and that moment, this is living.

Yellow Yellow everywhere

Yellow Yellow everywhere

It came time to leave and make sure we made our lunch date in Toowoomba pretty much on time, without the help of our GPS machine I might add (but that’s another story in itself).  It was a fun lunch, catching up with some great people and also meeting a few perople face to face for the first time after interacting with them on facebook for some time.  We all had a common interest and a good time was had by all.

There is so much more to our trip that happened on our way home and I want to share it all with you, so please watch out for a Part 2 in the coming weeks.  In the meantime I hope you enjoy some of my favourite photos from our morning.

Until next week


Just a Girl, a Nikon and her Pet

I’m back!  Wishing all my blog followers a Happy New Year and welcome to 2015, may it be everything you dream and much more.

We had a very quite holiday break and are now trying very hard to get back into “work mode”.   Without going into a lot of boring details a few “interesting” things happened during the break, the biggest one was a small flood which in turn affected the Studio space and means that the floor and part of the walls will need re-building.  So the Studio will be out of action for about a month (hopefully not too long) whilst repairs are done however I am excited as it will be re-done better than before and maybe will include a couple of changes.

Just before they pulled the floor up I decided I would do one quick last shoot.  I have been wanting to do a cute pet photography series with our resident mascot come assistant “Missy”.  I had so many thoughts and dreams, spent lots of time researching and finding all these photos of Guinea Pigs in cups, with little glasses on, cats on suitcases, in suitcases, sleepy kitty’s, dogs on chairs, with glasses, sleepy, well you get the picture – surely pet photography can’t be that hard ….

Firstly I gathered my prop, my very old vintage suitcase and popped a white fur lining inside for added comfort, now to entice my subject “Missy” (normally this is easy, Missy loves the Studio space).  Missy was not that co-operative, for some reason she didn’t like the case, maybe it was because of the fur lining (she is very fussy with rugs etc), so I take that out, put some treats in, entice again to no avail.  What next I wonder, so I put down the camera, get myself up off the floor and actually put her in the case, she sniffs around, I breathe a sigh of relief, success – oh wait .. not so quick she jumps straight out again.

Back to the drawing board, I find my pink feather boa and start throwing it in her direction, moving it around her nose, feet to get her interested, sadly only one swipe and she lost interest in that as well … maybe if I just put it over the case she will get in and play.  No, that doesn’t work either.  By now I am sweating more than the cat, so I pick her up again and plonk her back in the suitcase and she gets out again before I can get my camera ready, she seems to want to play this “cat and mouse” game, unfortunately I was not winning.

I finally get a brief moment of success, with just enough time to get back on the floor and pick up the camera and take a photo (that’s right – a photo, just 1) before she starts to move again, this time I just give up and just start shooting the events as they happen, she gets out of the case, comes around in front of me, lays down and refuses to look at me.  When I do convince her to look, I get the “evil” eye look and then only her side view.  After another 10 minutes I decide to put away the camera and call it a day.  5 minutes later I find her in the suitcase … are you kidding me but as soon as she sees me she is gone.  I have been told, it might be cat language but I understand her very well.


Missy starring in her own shoot


This is Pet Photography

This is Pet Photography

They do say not to work with children or animals, today I discovered why at least you don’t work with animals.  The upside is I ended up with some funny photos to share with you.

Until next week.