Photography Workshops and Retreats Tips

You are really in for a treat this week.  I am honored to bring you a guest blog from Photography Workshops and Retreats, who are based here on the Gold Coast.

So many of us love to photograph the food we eat, we snap it on our phones and share it on social media to tease our friends. With all the festivities at this time of year we thought we’d share some great tips to help you snap some delicious food shots that are sure to make your Instagram and Facebook friends jealous.

Lighting is everything. Shoot in natural light when possible. What do we mean by natural? Find a light, bright space, ideally a room with natural light streaming through a window. If the light is mostly to one side of the dish, it will add contrast and texture to your image and that’s a good thing! 

Pay attention to composition. Composition is how the food is arranged on a plate or the placement of the plate of food within a table setting.

Try different angles for different food types.  Try taking a photo looking slightly down on the food/dish rather than straight on. There will be times when a photo from directly above will work really well.

Experiment with styling. White plates are beautiful and most food will nearly always look great on them, but different is great too. Christmas time allows you to use beautifully coloured plates to give a fun, festive feel to your table. Try placing bonbons or festive decorations around the table to create an extra element of interest.

How close is too close. You want to be close enough to capture the texture and colour of your dish but not so close that you loose focus. Either fill your entire image with food only or pull back enough to see the whole plate setting.

Fresh is best. Photograph the food while it is as fresh as possible. Enjoy!

One final tip:  In the wonderful world of digital images it doesn’t cost you anything to try a variety of shots, angles, compositions and styling methods. If you only remember one thing, it’s this, photography should be fun, so get clicking, enjoy creating new images and remember to take the photos before too many bottles of bubbly have been consumed 😉

Photography Workshops and Retreats run weekend photography retreats at Couran Cove Island Resort. How to photograph food is one of many tutorials covered during their weekend photography retreat. We hope you enjoyed these ‘teaser tips’ which are sure to help you capture great images this festive season. A special thank you goes to Chef Chris of The Restaurant at Ramada Couran Cove for preparing such delicious food for us to photograph. *All images were taken during one of our tutorials on our Weekend Photography Retreat.

Thank you Kassy for featuring us this week.

Photography Workshops and Retreats is run by award winning professional photographers, Sheryn Ellis and Anita Bromley. They have been sharing their photography knowledge and teaching photography workshops for 5 years now and between them they have already tutored more than 3000 people.

Their teaching method is fun, relaxed, no jargon and hands on. All of your questions are answered, techniques shared, notes provided and most importantly you will be given assistance even after you’ve attended a workshop or retreat.

Photography Workshops and retreats offer a variety of short courses as well as Weekend Photography Retreats for anyone with an interest in photography and a love of light. If you’d like to learn more, please subscribe to them HERE or check them out on Facebook or simply email your questions directly to them:

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