World of Macro

Waking up to an overcast day would be not be ideal for some people, however in my world an overcast day offers the perfect soft diffused lighting conditions for some photography fun.  An added bonus for me was it had rained, nothing heavy just a shower that was enough to wet the ground and garden.

Today with this lovely diffused light I wanted to explore the garden further through the world of macro and right next to the front door my eye caught a spider and his full web, as it had just stopped raining the silk web was full of beaded water and I was able to get those classic web shots against a bright green background as well as some interesting photos of the spider.  Another must have shot ticked off the list.

Macro Spider

Macro Spider

After the rain and having my macro lens on the camera, I couldn’t go past getting more water droplet photos.  There were lots of drops around (without having to use a bottle or funnel), against the green leaves there were many opportunities to create some magic.   Even the weeds looked amazing in macro whilst wet 🙂


Continuing on my discovery I went over to one of our large trees that was fairly bare as it had already finished flowering.  It is amazing what you find hidden until you look carefully, bits of moss so tiny and other objects that are just hanging onto the tree, come to life in the viewfinder within the world of macro.  I spent well over half an hour just looking at each branch and photographing my findings.

What you find in the Macro World

What you find in the Macro World

Once finished with the tree, flowers close to the ground were dangling down wet from the rain, whilst wet they had some interesting patterns and colours that you would not normally see, another bonus of the world of macro.

During my exploration I did manage to find a moth resting happily on a leaf.  It was just sitting their, posing, making it a easy for me to play with.   Even if I say so myself I managed to make him look very attractive.  It is a shame it wasn’t a butterfly as I am yet to photograph them, being another must have on the list, so my attractive moth will have to do for now.


Once in the world of macro you get caught up in everything small.  Objects that you normally would not take the time to stop and look at become your focus and take on an unforgettable beauty.  For that reason in my opinion the world of macro is well worth exploring.

Until next week.


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