Creative shoot comes to Life

I am in the planning stages of a large creative personal project, that photo shoot (actually shoots, plural, I did say it’s a large project 🙂 ) is still months away from the shooting stage.  Still lots of prep work to be done, props to organise and so on.  While this is all happening I realise it has been roughly 12 months since my last on location creative shoot, no wonder that little voice in my head has been screaming at me to get moving.

Meg contacted me with the idea of using the Gold Coast Hinterland Heritage Museum as the location for a photo shoot.  Meg has chosen some period and country clothing and this location would be the perfect backdrop.  I contacted the Gold Coast Hinterland Society committee to ask permission for access to the Museum to carry out the shoot.  Lucky enough they were willing to allow the access and agreed to open on a Saturday morning for us.

That Saturday happen to be the heatwave weekend with very bright and sunny conditions.    Although limited due to the bright conditions and heat we spent a couple of hours on location shooting using several locations and props.

Here are some of my favourite photos from the day.


Meg in and around the log cabin

The original Nerang Railway Station from 1889

The original Nerang Railway Station from 1889

The Milking Shed, Okey House and General Store

The Milking Shed, Okey House and General Store

Thanks Meg for another great photoshoot.  Special thanks also to the Gold Coast Hinterland Historic Society for their permission and hospitality in allowing the use of the Muesum for this project.

Until next week.



Life Moments – Personal Milestone

A blog today? Some people may be confused receiving a blog from me today as today is not Friday nor is it Saturday. Last week I posted on my Facebook page I was going through a personal milestone and needed an extra day to finalise my usual ‘Friday Round Up’ blog.  I am not going to apologise for being later than expected because life, actually my life and my family life, got in the way and for that I will never apologise. First and foremost I am a mother and wife and no matter what, I believe, personal milestones and life moments must come before work.

Last week was a whirl-wind of emotions as our beautiful and talented daughter graduated from Year 12. Graduating high school finishes one chapter of her life and starts the next; ready and willing to explore the ‘real’ world.  Wednesday was her graduation ceremony and even though we attended with camera in hand in the end it was all about her and just how proud we are to see her on stage, shining brightly with that sense of accomplishment.

Friday was her formal, I took the day off from work to spend the day with her and enjoy each moment as it happened.  She arrived home from her farewell ceremony from school with her white school shirt covered in writing with messages of luck, goodbyes and love – this took me back to my childhood and the day where I did the exact same thing, memories you treasure forever.

Next thing you know it is time to get her hair and makeup done, Caitlin’s chosen make up artist is Morgan from Morgan Leigh Makeup Artistry, who has worked with some of my clients in the past.  First came the hair in hot rollers (of course I had to Instagram the whole experience) then makeup, eyes, blush, lips etc. I watched as Morgan transformed my beautiful girl into a beautiful, all grown up, woman. This transformation of my baby (yes I will always call her that 🙂 ) into a woman is one of those life moments ‘milestones’ I am grateful to be here for, standing proudly by her side.

Once the hair and makeup are complete, it’s time to get dressed. The dress is a stunning navy blue dress that we drove all the way to Brisbane to find and when she put it on it fitted her perfectly, as though it was made only for her.  By now the emotions I am feeling, as a mother, are a jumbled mixture of love, pride, overwhelm, happiness, joy and even a twinge of sadness (my baby is growing up so fast). My emotions overwhelm me, mostly in a perfectly good way, however it is because of my emotions that I knew I would want to ‘be in the moment’ and to enjoy the whole experience so I chose not to photograph her.  I asked one of my best friends, Sheryn of Live in Love Photography, to capture the photos including a special one of Mother and Daughter that I will proudly display, in print, on my wall, for many years to come.

Would you believe this day keeps getting better. Caitlin is dressed and ready, the professional photos have been taken and we are now about to head into the Marriott.  One of my very generous friends has allowed me to borrow her convertible BMW to drive my baby into the Marriott.  Caitlin wanted to arrive with her best friend so after a few more quick photos, off we go, us in the BMW and Tylah and her date in a blue hot rod behind us.  It goes without saying, of course we went ‘topless’ in the “B-Ma”, the girls taking selfies and laughing the entire trip in (and of course, by topless, we do mean we had the top down in the convertible!) Oh and if the truth be told, Caitlin and I were laughing because the indicator was on the wrong side of the car (compared to mine) and every time I needed to indicate I activated the windscreen wipers, with no idea how to switch them off! Honestly, this was one of the best times of my life with my daughter and hopefully something that every mother gets to experience within their lifetime.

Now to wrap this up I must also tell you that after the formal came the ‘after party’ and now we are in the middle of ‘schoolies’… Oh My Goodness, our 18 year old is really out in the world and these emotions are a whole new ballgame, one I didn’t expect to play; the worry, panic and general feelings of knowing she is finally free and out doing her own thing, not having to come home or fully check in – this was something I was not prepared for. I know now that I do owe my own mother an apology – you really don’t know how much a mother worries until you are in that position yourself. Let me tell you, letting go that first time is not for the faint hearted!

I hope the ramblings of a mother have explained why it’s taken me a little longer than expected to sit down and put my emotions into words and at the same time I hope I’ve given you a laugh or two. Thank you for indulging me as I share my personal life moment milestone.

My Beautiful and Talented Daughter

My Beautiful and Talented Daughter

A very Proud Mum, existing in photos

A very Proud Mum, existing in photos

This Friday I will be back to share with you my recent photography creative shoot.

Until Friday,


World of Macro

Waking up to an overcast day would be not be ideal for some people, however in my world an overcast day offers the perfect soft diffused lighting conditions for some photography fun.  An added bonus for me was it had rained, nothing heavy just a shower that was enough to wet the ground and garden.

Today with this lovely diffused light I wanted to explore the garden further through the world of macro and right next to the front door my eye caught a spider and his full web, as it had just stopped raining the silk web was full of beaded water and I was able to get those classic web shots against a bright green background as well as some interesting photos of the spider.  Another must have shot ticked off the list.

Macro Spider

Macro Spider

After the rain and having my macro lens on the camera, I couldn’t go past getting more water droplet photos.  There were lots of drops around (without having to use a bottle or funnel), against the green leaves there were many opportunities to create some magic.   Even the weeds looked amazing in macro whilst wet 🙂


Continuing on my discovery I went over to one of our large trees that was fairly bare as it had already finished flowering.  It is amazing what you find hidden until you look carefully, bits of moss so tiny and other objects that are just hanging onto the tree, come to life in the viewfinder within the world of macro.  I spent well over half an hour just looking at each branch and photographing my findings.

What you find in the Macro World

What you find in the Macro World

Once finished with the tree, flowers close to the ground were dangling down wet from the rain, whilst wet they had some interesting patterns and colours that you would not normally see, another bonus of the world of macro.

During my exploration I did manage to find a moth resting happily on a leaf.  It was just sitting their, posing, making it a easy for me to play with.   Even if I say so myself I managed to make him look very attractive.  It is a shame it wasn’t a butterfly as I am yet to photograph them, being another must have on the list, so my attractive moth will have to do for now.


Once in the world of macro you get caught up in everything small.  Objects that you normally would not take the time to stop and look at become your focus and take on an unforgettable beauty.  For that reason in my opinion the world of macro is well worth exploring.

Until next week.


Random Social Media Poll

This month I am so excited to be involved in a creative themed photo shoot on location at a local historic place and can’t wait to blog and share the process.  In between planning I decided to post a totally random daily poll question on my social media. It was an interesting and fun exercise. Why? Well firstly because I didn’t explain why I just asked a daily question and each day shared the results. Ok, I will now come clean and confess I had it planned, it was designed to give me a topic to photograph each day for 5 days.

So Day 1 I asked the question “What do you like more, Blue Sky or Clouds?” Not many people took part on Day 1 but of the responses received Clouds got more votes. So the following day I went out and photographed Clouds, Morning, daytime and coming into evening. Here are my best 3 images from the day.

Day 1 - Clouds

Day 1 – Clouds

Day 2 I asked another random question “What do you like more – Oranges or Apples?” Still minimal response received but of the votes Apples was the clear favourite.  Again the next day I picked up my camera and photographed Apples.  I decided to use studio lighting and a white background with a macro lens.  When processing I chose a collection showing the apple in different angles.  I played with Black and White processing and felt that by taking away the colour  you could still without doubt know it is an apple.  Here are my 3 favourite photos from the play.

Day 2 - Apples in Spotlight

Day 2 – Apples in Spotlight

Day 3 I asked my social media audience again a random question – “What do you like more Zippers or Buttons” This time I started to get conversation, some preferred zippers on jeans and buttons on shirts but at the end of the day the zipper was the clear front runner.  So the following day I again took to the studio to photograph zippers with the mission of making the photos interesting and unique.  Here are my best 3, was I successful in my mission, well you decide.

Day 3 - The essential Zipper

Day 3 – The essential Zipper

Day 4 I asked again another question “What do you prefer Beach or Country” this question really got people talking and many came out of the woodworks, it was a very close poll and some answers really depended on peoples mood at the time.  The most votes in the end was to the Beach.  Great! Time to grab the thongs and head down to the local beach for an afternoon stroll with the camera.  Here are a few images and what I found.

Day 4 - The Beach

Day 4 – The Beach

Day 5 my last day torturing my social media friends I save the best until last and asked “What do you prefer Colour or Black and White” this question got the most response and for most people it was hard to separate as we all like both at different times and for different reasons, I actually made some people who were sitting on the fence choose one or the other.  I needed an answer so I knew what to photograph the next day.  It was so close, however Colour won out in the end.  A perfect end to my madness and for the next day my life was full of colour.  Here are my favourite of the colour photos.

Day 5 "My life is full of Colour"

Day 5 “My life is full of Colour”

At the end of 5 days I had successfully taken many photos, interacted with my friends and followers on social media and had a bit of fun in the process and best of all had this weeks blog all worked out and done.  Thanks for all the help.

Until next week,