A trip in the Country

When I find myself getting burnt out or just need to grab a fresh perspective on something, I grab my camera, phone and car keys and just head out for a drive, Destination unknown, time is not an issue, just me, my camera and my thoughts.

Sometime back when feeling this way, I took a drive into the country, in the North Coast of NSW I came across this small village not too far away from Lismore called “Bexhill”, this small village has a population of less than 500 people.  It might be small but is home to something very special.

When driving through the town I saw a sign directing me to Inspiration Point and the Open Air Cathedral, just perfect for a day like today when needing a place to be still.  I had to go and check it out.

On entering and walking up the pathway I was greeted with signs that told me a little of the history and purpose, they confirm this is a place of worship and is to be respected.  At the top of the archway mounted on some timber is a beautiful verse that I just had to stop and read, it certainly set the tone.

You are warmly greeted when you enter

You are warmly greeted when you enter

Walking further through the path I felt warm, comfortable and welcome to this area, the benches invite you to sit down, whether for a minute or an hour, you sit and take in the incredible view.  I am surrounded by nature, love and peace.  When ready to leave I feel the weight of the world off my shoulders, it is certainly an experience to remember.

Open Air Cathedral and View at Bexhill

Open Air Cathedral and View at Bexhill

Open Air Cathedral at Bexhill

Open Air Cathedral at Bexhill

When I arrived home feeling refreshed I had to jump onto google and find out more.  “The Open Air Cathedral has been maintained by the Christian Church for over 50 years and is a perfect place for either an outdoor wedding or a quiet spot to sit and reflect.” “The Cathedral overlooks the Corndale Valley with views of the Nightcap National Park in the distance.” Yes I was right, a great find and a very special place.  If you are interested in more details please check out their website.

Until next week.



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