Pink October

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. A couple of different types of events can be held during the month being a Girl’s night in or a Pink Ribbon Fundraiser with the official Pink Ribbon Day to be held on 27 October 2014.

Prior to 2008 I had very little knowledge about Cancer and especially Breast Cancer. Growing up I knew a couple of my family’s friends who had Breast Cancer and had operations and treatment. Actually we often joke now 20 years later that a certain family friend used to walk down the shops with a bird seed stuffed bra with the birds following close behind as it slowly fell out and on the ground.

Now before I get the hate mail, I do know that Cancer in any form is not a laughing matter, those who have followed me for a long time know this story well, so forgive me whilst I share again.

Just 5 days after Mother’s day in 2008 I had a telephone call that changed my outlook on this disease and my life. My sister in law was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and needed an immediate operation as it was in the high risk category. During the next 18 months Carine was Cancer free for 3 months but sadly lost her battle.

She was an amazing positive lady who gave it her all, she fought so hard, it just wasn’t enough in this case. We badly need those research funds to find a cure so those like Carine don’t leave our lives too early. Since having this experience so close to home I have each year since 2009 being involved in at least one fundraiser each year raising funds and doing my bit.

The month I decided to turn my Instagram account (SoloImagesPhoto) Pink for the month of October, sharing a photo a day within the Pink theme.   Feel free to follow me and see all my pink photos on Instagram.

Instagram - Day 1 October Pink Photos 4 Pink Chairs on the Beach

Instagram – Day 1 October Pink Photos
4 Pink Chairs on the Beach

Day 2  Pink flowers in Sunlight

Day 2
Pink flowers in Sunlight

Day 3 Pink Sunset

Day 3
Pink Sunset

At the end of the month I will personally donate $49.00 to the Pink Ribbon Fundraiser being $1 for each pink photo during October and $18 to represent Carine’s battle.  To most of you this will sound like a very small amount, yes it is and I wish I could afford more. I have already this year taken part in the Biggest Morning Tea raising funds so every little bit counts and when it comes down to it I know my Angel in the sky knows this comes from my heart and soul and is done out of love for such a wonderful women who remains on my fridge and in my heart forever.

Until Next Week,



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