Just a Girl with a Nikon

It is a typical Spring afternoon on the Gold Coast, the day has been warm but not too hot, the sun is slowly setting in the West as day turns into night.  There is no one around me other than the sounds of nature and the occasional bark from a dog before I see the human walking them.  In the distance I see a couple walking to the other side of the lake to set up drinks and nibbles as they prepare to watch the sunset together.

As I sit here on the edge of the broadwalk, reflecting on my day, thoughts turn and I centre myself to my current surroundings and just take it all in.  Peace is all around, there is now nothing except a girl and her Nikon.


I stroll around the path near the lakes edge and hear a distinctive “honk” from a very friendly and loud Swan, he/she comes right to the water’s edge and is happy for me to get up close and take some photos before we both continue on our way down the path.  It follows me for awhile and stops just before the jetty poles as I turn to walk out on the jetty.  I think it thought I would have fed it by now so it gave up.

As I am standing on the jetty the sun is fading and just about to head behind the hills, the sunset is enhanced with the presence of clouds both white and with a slight shade of grey.  The sky is turning orange and pink and is now fading fast.  I quickly keep snapping frantically off frames from different angles, zooming in and further out.  Even though my eye is firmly against the viewfinder I can still appreciate all the beauty of what is happening and where I am standing, out on the water in the total peace and quiet.


Dusk is here, the street lights are coming on, one after the other and whilst I am slowly strolling back to my car I am watching for hints of light dancing off the buildings and surrounding objects.  The way the light hits enchances the colours in the architecture and something I love to see, watch and of course photograph.


Just a Girl with a Nikon - Exploring a love of Photography

Just a Girl with a Nikon – Exploring a love of Photography

It amazes me that no matter how many times I visit Emerald Lakes there is something new, different and exciting to see and photograph every time.

It is just another great end to a day in the life of a girl who loves her Nikon and her photography.

Until next week.


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