Life Begins

Life begins after my morning coffee and breakfast with my cat (better known to most of you as Missy, my live studio mascot) not to be confused with my other mascot in the studio which is my angry bird (that’s not a real bird, just a soft toy) anyway getting off track here back to my start to the day, I do a quick check of the daily news on my ipad then check in with the news of Facebook and photos on Instagram.  Once I have done this I am ready to face the world.

Life Begins after Coffee

Life Begins after Coffee

So you may ask what I do when not shooting, well to help afford the “toys” I have an office job as well as taking care of the business side of Solo Images and keeping up to date on processing, writing blogs, updating the website and of course getting out taking photos.   On top of all of this there is a creative urge that needs to be scratched and nurtured.  I am currently working on a plan for a huge personal project in the next 12 months which I am teaming up with a local artist in the hope that we can exhibit together once complete.  10 iconic people in iconic poses, of course there is a twist but that is all the hint I will give at this time, believe me, it will be worth it.

This of course involves lots of research, organisation and preparation.  I have been having a great time getting an inspiration mood board together on Pinterest and other forms of social media and google and bookmarking all the relevant information.  This can also be a curse as you can get so caught up and waste so much time.  Actually I had that happen today, instead of writing this blog and loading on the website, I was on Facebook and googling about instagram and apps for my new iphone (found some great ones, by the way).  I ended up wasting most of the day away.   I guess you can chalk it up to research, might come up in a future blog  😉 .  It is a timely reminder to get off the computer and get out into the fresh air.



Within the next couple of months I will be doing casting calls, organising props and putting together a great team for this exciting personal project.  If you are interesting in working with me, keep a look out on Facebook or email me on for further information.

Until next week.



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