A Photo A Day Project – Part 4

Continuing on with my daily insights from my July Photo A Day Project, here is week 4, days 22 to 28.

Day 22

It’s a cool morning and around lunchtime down came the rain, even though I don’t have a garden I can appreciate that the rain is needed.  Come late afternoon the rain has eased and the wind has picked up, it is grey, cloudy and cold outside.  I have the perfect image in mind for today, just need to find the perfect location and subject.  A bare tree trunk in front of the grey and interesting cloud formations – Today’s photo transforms into “Dark and Gloomy”

SoloImages_PADBlog (1 of 7)

Day 23

At the end of a day chained to the office desk I take a late afternoon stroll near the farm on the way home.  Whilst playing with the macro settings on my camera I photograph a tree stump, the wood has split open in several places and it very dry.  By using the macro setting the textures within the wood are highlighted.  To add another element in processing I use sepia toning to really enhance the lines and textures of the wood.  Today’s photo “In Pieces”.

SoloImages_PADBlog (2 of 7)

Day 24

An impromptu trip to my hairdresser to say hi and to meet their new makeup artist provided opportunity for today’s photo.  Whilst sitting chatting I noticed this really cool looking money box with pictures of France stuck all over it, that sounds normal – but wait the money box had a timer clock stuck on the side, so unusual, so me.  Another bonus in a hairdressing salon you are surrounded by mirrors, so perfect to create reflections and come up with a great photo of the day.  A little colour filter added in processing makes this even more unique – Today’s photo is appropriately named “Time for Money”.

SoloImages_PADBlog (3 of 7)

Day 25

Thank goodness it’s Friday – come 5pm I am on my way home driving on the parkway (that’s a road, not a park for those wondering) and noticed the sun streaming across the fields – Im quick to turn on the indicator and pull off to the side of the road.  I am greeted by the last light catching on the strands of foxtail grass up against the fence line.  What beautiful light and framing for the sunset, the perfect view to end the week.  Today’s photo “Silhouettes of Dusk”

SoloImages_PADBlog (4 of 7)

Day 26

A social day today catching up with a girlfriend for an afternoon of wine, good food and company and I was too busy socialising to stop and think to take my photo of the day.  I finally realised on the way home and decided to take a quick detour into Emerald Lakes, there is always something here interesting to photograph.  By the time I got out of the car I was almost dark.  The first thing that caught my eye was the direct soft light coming from the lamp post next to the sandstone stairs and was shining up to the overhanging plants on part of the wall.  I took many photos from all sides and angles.  When I got home and looked I found one that had just enough elements to give the impression of a laneway, maybe like where “Jack the Ripper” would have been.  Today’s photo is appropriately named “The Laneway”

SoloImages_PADBlog (5 of 7)

Day 27

Sunday, Sunday another lazy Sunday :).  I am wandering the house looking for ideas, shapes, something out of the ordinary, something a little different.  In my reading room I have this stunning large mirror which when you look from the side you appreciate the scalloped edging and the textured details within the finish.  I squish my nose and face almost on the wall so I can get in nice and close and take a photo of a small section of the mirror to show off the details without showing too much of what it is.  In processing I added more light effect on the left side to further enhance the shape and detail.  Today’s photo is “Wall Shapes”

SoloImages_PADBlog (6 of 7)

Day 28

For a long time I have been researching and bookmarking different types of photos and techniques to try.  On the list was to photograph eating utensils in a unusual way.  Today I headed to the kitchen draw and grabbed a couple of forks.  At first I thought the stainless steel on the sink would give me a great reflective surface however due to the ripples this was not what I had pictured in my head.  Working with what I had I found an effect that was pleasing and at least interesting.  In processing I decided to use a sepia colour and increased the high key effect to highlight the forks.  Although happy with the final image this is a technique  I need to work on to nail.  Today’s photo becomes “Intertwined”.

SoloImages_PADBlog (7 of 7)

Week 4 of my project complete only 3 more days of July to blog.  Next week I will share with you the final few days of images and some out takes and favourites to wrap up the month and my July personal project.

Until next week.


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