Photo A Day Project – Part 3

As of today my Photo A Day Project for July is complete, 31 days and 31 photos all using my Olympus OMD-EM5 camera with the 12-50mm lens.  In this weeks blog I share with you my daily insights of Week 3, days 15 to 21.

Day 15

Nothing inspiring caught my eye today whilst at the office or driving around.  Once at home I looked around the house to see what struck or inspired me.  My “red light” lamp in the corner of my reading room caught my eye, a normal every day item now the challenge was to make it more interesting – I decided to isolate a section of the lamp to capture the glow of light, the lines, shapes and texture of the holder – Today’s photo transforms into “Seeing the Light”.


Day 16

Playing around with my shells tonight, taking photos using a mirror to create different effects.  To be honest I have taken so many photos of them in the past I really wasn’t finding the photos inspirational.  It was then that my hubby picked up a shell and held it at a side angle, which allowed me to see it differently and capture the spiral and shapes from the side of the shell using my macro setting.  The shell is natural looking with tones of cream and brown so in processing I decided to apply a filter to change some of the colour and loved the effect.  Today’s photo is “Going around in Circles” because at the end I felt like I had gone around in circles to find a new way to photo this object.


Day 17.

I took some time out in the late afternoon to catch the last of the sun and have a break from my desk.  Next to the office we have a row of plants separating us from our neighbour.  Amongst the leaves of this plant they have the tiniest buds that bloom for a short time into pink flowers.  Again using the macro setting on my lens and angle the camera to catch the light only on the flower today’s photo was created and appropriately named “Out of the Darkness”.



Day 18

A great friend and photography buddy of mine, who is also taking part in a photo a day for July, has been sharing his macro photos via facebook.  Some have a country element comprising of images featuring rust, timber and wire.  I really enjoy his photography and especially liked these images so that inspired me to detour past the farm on the way home to capture something with a country feel.  The light rays were beaming through the trees and light was catching on the twist of metal on the barb wire fence nearby, something so simply and practical looked so beautiful like this – Today’s photo “A Twist of Light”.


Day 19

It’s cold and has been raining but it’s Saturday – a perfect day to spend indoors in my pj’s reading a book and watching movies.  Come the afternoon I realise I need to pick up my camera and take a photo for the day, oh dear what do I do?  Looking around the bedroom my bedside table has these thick black heavy handles and when you look close at the handle, it looks like it’s smiling at you (maybe I have had too much coffee 😉 )  To add further interest to my photo I again added a colour filter during processing.  Today’s photo is “Get a Grip”.


Day 20

I playing today with reflections using a mirror and household objects.  I come across my tealight white lantern, a gift from my sister in law, and using the mirror for reflection and movement by slowing the shutter speed and moving the camera during the exposure combined with a custom white balance setting I create a object that looks like it is submerging into the deep ocean at a fast pace, it’s really cool and in my opinion impressive 🙂 Today’s photo is appropriated named “Submerged”.


Day 21

Another late afternoon break in the office (Is there a re-occurring pattern here 😉 ) I look out the window and see that the sun has fallen just at the right angle between the buildings to create shadow pockets on the textured outside wall from the plants.  I quickly grab my camera and head outside to capture what my eyes see before the sun fades behind the trees.  Today’s photo “Dancing in the Shadows”.


So another week of my project complete and I am thrilled with my daily results.  It is really one day at a time and you have to think outside the box to come up with something each day from my daily life travels.  I hope you are enjoying this series and much as I am.


Until next week.


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