Photo A Day Project – Part 3

As of today my Photo A Day Project for July is complete, 31 days and 31 photos all using my Olympus OMD-EM5 camera with the 12-50mm lens.  In this weeks blog I share with you my daily insights of Week 3, days 15 to 21.

Day 15

Nothing inspiring caught my eye today whilst at the office or driving around.  Once at home I looked around the house to see what struck or inspired me.  My “red light” lamp in the corner of my reading room caught my eye, a normal every day item now the challenge was to make it more interesting – I decided to isolate a section of the lamp to capture the glow of light, the lines, shapes and texture of the holder – Today’s photo transforms into “Seeing the Light”.


Day 16

Playing around with my shells tonight, taking photos using a mirror to create different effects.  To be honest I have taken so many photos of them in the past I really wasn’t finding the photos inspirational.  It was then that my hubby picked up a shell and held it at a side angle, which allowed me to see it differently and capture the spiral and shapes from the side of the shell using my macro setting.  The shell is natural looking with tones of cream and brown so in processing I decided to apply a filter to change some of the colour and loved the effect.  Today’s photo is “Going around in Circles” because at the end I felt like I had gone around in circles to find a new way to photo this object.


Day 17.

I took some time out in the late afternoon to catch the last of the sun and have a break from my desk.  Next to the office we have a row of plants separating us from our neighbour.  Amongst the leaves of this plant they have the tiniest buds that bloom for a short time into pink flowers.  Again using the macro setting on my lens and angle the camera to catch the light only on the flower today’s photo was created and appropriately named “Out of the Darkness”.



Day 18

A great friend and photography buddy of mine, who is also taking part in a photo a day for July, has been sharing his macro photos via facebook.  Some have a country element comprising of images featuring rust, timber and wire.  I really enjoy his photography and especially liked these images so that inspired me to detour past the farm on the way home to capture something with a country feel.  The light rays were beaming through the trees and light was catching on the twist of metal on the barb wire fence nearby, something so simply and practical looked so beautiful like this – Today’s photo “A Twist of Light”.


Day 19

It’s cold and has been raining but it’s Saturday – a perfect day to spend indoors in my pj’s reading a book and watching movies.  Come the afternoon I realise I need to pick up my camera and take a photo for the day, oh dear what do I do?  Looking around the bedroom my bedside table has these thick black heavy handles and when you look close at the handle, it looks like it’s smiling at you (maybe I have had too much coffee 😉 )  To add further interest to my photo I again added a colour filter during processing.  Today’s photo is “Get a Grip”.


Day 20

I playing today with reflections using a mirror and household objects.  I come across my tealight white lantern, a gift from my sister in law, and using the mirror for reflection and movement by slowing the shutter speed and moving the camera during the exposure combined with a custom white balance setting I create a object that looks like it is submerging into the deep ocean at a fast pace, it’s really cool and in my opinion impressive 🙂 Today’s photo is appropriated named “Submerged”.


Day 21

Another late afternoon break in the office (Is there a re-occurring pattern here 😉 ) I look out the window and see that the sun has fallen just at the right angle between the buildings to create shadow pockets on the textured outside wall from the plants.  I quickly grab my camera and head outside to capture what my eyes see before the sun fades behind the trees.  Today’s photo “Dancing in the Shadows”.


So another week of my project complete and I am thrilled with my daily results.  It is really one day at a time and you have to think outside the box to come up with something each day from my daily life travels.  I hope you are enjoying this series and much as I am.


Until next week.



Photo A Day Project

When I started this project I had a clear direction in my head as to how I would present this personal project on my blog, I was going to give you an insight into how each day’s image came to be. However since writing the first instalment “Dealing with Life’s Challenges” this did not happen with the first 7 days worth of photos, but that initial blog hopefully did give you some background on my project, so it was sort of an insight.

Anyway, seems like I might be rambling this week. Lets get back to the plan and let me go forward with Week 2 of my July Photo A Day, photos Day 8 to 14.

Day 8
A long day at the office today; inspiration was sorely lacking until I got back home, kicked off shoes, said hi to hubby and cat, jumped into my comfy clothes and made a cup of tea – looked up and saw my beautiful large wall clock with it’s reference to Paris – and that was when the inspiration struck me and I took a photo of my clock at the time I was making my cup of tea and appropriately named “Back Home”.

Day 9
Another day in front of the computer and I was missing the beautiful day outside. I know the lake behind the office gets the afternoon sun so I took 5 minutes to go out for a stroll and clear the head just before the sun dipped below the trees. Today’s photo “Last light on the Lake” screams ‘time out’ and ‘peace’, something we should all get from time to time.


Day 10
Running around like crazy today and have had no time to pick up my camera at all. It’s now getting to 6pm and I have no idea what to photograph. What would inspire, what is something not too plain? Again passing through the kitchen I see my large glass jar of preserved fruit (a gift from my mum from Italy) and at the top there is this beautiful braided knot separating the glass from the green fabric top – Today’s photo, get in nice and close and showcase the knot.


Day 11
I love geckos and we have many on our fridge. In the perfect light they reflect off the surface of the brushed steel. I wanted to try and capture this within the photo, of course maybe I should have cleaned the gecko and fridge first, (got to love macro photography, with all the ‘fine’ detail). Today’s photo becomes “Stuck on You”.


Day 12
Driving back home from the shops late on Saturday afternoon, I caught a glimpse of the moon rising and remembered that today is the ‘super moon’. I turned the car around and headed to a nearby lake to take some photos. The moon was looming large and bright, it’s reflection shimmering across the lake, but in my mind I thought it’s been done before. What can I do? I walked around until I found a position where the top’s of the trees were concealing the moon slightly. The photo I took has the trees silhouetted by the moon beautifully, just the something different I was looking for.


Day 13
Sunday afternoon, while I was playing around in my studio and setting out some clothes and accessories, I spied my pink feather boa and thought, “maybe I should put this on my mannequin and take a photo”. I mean, what else do you do when there is no one there to pose for you? Today’s photo “Every women needs a feather boa” (well in my opinion).


Day 14
The night that created last weeks blog, such a great night and loads of fun, this story has already been told so today’s photo “Pickled by Candlelight” was born.


That is my insight and the end of week two. Hopefully this week’s ramblings have kept you enthralled until the end, and that you will join me for my next instalment.

Until next week.


This week I was given a photo challenge by a good friend and fellow artist, Michelle, to create an inspiring photo from the following ingredients, a bottle of wine, wine glasses, candle, plate and nibbles.  Now I will add a disclaimer that prior to been given this challenge we had already opened the bottle of wine and started to consume the contents.

Looking at the ingredients above, the first thing that came to mind was to use the plate of nibbles , wine bottle and glass and came up with a theme of “pickled”, which when translated into English means intoxicated.  The first attempt at the challenge was pretty basic – not much inspiring about this photo other than seeing the ingredients, it really does nothing for me and doesn’t tell the story at all.

Attempt 1

Attempt 1

Onto attempt number 2 – take away the bottle and just have the empty wine glasses with the plate – a little better but still boring and not telling the story.  Well she did say it was a “challenge” (Disclaimer number 2 – contents of wine glasses were emptied liberally 🙂 )

Attempt Number 2

Attempt Number 2

Attempt number 3 – by now adding in the candle for some mood lighting, take away the plate and one of the glasses (as it was needed for re-hydration purposes) take a photo from above – much better, now we are getting somewhere but I still feel there is something missing – need to change the angle of the photo.

Attempt Number 3 - Getting close

Attempt Number 3 – Getting close

Attempt number 4 – We have a Winner!!! Same ingredients but this time photo taken from a different angle, down low.  In my opinion this photo creates the right mood, tells the story and in the end – challenge accepted and completed and a good excuse to empty the bottle in celebration.

Challenge Complete Final photo

Challenge Complete
Final photo

Thanks Michelle for the challenge and inspiration.  It was loads of fun.

Until next week.


Dealing with Life’s Challenges

For those who don’t follow Solo Images on Facebook, last week’s blog got interrupted by my wonderful 2 left feet that left me with a hair line fracture in my hand/finger. Damn! Perfect record of no broken bones gone 🙂

Once I got the news I was very cross and angry, so much disruption to my pretty normal life, after 20 plus years of touch typing now relearning one handed (Did you know it is harder for the brain to remember how to spell words, when your fingers know the spelling by heart, well it’s true) let’s not mention all the other areas that I now need help with, so much for independence. After a couple of days of honestly feeling sorry for myself, I had to take check, it’s only one hand and just temporary (as long as I am good), there are so many people in this world dealing with stuff much worse in their life than me. So I picked myself up and continue on with life much more positive – onward and upward with life and my blog.

At the beginning of July I undertook another Photo A Day challenge, this year to add challenge and interest I put a stipulation that was a Photo A Day using a particular lens focal length. I chose my prime 50mm lens. I was doing really well and totally on track up until Day 3




Temporary cast on and I just found it too difficult to hold the camera with only one good hand, so I changed my stipulation to allow myself to use another lens, my 12 to 50mm on my trusted “OLY”, the only camera I can manage and my saving grace over the past week. Rules are made to be broken or adapted right 🙂

As of today I am happy to say that I have made it work, Today is Day 11 and I am going strong, proving to myself that whatever life challenges are thrown you way if you really want it you can find a way to make like work. Be grateful for what you have and work with what you don’t. There is always someone worse off, embrace each situation to find a solution.

Days 4 to 7

Days 4 to 7

I am also happy to report that by being good (and maybe bribing the Doc 😉 ) they have removed the cast providing I “buddy strap” the fractured finger area up for the next 3 weeks. A positive mind and being grateful has many benefits in life, why are we so quick to forget that?

Until next week.