A Different Perspective

This month the AIPP (for those non photography blog followers, this stands for Australian Institute of Professional Photographers) held their annual Event, this is a photography conference that runs for 3 days and is packaged with guest speakers, workshops and of course some social and networking opportunities.

This year was my first time attending The Event and wow what a jam packed 3 days it was. Each day had a keynote speaker and then you had choice for either workshops or seminars to attend for the rest of the day.   For me there were many light bulb moments, absolute heart pulling, tear creating seminars and also some totally inspiring and thought provoking moments over the 3 day period.  Each speaker I saw deserves a blog on its own as I took different things away for each person, too much to summarise today.

This blog I wanted to focus on the seminar I attended by Tony Hewitt, Tony specialises in Fine Art Landscapes.  Tony has a very creative mind and can see magic in the plainest of subjects.  Tony has vision and can recite poetry on what he sees within his own mind and transforms into his fine art image.  Tony spoke about finding inspiration and creativity in your photography.   Tony said some key things during his talk “keep looking for your own style, it hides beneath you, allow your own style to come through, don’t be afraid to bring your vision to life as your mind saw it, don’t be afraid to try, give yourself permission to fail, this is how we grow.” All of this gave me plenty to think about.

After The Event was over I was keen to put what Tony said into practise, I am stuck in a rut and need to allow my creativity freedom to flow, it has been squashed by desk and paperwork for too long.  This is my chance to look for and find my own style.  Time for another road trip out west, this time we decided to head out to Warwick.  I didn’t want to just take my normal lens and camera and thought it would be the perfect opportunity to test out the Lens Baby Composer Pro, this is a manual focus lens that you drop in a specific aperture disk and use the swivel of the lens to find your focus area and allow some creative movement or blur effects in other areas of the photo – it’s pretty cool but needs some getting used to, some, well I should say a lot.  I was excited to get out for the day and “play” and see what I could create with this little “fun” lens.

I found the Lens Baby a little hit and miss, something you need to practise and need time to master but keeping Tony’s voice in my head each time we stopped I would take in the scene and let my mind decide what my photo was to be.  This is a great technique if you are struggling to find that creative edge or just need a push – again with Tony in mind, “allowing yourself to fail, to grow, that way if you are prepared to do the things that don’t really work, you will find out what does work”

As you will see by my photos, some ideas worked and some didn’t – some things that were in my head didn’t quite get the message across and some did.

The movement in the trees and earth yet a silent and still clear reflection of our beautiful earth

The movement in the trees and earth yet a silent and still has a part of a clear reflection of our beautiful earth, a metaphor for life (perhaps?)

The darkness of the forest trees from a new perspective

The darkness of the forest trees from a new perspective

Chaos on a clear winters day

Chaos on a clear winters day – did it work??? I’m not sure

So much more in my head.  I saw mist, light, trees, separation - all of which doesn't quite come through on this photo

So much more in my head.
I saw mist, light, trees, separation – all of which doesn’t quite come through on this photo

A different perspective.  Isolate, use lines and patterns. Don't be afraid to only show a part not the whole.  It might tell your story better

A different perspective.
Isolate, use lines and patterns.
Don’t be afraid to only show a part not the whole. It might tell your story better

So what did I learn and take away from this experience, new techniques – take time and practise to master.  It also takes time to allow your mind to open and visualise and let creativity flow, so spend time getting to know your location and play with the angles and above all else listen to that inner voice and allow the magic to happen, above all else don’t stop clicking and trying new things.

Until next week.


What does a You are Beautiful photo session feel like?

I would like to share with you a little about a truly amazing woman I had the pleasure to have in my studio for a full day ‘You are Beautiful’ photography session.

Meet Bailey, a wife and mother of 4 children, the eldest is age 12.  Bailey met her husband in High School about 15 years ago.  They fell in love and the rest, as the saying goes, is history! Now if you think that having 4 children and a husband is enough to keep anyone busy, add in a full time career in the very busy corporate world and you start to get a picture of how much of a super woman Bailey is.

Bailey’s friends describe her as a very generous person, hard working, a loving wife and mother and someone who never stops to consider her needs above those of her family and friends.  It was Bailey’s friends who encouraged her to take some time out for herself and book a ‘You are Beautiful’ photography session.

Bailey arrived at the studio at 10am and although nervous she was ready for a day that was ‘all about her’.  After a consultation regarding our wardrobe selections for the photography shoot, my hair and make up artist and stylist, Tami from Tami Perrin Hair & Makeup (also Dr Dread) transformed the ‘everyday Bailey’ into a much more ‘glamour Bailey’ giving her the ‘You are Beautiful’ – 5 star make-over treatment.

We were now ready to shoot.  Both Tami and I agreed that Bailey looks sensational however Bailey’s nerves were getting the better of her (remember, this is something she has never done before) and she was feeling a little anxious.  We decided a little ‘dutch courage’ was needed (translation: a small glass of champagne and a good old fashioned pep talk from me) . I’m not sure which one did the trick, Bailey now appeared relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera as she put her trust in my ‘You are Beautiful’ experience.

You are Beautiful - Bailey

You are Beautiful – Bailey

You are Beautiful

You are Beautiful

A couple of outfit changes and some stunning images later, we took a break for lunch.  It was lovely to unwind, rest, chat and enjoy a cheese and nibble platter in our relaxing lounge area.

After lunch Tami adjusted Bailey’s makeup and styled out her hair with more volume as we headed into our final 2 looks, the ultimate in glamour and cocktail outfits.  Bailey was now well versed on the posing and giving her body a workout that can only be described as Yoga come Pilates, I call it ‘yogalates’, (a workout which Bailey telephoned to thank me for the following day 🙂 ).  By now we were really in the groove and the images shone with personality.

Ultimate Glamour Bailey

Ultimate Glamour

Ultimate Glamour with You are Beautiful - Bailey

Ultimate Glamour with
You are Beautiful – Bailey

At the end of the day we got a couple of photos “just for hubby” and then the whole ‘You are Beautiful’ photography session was over.

Before Bailey left, we had a look through the photos and she selected a few front running favourites.  I couldn’t resist and whilst Bailey was driving home, I processed her favourite and texted it to her, thanking her for trusting and sharing herself with me for the day.

This was her reply “Words can’t explain how very pampered and special you made me feel today! I’m so grateful for all the effort you put into me today.” – Bailey it was my absolute pleasure to get to know you and show you what everyone around you already sees – ‘You are Beautiful’

Bailey - You are Beautiful

Bailey – You are Beautiful

No matter who you are or how busy life gets I think we all agree that every woman deserves a little ‘time out’ and pampering now and then.  What better way to do that than with a ‘You are Beautiful’ photography session.  Call me to book today 0421 279 213.   When booking mention this blog and I will give you 10% off your session and a $55 print voucher as my gift  – valid until 31 July 2014 only.

Until next week.


In Front of the Lens – My Glamour session

In March this year I blogged “Exist in photos for your children” after watching Sue Bryce, and got more than I bargained for in the process.

As a women’s glamour photographer I am always behind the lens, taking the shots and guiding women in their posing to get those amazing shots and to help make them feel good about themselves.  Last weekend I chose, a little reluctantly, to put myself in their situation and get in front of the lens.

A photographer and good friend of mine, Vikki, who runs La Dee Dah Portraits agreed to “shoot me”.  Vikki creates these beautiful classic Hollywood glamour style portraits and I really love her work and wanted a photo of me like this.  For those who know me personally know I have lots of internal struggles including weight and self love, so this was extremely nerve raking, but remembering Sue’s comments from March I was determined to push through.

Last Saturday, amongst a group of good friends (who just also happen to be photographers) I got my glam on, with makeup and pampering by Tami of Dr Dread.  Then it was time for Vikki to take over – Wow getting in front of the camera is hard and those poses – yep ok I get it now.  The experience was daunting, I was so nervous every time the camera came up I froze.  In my head I was trying to get the pose down and that just made Vikki’s job a whole lot harder, it was hard to relax and be guided and give that trust to someone else.

Vikki had a tough job.  I was not an easy “client” but in the end she was able to break down the barriers and get some beautiful photos.

Now viewing the photos is a whole other realisation, initial thoughts that run through are, ‘oh my – is my face really that round’,  but then something happens and you overlook all the imperfections and just take in the beauty, of yourself.  For me I never realised how beautiful my eyes, actually seemed to smile.  It took these photos to show me that.

I now know how my clients feel and I appreciate the experience more.  The lesson is to share that trust and to find within yourself the beauty that we all have. “Be your own kind of Beautiful”.  Not just a phrase, but a way of thought.  Be proud of who you are, always.

Thank you Vikki for your time, patience and the beautiful photos.  I am forever grateful. x

Hollywood Glamour

Hollywood Glamour

My Fav Glamour Photo - A much softer side of me

My Fav Glamour Photo – A much softer side of me

Until next week.


Inspirational Quotes – Part of my Daily Life

I believe in the power of positive thinking and use daily inspirations, quotes and gratitude in my life.   It also gives me joy to share them on my facebook page Solo Images Photography combining them with my photos.  Some of the inspirational quotes I make up myself by looking into the image and reflecting on my mood of the day and some quotes come from inspirational people around the world.

As the facebook feed can skip over in a matter of minutes you may not actually see and get to enjoy my inspirational quotes and that got me brain storming.  My end conclusion was that it would be a fantastic idea to put my favourite quotes, right here, in one place and searchable in the blog.

So whenever you need a positive thought or inspiration, they will always be here for you to come back to.  Please feel free to share with me your favourite quotes in the comments section.










Until next week,