You are Beautiful – Jaz

I am so excited to share with you a beautiful story of a truly special girl who I had the pleasure to photograph in my studio.

Meet Jaz. When Jaz was growing up she thought she was just like any other girl, a bit of a tomboy who also liked being the centre of attention. As a young girl, Jaz was a creative person who enjoyed singing, dancing and acting and she dreamed of one day becoming famous doing what she loved.

At the age of 14, a family contact suggest Jaz try to get into modeling. Jaz was unsure about modeling as her dream was to become a world famous actress, not a model. However Jaz agreed to go for an interview with the modeling agency and to her surprise she was signed straight away for modeling, acting and dancing. Jaz only told her closest friends she was signed with a model agency.

At School Jaz was constantly bullied for being a little different, she dressed differently to the “cool girls” and they didn’t like anyone being “different”. These bullies discovered Jaz was doing fashion shows in shopping centres and just couldn’t believe that the “punk girl” who sat up the back of the class was a glamour model. Jaz modeled with that agency for just over a year before they closed down.

Modeling didn’t shop there for Jaz. A local photographer ‘found’ her and would take her along to camera club meetings where she modeled for portraits. Exposure to all these photographers helped Jaz learn about posing and being in front of a camera. During this time, Jaz competed in modeling competitions and placed well.

About 4 years ago Jaz met her love, Michael. Six months after meeting they found out she was pregnant and 9 months later she gave birth to a beautiful boy, Corban. Modeling life was put on hold for a short time, not only to concentrate on being a mum to her beautiful boy but also to take time to get her body back in shape.

Jaz did return to modeling. Jaz was on a train, returning home from a photo shoot, when a group of girls assaulted her. The assault didn’t result in a lot of physical damage but the mental damage scarred her and changed her deeply. Her son was not even one and the assault left Jaz suffering with diagnosed Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. She was afraid to go anywhere alone and she couldn’t bare the thought of modeling.

Jaz eventually found a modeling group called TrashDolls. TrashDolls are a Melbourne based group, the girls are all a little different, they are all girls that felt they didn’t fit inside the little box that society calls “normal”. They are about ‘trashing the perception of perfection’ and they call themselves “dolls”. Outside of her family and close friends it was this group that gave Jaz the love and support she needed to get back on her feet. Jaz created and models under the name of Venom Miss Symbiote, it is her way of keeping the modeling life separate from her personal life. It is a great way to realise her alter ego without reflecting on her personally and her family. The name came from the Marvel anti-hero The Venom Symbiote. Jaz relates to the character and friends often joke that when she gets mad or does something out of character, it’s the Symbiotes fault.

Jaz has been with TrashDolls for a few years now. She believes so strongly in the dedication, honesty, teamwork and support that TrashDolls appointment Jaz the State Manager of Queensland.

Jaz is such an inspirational and wonderful woman. Whether as Venom Miss Symbiote or Jaz I believe we can all learn something from her, especially her outlook on life: “When you truly love something never give up no matter what life throws at you”. Jaz is a very humble and down to earth person with a beautiful soul. It was an absolute pleasure to photograph her and in the process get to know more about her.

Jaz, You are Beautiful

Meet Jaz

Meet Jaz


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Why do we still need Prints?

Before the digital age we would take pictures, eventually fill up a whole role of film, then drop said film into a print lab and wait a few days before you were able to return and collect your prints.

I was ‘that girl’ who couldn’t even wait to get out of the store before opening and going through the prints I was just handed. I would then take them home and carefully create albums of memories, writing times, dates and descriptions to go with the images and even choose a select few to go into photo frames to be displayed around the house.

Once the digital age hit us, photos were instant, you could see the image straight away on the back of the camera and once the moment, event or occasion was over we simply downloaded our memory cards direct to our computer. You could then ‘fix’ them a little if they weren’t quite light enough or dark enough or nice enough, put them together and play them as a slideshow, email them to friends and family or perhaps you loaded them into a digital frame – they were a big hit for a long time.

During this time, I admit that I too, got a little lost. Digital age meant I was able to take more images because it was free. I then picked my favourites, shared them on social media and diligently copied them to a back up folder for ‘later’. I forgot what is was like to see, touch and feel a good quality print. I forgot what it was like to create an album and to flick through that final product. I forgot why I loved frames: to display my most treasured memories on my wall.

This year I have rediscovered prints. I am printing my photos and they look amazing. It is so much better to be able to see them, touch them and know they are ‘real’ (no I am not giving you a sales pitch!).

I’ve found these amazing print boxes and mats and I can print a whole story of a photography session and best of all they store beautifully on my bookcase.

What I also love about the print boxes is that I can choose to frame one or two as each of the prints in them are matted and when I’m in the mood for a change I simply go to my box and instantly find a new fresh beautiful photo to put in the frame on the wall.

I urge you to join me in 2014 and rediscover prints – you will thank me ☺

Folio Boxes and Matted Prints

Folio Boxes and Matted Prints

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Photography is Art

Photography is Art.  I am an artist.  That statement means so much to me as when I was a child, growing up, I truly wished I could draw or paint.  I tried so hard to bring out the artist inside of me but somehow my trees always looked like crooked lines and my people resembled strange looking sticks with limbs in all the wrong places.

It wasn’t until I found photography, that I discovered I could bring to life a scene, an object, a person or whatever I chose and best of all I didn’t have anyone asking “is that supposed to be a ….? “.  I was able to awaken my inner artist and for the first time the person looking at my “art” knew what it was I was trying to express.

Photography is Art This is my Art

Photography is Art
This is my Art

Photography is my passion, it is my calling and it comes from deep within my soul.  It keeps me calm, balanced and centered.  When I need some ‘time out’ or to simply restore the ‘mojo’ in my life I pick up my camera and go into my space, my studio and photograph people.

With Mother’s Day just around the corner – it’s the perfect time to come and be pampered, have your hair and makeup done before enjoying a fun photo shoot with your son or daughter.  It will be an experience you will love, remember and treasure forever.

Photography is Art Mother and Daughter Moment

Photography is Art
Mother and Daughter Moment

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Exist in Photos for your Children

This week I’ve been challenged with another life defining moment.  I tuned in to watch Photographer, Sue Bryce present a lesson on marketing and business mentoring on Creativelive and I received more than I bargained for.  This woman knows how to connect with me, there is something about what she says that makes me cry then look deep within myself to explore the truth of just where I’m at.

Sue Bryce, said many things that stuck with me, but the most important for me was to exist in photos for your children.  Stop putting off having your photo taken, your children and family don’t care how you ‘think’ you look – Let’s face it we all think we have weight to lose or too many laugh lines … but guess what, life has lots of imperfections and that is what makes us so uniquely us!   Beauty comes from within, beauty shines with love, friendship and being happy and alive.

This means for me it is time, face the truth, find love within myself, start to smile again and yes lose the ‘baggage’ that I carry around each day.  I am going to exist in photos for my family, my loved ones and my children.  This is a gift they will treasure forever.

As I am writing to tell you this I declare I will embrace who I am, arrange a photo session myself and I will share all the details and the experience of it with you and I know it will be wonderful.

Life takes many unexpected twists and turns and we never know what is around the corner so please, for me and for yourself, be proud and strong and exist in photos for your children.

If you are interested in more information about a photo shoot feel free to email me at

Our Last Professional Family Photos from 2011

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