I must confess that over the past couple of weeks something new and wonderful has come into my life, I spend hours exploring, watching and creating – you may ask what this is well … My name is Kassy and I am addicted to Waterlogue 🙂

What is Waterlogue – it is an app that is available on your Apple iphone, ipad and ipod touch running iOS version 7 or greater and in basic terms the app turns your photos into watercolour paintings.

I have for many years longed to draw and paint but truthfully I am better off sticking to photography as my drawings are worse than a 2 year old’s, so now with this app I can watch my beautiful photos transform into drawings/paintings in watercolour heaven.

Like most apps waterlogue has many presets and the ability to lighten or darken the effect and then save back to your phone or device. Another cool feature is that you can send the completed painting straight to Instagram and share with your followers.  Speaking of Instagram if you are not following me head over to http://instagram.com/soloimagesphoto to follow my adventures.

In the coming weeks I will be taking this one step further and experiment with printing and see how big I can go. Stay tuned for the results in a future blog.

Waterlogue App is $2.99 from the Apple store and in my opinion worth every cent. Do yourself a favour and download it today.

(Disclaimer: The above is based on my opinion only, I have not been approached or asked by Apple or Waterlogue to promote their products but should either wish to shower me in gifts for my positive feedback I will not object)

Waterlogue Creations by Solo Images Photography

Waterlogue Creations by Solo Images Photography

Glamour Waterlogue by Solo Images Photography

Glamour Waterlogue by Solo Images Photography


Until next week.



Creative Visions come to Life

I have been recently asked what I do in my “down time” when not photographing glamour or families.  This got me thinking that maybe you don’t know the other side to me, one I am proud of and allows me to express my creative visions and bring them to life.

I got my first taste of the weird and wonderful out of the box photography when I was invited to a creative shoot that became known as “Zipper Face” between the model and photographer they had the theme.  After a full day of shooting I was hooked and wow did my mind go wild.  It was just so easy and fun to work with model Angelic Sinz and her offsider (who is another photographer come model) Jason.

"Zipper Face"

“Zipper Face”

It was that much fun that I had to do another shoot with them.   We threw around some ideas and in the end I wanted to do a bride of something.  In my head it was similar to the romance and wedding of Morticia and Gomez.  I had the perfect location, an abandoned tunnel.  Again using Angelic Sinz and Jason as the models the vision came to life and took on a life of it’s own.

"Bride Of ??"

“Bride Of ??”

Another vision came from a collective group on facebook who would use a photo as inspiration and the group would make it their own.  I call this one the “Doll and Lamp” shoot.  This shoot was done in a studio and a collaboration between model, clothes designer, makeup artist and myself as photographer.  All these people and elements go into making these creative visions successful.

"Doll and Lamp"

“Doll and Lamp”

I have already started planning a couple this year as these thoughts tend to give me sleepless nights and lots of daydreams.  I am always happy to collaborate with like minded people and create something special, weird or unique.  It takes more than a photographers creative vision to make this type of shoot successful and I never forget that.  I have worked now with many talented makeup artists and models and without you these are not possible.   If you are interested in my creative side please email me at info@soloimages.com.au for further details and pricing.

Until next week.




My top 5 things to do for Valentine’s Day

So if you are like me Valentine’s Day is one of those days that has never been big in my world but it can be a fun celebration of love if you are creative, so if you have missed the boat today and are still in need of a gift for your partner I have put together my top 5 creative ideas for you.

 Number 5

14 reasons I love you.

This can be achieved in many ways depending on your creative mind.  You could write them down on separate pieces of paper and put into a jar, you could write them as a poem or you could even hide them all through the house for your partner to find.

Number 4

Make a Mixed Tape

Might not sound creative but bring this idea into the 21st Century and head into itunes and put together a love collection “tape”, download to your partner’s phone/ipad or ipod and send her a message to say open the love collection.

Number 3

Send her to heaven

This one is purely for the ladies and boys no – it’s not what you are thinking.  Clean down the bath, grab the bubble bath, candles and a glass of wine and have a nice hot relaxing bubble bath waiting for her when she comes home.  If you are lucky boys it might turn into what you were thinking.

Number 2

A night in Paris (At home)

Decorate the dinner table using a special place as a theme (in my case it would be Paris) cook a lovely dinner, grab a bottle of wine and treat her to a romantic home cooked meal made with Love.

Number 1

If all else fails …

Spoil your partner rotten and do all four above (just kidding) seriously if all else fails and you can’t do any of the above my number one pick would be to buy her a gift voucher from Solo Images Photography for a glamour photo session.  She will be pampered and glamorised and love you forever.

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine’s Day

Until next week.


Flowers in the Sand

I’m so excited after last weeks blog.  The creative urge is back and I have a couple of very cool projects coming up during February and March.  Lots of ideas are swarming around my head and I’m bursting to show you …. very soon I promise.

Whilst in the creative mood I thought this week I would share a personal photo project. In my “off” or “spare” time I love to photograph flowers, a sign of my romantic and calm side I think.

During a recent outing at the beach I found this flower that just looked perfect for this project.  On researching (google is our friend) this flower is a Ipomoea pes-caprae, also known as Beach Morning Glory or Goat’s Foot and is actually a common creeping vine that grows on sand dunes in many tropical and subtropical regions.

The photo I took of this flower was a little over exposed due to the combination of sun and sand and my camera settings, but still this “highkey” photo had potential and I knew this one I could save with a little processing. For the tech heads that follow my blog – Photo taken on Olympus OM-D EM-5, Manual mode, 1/400th f6.3 ISO 200.

Original Photo with minor Lightroom Adjustments

Original Photo with minor Lightroom Adjustments

A crop and small exposure adjustment in Lightroom started the creative juices rolling and at that moment I knew exactly what the end image of this project should look like.  Time to take the photo into Photoshop and add some colour to the sand and more ‘selective’ colour into the flowers (pinks) and leaves (greens).  To balance up the photo and make more pleasing to the eye I added more sand to the top of the image.

Stage 2

Stage 2

For the finishing touches I added an “oil paint filter” to the photo which gave an added texture to the sand and look of a painting while retaining a soft photo effect.

The finished project was exactly what I saw in my head.  Wow, now I have this beautiful “Flowers in the Sand” photo that has a touch of my creative flair, worthy of printing and hanging on the wall.

"Flowers in the Sand" (c) Solo Images Photography - Kassy Solomon 2014

“Flowers in the Sand”
(c) Solo Images Photography – Kassy Solomon 2014

Until next week.