Do we still need Professional Photographers?

In this age of technology, where most people are taking their photos on a smart phone, tablet or a point and shoot camera, the question being asked is: ‘Why do we still need professional photographers?’.

Other than weddings (where the extended family portraits are almost mandatory) we don’t really think about organising family portraits, couple sessions, newborn/children or photos of ourselves. We tend to rely on these new pieces of technology (smart phones and the like) to do the job. I want to ask each and every one of you, is this right? (Yes, all you photographers reading this – when was the last time you had a photography session too)?

If you think back even 10 years ago we would catch up with our friends or family and sit around with a cup of tea or coffee and pull out the photo albums to show our visitors all the important photos/events they had missed seeing in person and laugh, cry and retell the stories that went with each image.

When did it become ok to just have a quick snapshot or “selfie” image recorded solely on our smart phone, tablet or computer?  Trust me when I tell you that it is not until someone is gone, that you realize you should have invested some time and money into having professional photographs taken. More importantly, not just receiving a disc of images but having those special moments printed and displayed around your home.

Our beautiful daughter on canvas proudly now on display on the wall

Our beautiful daughter on canvas proudly now on display on the wall

I know first hand that having photographs of the special people in our lives, to cherish long after they are gone, are truly priceless. They are memories you will want to keep forever. I know if my house was burning down the one item I’d want to save would be the photo albums, those wonderful pieces of paper containing the faces of the people we love.

So back to the question; Why do we still need Professional Photographers? Simple, a professional photographer will capture you and your family the way you want to be photographed – casual, formal, fun, relaxed – you decide.

Beautiful Couple - Luke and Elissa

Beautiful Couple – Luke and Elissa

Kids being Kids on Location Fun Shoot

Kids being Kids on Location Fun Shoot

Do yourself a favour and make it a priority in your life to book a professional photographer to capture you and your loved ones.

Year 10 Graduation Dinner - Our daughter had a shoot for this occasion

Year 10 Graduation Dinner – Our daughter had a shoot for this occasion

On location Portrait

On location Portrait

Until next week.



Temples of Cambodia – Part 2

Through the Ruins and Trees of Ta Prohm

So excited this week to bring you another instalment from the time I spent last year in Cambodia. Today I will share my experience of visiting what turned out to be my favourite temple, Ta Prohm.

On arriving at the “compound” you may at first feel a little deflated as all you see is a large open space and an archway – no temple in sight! Walk through the archway and enjoy the peaceful walk down the dirt path, lined with scrub and trees, and all of a sudden the scrub opens up and you get a real ahhh moment as you first glimpse the ruins of Ta Prohm.


First Glimpse

The first thing that hit me was how beautiful the combination is of nature trying to take back the temple that is Ta Prohm.

If you squat down at the entrance, before going too far, you get a real appreciation of the battle going on between the temple, Ta Prohm, and nature, there is a green “carpet” of moss that has overtaken the rock floor and the magnificent trees are growing straight out of the middle, it is truly breathtaking.


Green “Carpet”

It amazed me just how the tree’s wind, entwine and climb their way through the stone and create such interesting and stunning pieces of natural art.


Trees Entwined

As I walked down one of the corridors I took some time to stand still and watch the way the light was falling in different places creating such amazing patterns on the stone work.  As I wandered further I came across a sculpture and offerings to the spirits, this cemented for me just where I am and how spiritual this place is.


Offerings to the Spirits


Corridors of Light

After exploring some of the many alleyways and corridors, I wound up in a large open area. Here I stood in the far back corner and waited with our guide, just long enough to capture the scene without any human elements. I felt a true sense of being ‘connected’ spiritually to this place and words can’t adequately describe how I was affected by Ta Prohm.


Temple Area without the Human Element

Allow yourself plenty of time to wander around the many paths and tunnels within Ta Prohm. You will notice the areas of rubble that have been abandoned long ago and you will see the current extensive restoration work that is underway which will ensure Ta Prohm is restored to its magnificent “old” self.





As I finish out this blog I can’t forget to mention “The Famous Tree”. The Tree which featured in the movie Tomb Raider. Yes, it is more stunning in real life than on film and well worth a trip to Ta Prohm, just for this purpose. I know I will be returning to it soon.

"The Famous Tree"

“The Famous Tree”

Until next Friday, enjoy your week.


A You Are Beautiful Shoot with Tanya

Recently I photographed the beautiful Tanya with a You are Beautiful experience package.

It was such an honour to shoot this lovely person who has a heart of gold. Tanya is a wife and Mum to two gorgeous boys, a photographer and also a good friend.

Together, Tanya and I chose her outfits and matched some special jewellery pieces before Melinda Gavin applied her beautiful makeup and hair style. This was Tanya’s chance to sit back and enjoy a wonderful pampering session to complete the You are Beautiful experience.

Getting our Glam on

Getting our Glam on

With Tanya all ‘glammed’ up we headed into the studio for our photoshoot.

After the You are Beautiful experience I asked Tanya to share her thoughts and feelings about the session.  Tanya told me that she had so much fun and was surprised just how comfortable she felt at all times during our session.



Tanya then shared with me how she felt when she first saw her photos: “For the first time ever I’ve looked at myself in a photo and said “Wow”, I look pretty. I love them so much I can’t stop looking at them.  Everyone who see’s them thinks they are amazing and my Dad loved one photo so much it bought tears to his eyes.”

Tanya - You are Beautiful

Tanya – You are Beautiful

Black and White Beauty

Black and White Beauty

This is why I love what I do, making people see and feel how beautiful they truly are.

Tanya - You are Beautiful

Tanya – You are Beautiful

To book your You are Beautiful photography experience with Solo Images Photography please contact me on 0421 279 213.

Welcome to July

Welcome to July, I can’t believe it, a new financial year, a new project and a new start, no wonder 2013 is flying by. So what are you doing, are you on track, if not, now is the time to start something new or take a closer look at something you’ve been working on and ensure you are following your dreams.

This month I am joining with some fellow photographers to do a photo a day challenge, or PAD for short so at the end of July I will have 31 great photos to share with you (well that is the plan 😉 ).

I did a PAD project in February this year however I gave the project a theme: “A day in my life”. This experience was more than just a photo a day, having to think about the theme and take a photo relevant to my life was some days a push but I got there in the end and I am proud of the final product.

The July PAD will be a personal challenge; love and separation. I will load my daily photo on my Solo Images Photography Facebook page and at the end of July I will explain why I chose this theme.

When embarking on a challenge, any challenge, it is great to have the support of a buddy, someone to be accountable to, someone to help push you whilst at the same time you push and support them, this can be applied to anything in life. Are you wanting to push your own boundaries, learn something new, start something you have dreamed about or maybe you have something else in mind? Find yourself a buddy or a support person and share the experience. The challenge will seem easier and you can celebrate your accomplishments together.

I welcome your input and would love to hear about your challenges, dreams or goals and I sincerely hope you reach them.

Until next Friday