Who are your Favourite Photographers?

Who are your favourite photographers? Do they include the famous masters of photography such as Ansel Adams, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Dorothea Lange, Annie Liebovitz just to name a few. Or are they other photographers that live in your day to day world? How do they influence you and your work?

There are some famous photographers who inspired me to start my journey into photography; Norman Parkinson and Robert Doisneau spring to mind. However my favorite photographers are the photographers of now, these people are in my day to day life. Why, you may ask. To me, they are just as inspiring as the famous people and more importantly they motivate and encourage me. They are willing to share their knowledge and experiences and help us grow and realize our dreams, whilst chasing their own.

So who are these photographers (yes, I am going to name a few)?

Sheryn, Live in Love Photography. Sheryn’s passion for photography (and life) is contagious. Always pushing herself and those who she takes time to mentor towards a bigger, brighter future. Sheryn is my mentor and a very close friend. She pushes me forward, whether I ask for it or not and is intuitive about just what to say and do when the time is right for me to take the next step in the plan.

Sheryn playing and teaching me smoke photography

Sheryn playing and teaching me smoke photography


Karen, Karen Willshaw Photography. Karen lives on Cocos (Keeling) Islands and manages time and time again, to showcase the beauty in the landscape (and seascape) of her Island paradise. She is an extremely busy woman helping with her husband’s business as well as her own and she is another person I count as a dear friend.

Karen and I playing at Main Beach

Karen and I playing at Main Beach


Anita, Splash Photography. Anita has the patience of a saint, which I personally discovered and appreciated when she was tutoring me in workshops. I have watched, and admired, how she has grown her business and pursued her dreams. Anita was there to support me as I faced a personal fear last year in Cambodia and I will never forget that time.

One of the first photos I took under the instruction of Anita

One of the first photos I took under the instruction of Anita


Augustine, Augustine’s World. Augustine has also tutored me on several workshops. I will never forget our first one together, she looked at my image, looked at me and all she said was “really” – that was when I learnt that you must straighten your horizon, another push that has made me a better landscape photographer.

Playing with Augustine, making  sure that horizon is straight

Playing with Augustine, making sure that horizon is straight


Now that is only a small number of photographers who are apart of my life, who I admire, respect and care about. I have so many more photography friends who, like me, are striving and working toward their dreams; Tanya, Amanda, Louise and Vikki to name just a few. I love sharing my journey with you all.

The moral of todays blog is surround yourself with likeminded people who are genuine, honest and supportive. You will live a more satisfying life by sharing your experiences with others and you will reach your dreams faster than you ever thought possible.

Until next Friday.



Temples of Cambodia – Part 1 Bayon

As promised here is another installment of my Cambodia adventure last year.  In this blog I want to share my journey about one of the extraordinary temples I visited, Bayon.

My journey begins: we left the hotel shortly after breakfast and I enjoyed the morning tuk tuk ride through the city to the temples, watching as the people went about their daily duties and so many children walking, cycling and making their way to school.

Children heading to School

Children heading to School

Once inside the official complex we paused near the entrance into Bayon Temple. There are a row of ‘warriors’ protecting the entrance way and many of them are still headless from the senseless looting of the precious artifacts inside the grounds.  Some say the carved works are protected and I can attest to this strange phenomena. I believe the spirits and protectors were doing strange things to our camera on this day. Photos were difficult; if I tried to expose the structures correctly my images just didn’t work like they should yet if I turned my back and photographed something else my exposure was right. Was it me or a play on light or a dance with the spirits? That was my first taste of just how spiritually rich this sacred land is.

"The Warriors"  Image as seen in Camera

“The Warriors”
Image as seen in Camera

Through the gate we went and again I sat back and took it all in.  Monkeys, people, elephants, temples: a photographers smorgasbord.

Elephant at Bayon

Elephant at Bayon

From a distance Bayon appeared like a pile of rubble in some areas but as we drew closer I saw the large towering smiling faces, this was simply breath taking and the need to explore grew more urgent ..

Arriving at Bayon

Arriving at Bayon

As you begin to immerse yourself in this maze-like temple you get to appreciate the many galleries and corridors, so much to take in and explore, it doesn’t matter which way you go you will eventually get to the top and that is where the magic unfolds and you see these face carvings up close and personal.

The smiling faces of Bayon

The smiling faces of Bayon

As I wound my way through the corridors I found myself drawn to photographing things in frames and creating doorways with elements of the structure without meaning to – there was something that was drawing me to this.  I began to see how, without thinking, I was combining the carvings with stone doors ways and windows was giving me a sense of peace and at the same time creating a beautiful photo.

SoloImagesPhotography_Blog_BayonTemple-0478  SoloImagesPhotography_Blog_BayonTemple-0497  SoloImagesPhotography_Blog_BayonTemple-0513   SoloImagesPhotography_Blog_BayonTemple-1507

After you have wandered within the temple be sure to explore the outer walls too as the outside has a timeless beauty that I felt set it apart from some of the other temples I would later visit.

I could honestly write for days about my thoughts, emotions and how I ‘found’ myself in these places but I am not sure you would still be reading. I have only touched the surface of this land, there is much more to see and explore and it is a very peaceful and spiritual place that affects me like no other.  If you get the opportunity go and experience it for yourself.


Until next Friday. Have a great week.


My New Baby – You are Beautiful

No, it’s not a new family member or animal, my new baby is my new portrait photography experience called ‘You are Beautiful’.

Last Sunday, after months of planning and a lot of hard work behind the ‘studio’ scenes, I welcomed the arrival of ‘You are Beautiful’, the experience, by Solo Images Photography. So what is ‘You are Beautiful’ – this experience shows you, through my portrait photography, the inner beauty and natural glamour in all women possess.

You may ask what is natural beauty, well personally I don’t want to look like the ‘me’ I see everyday nor do I want to look so airbrushed that I look ‘plastic’, I want to look relaxed, natural and alive, because the ‘natural me’ is the ‘beautiful me’ in You are Beautiful’.

I want to break that magazine perception that beauty is only found in models in magazines, perfectly proportioned and with airbrushed skin. Even today you see our young women struggling with appearance and self esteem because of the influence of these mediums. I was one who struggled to accept my appearance. I have always had freckles, and as a small child everyone thought they were cute, then I hit the teenage years. I remember as a late teen those cute freckles became the curse of my existence. I would spend hours in front of the mirror putting on concealer, actually plastering would be a better description so much so that I could have used Dad’s trowel in an attempt to hide what I perceived as a flaw.

I was trying to be that perfect magazine model, hiding what was my natural beauty. So I ask you, what is perfection? Does it really exist? Why does something or someone have to be perfect, why can’t we be beautiful without it?

I believe we can, I see the beauty in YOU, naturally. Nothing gives me a greater pleasure than watching the raw emotion from a woman who sees her photos that I’ve created, for the first time. To have them tell you “Wow is that really me, I’ve never liked a photo of myself until now” and hear the same reactions from their partners, their husbands, or even their parents, it really touches my heart.

I have a genuine passion to show you why you should love yourself just as you are right now. That is my reward, that you experience what those around you see, You are Beautiful. This is my baby and my true calling.

To celebrate the birth of my baby I am offering sessions that are booked in June (photos can be taken at a later time) for only $150 – that is half price.

Call me today on 0421 279 213 and book. I want to show you YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!


Do you lose yourself?

This month has seen some high, highs and some low, lows.

To name a few things I’m juggling: I have been developing new areas of the business, learning to write so I may share weekly blogs, working through a 3 page to do list, being mentored, researching, training and asking for opinions and cc (constructive criticism) from people close to me and seeking advice from my photography peers.

So that brings me to today, Today I realized I have taken onboard all of these influences/opinions and ideas and in doing so I have listened primarily to the negative comments (the things people believe I am not doing right or the things people believe I should change) and in doing so I have missed the positive praise and recognition for the progress I’m actually making on my journey.

Do you lose yourself due to the amount of information and opinions you get?   Do you feel that you want to succeed so badly that you think everyone is right yet no one is?

This week I am guilty of letting myself get lost in everyone else’s opinion.  At the time of writing this blog I feel I have forgotten who I am, what I like and I’ve lost sight of the big picture – what I want.  If I try and take onboard everything everyone is telling me I will soon be spinning around in circles.

So what do you do when this happens?  Social media is a great tool but can also be very damaging to our self esteem.  Too much information does not mean it is the right information.  So stop and look inside yourself, regroup and find the most important thing, YOUR opinion, the reason you set off on this journey in the first place.  YOURSELF.

Now is the time I put down the to-do list down, grab the camera and go and take photos just for me.  Reignite what lies inside, find that peaceful place then take a breath and start again.

Maybe for you it may not be a camera but a walk on the beach, perhaps a stroll in a park.  If you feel like you’ve lost yourself, go and take some time for you, find your happy and peaceful place and re-centre.


Whilst out I found lots to photograph, here is just one of the beautiful things I found

Whilst out I found lots to photograph, here is just one of the beautiful things I found

Until next Friday,


Cambodia – A Photo Essay

I am so proud to bring you my first Photo Essay slideshow which I created during my trip to Cambodia last July.

With the assistance of Owen Lyell, a video guru, he helped create the full video by adding music and text sections to my slideshow.

This is a beautiful piece of history that I wish to share with you.  I left a small part of myself in Cambodia and hope to return soon.

Please enjoy. Kassy