Inspiration from 2 amazing women photographers of today.

In August last year I went to a seminar to hear a lady speak, her name is Kira Likhterova.  Kira is a wedding photographer from Sydney and she also offers women glamour shoots, actually that is the short version,  Kira offers her clients much more than that.

Kira is honest and talks to you from the heart, she is open about her life and the knowledge she has gained along the way. Kira is passionate and fun and you get a clear understanding of why she does this for a living; to show women how beautiful they are. I came away from that seminar knowing this is what I want to do, to give women that ultimate gift – show them they are beautiful.  Not quite knowing how to achieve this, without looking or feeling like a substitute, I let the dream slip away and continued to shoot my day to day regular portrait sessions.

A photoshoot inspired by Kira's workshop

A photoshoot inspired by Kira’s workshop


In April this year I was sent a link to a YouTube video of Sue Bryce speaking about overcoming your fears. I saw that Sue has a different style of shooting to Kira but clearly the message is the same, to quote Sue “I love to photograph women and make them feel beautiful”.

The universe was once again calling out to me, my passion for this type of photography, my goal to make women see what I see, they are beautiful and this time I was ready. I know what I want to do, what makes me happy, I want to make women look and feel beautiful and love themselves not only each day but love the photos of them and be proud of who they are.

Solo Images Portrait Photography

Solo Images Portrait Photography

I am yet to accept that fact in myself (looking and feeling beautiful), that is my personal block that I am working through but I am not quite there.

I look at both of these inspirational women’s work often. The more I see, hear and watch these two women the more I am determined to work hard to bring my dream to life. Now is the time to move forward, accept and build my dream after all this is what I am passionate about, this is me and this is what I want to do and most Importantly I believe this is what I am here to do.

My first Sue Bryce inspired posing

My first Sue Bryce inspired posing shoot

Until next time,



Cambodia, Siem Reap – A story of love, appreciation and spirituality

This story starts with love. The love of my wonderful husband who surprised me with a gift I had been dreaming about, he had booked me into a photography tour to Cambodia.

In July 2012 I joined a fantastic group of people on a seven day photography tour in Siem Reap, Cambodia.  Little did I know, that my experiences on this trip would not only push me photographically but would change the way I looked at life.

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Keen to explore, I dumped my suitcase in my hotel room, jumped straight into a tuk-tuk for a mini tour around Siem. During this time of year the rain comes and goes, and when I say comes, first you see the grey cloud appear then shortly after you hear it, don’t blink because next it pours.  It wasn’t long before I experienced this first hand. Our tuk-tuk pulled over, pulled down the rain covers and there we sat, it was amazing – sitting on the side of the road looking at the beautiful countryside on one hand and watching the local kids run out and play in the rain, on the other, some had clothes others didn’t but no one cared, they were just having fun.  Watching this took me back to when I was young. I smiled and enjoyed the warm ‘fuzzy’ feeling inside, this is what life should be about.

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The people of Cambodia live simply, are happy and extremely friendly. Children are not sitting in front of computers, they are out playing, laughing and having fun.  They appear not to have a care in the world however the reality is many of them are struggling.

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For every high there is a low and during our visit to one of the killing fields sites I was confronted with the horrible reality of the recent history of a country that lost almost an entire generation. It was here that life takes on a new meaning, life is not about the possessions I own, nor how much money I have, there’s no reason to ‘keep up with the Jones’s’ – life is about living, living honestly and with love in your heart.

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Due to our contacts one part of the tour was a visit to a local village where we met a medicine man running a hospital from his home. His patients were people who had nowhere else to go to recover from the broken bones, illness and other medical conditions they were suffering from.  The conditions were sub-standard to say the least compared to our modern world.

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Cambodia opened my heart and mind.  I found peace and I know that one day I will go back to this wonderful place to explore further and share this amazing place with my family. I believe Cambodia has something to offer everyone young, old and in between.  There is much to write and say about Cambodia and I look forward to sharing more of my experiences with you in future blogs.

A Day In The Studio

We are all beautiful. Today’s society needs to embrace that simple statement. I have.

Every person has the right to feel great about who they are and recently I was privileged to watch, assist and shoot some photos of a very special friend and her family. Our day started with some pampering with Melinda, a great makeup artist, who was highlighting everyone’s natural beauty.


Makeover Time

Makeover Time

Once in the studio where we would be shooting using only natural light, some test shots were needed to determine our starting settings. Using the pretence of ‘I need to take some test shots’, I took the opportunity to take photos of Sheryn. Sheryn rarely wears make-up and she had allowed Melinda to ‘pamper’ her too. I wanted to show her that she now looked, on the outside, as I know her on the inside, Beautiful.

This is Natural Beauty

This is Natural Beauty

Now that our lighting was set up it was Sheryn’s turn to shoot the beauty shots for her family. I was now in charge of making sure the small things were not missed (a stray hair here, a crease in a shirt there, tucking away straps etc) in order to help her create that magic pose to show the most flattering side for each family member.

Assisting at Shoot Location

Assisting at Shoot Location

During the day one thing that amazed me was how in such a short time the light can change so much, you always need to be checking and checking again your camera exposure settings. It only takes a little cloud to come over the scene for all your settings to change. I learned quickly you had to be observant, think fast and work smart.

Working in Action

Working in Action

As the day progressed, all the individual shots were finalised, it came to my big challenge – to organise and take the family group photo. Positioning and working with 6 people can be challenging but it is most important to keep your sense of humour and keep calm. I would recommend shooting off at least 10 shots in succession to ensure you have shot everyone with eyes open and no doubt you will capture some great candid moments as well.

A beautiful family shot

A beautiful family shot

It really was a pleasurable day and I learnt that as long as you stay relaxed, calm and in control your clients will relax and feel comfortable enough for you to get that precious photo that your client desires.

Until next Friday.